Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Madewell Updates Website with New Arrivals!

"Thanks!" to  many of you, who shared the following email from Madewell.

Madewell let us know that there are new arrivals over at their stores and online (click here to shop online). 

Plus, a lot of items just got marked down. Brick & mortar stores are offering an additional 30% off the other day so it is worth stopping by!

Are there any new arrivals you are interested in? If so, please share! :)


  1. Re-posting in the correct thread. Thanks, Alexis!

    A couple of things caught my eye.
    -Veranda Sleeveless Sweater (not new)
    -Courier Shirt in Orsa Print (I look at these every roll-out, but I'm not sure about how over-sized they are)
    -Ring stud earrings, not that I need another pair.

  2. There is quite a bit I'm loving in the latest Madewell rollout. I've shared my personal picks & thoughts in this post.

  3. Cross post from Allthingssimplfied. I did try on the silk lassi top, I am usually an XS but it was too big, tried on the XXS. Not a good look, the pleats make the top just balloon out and it is completely unflattering. You can see the look online, which I did not look at before. Overall, it is really huge, I am petite only 5' 1" but only think it would look good on someone tall with no chest. Even on the display they had the top tucked into a skirt. I did see the dress but the top is totally sheer and not something I can pull off even with a nude bra. The colors are beautiful though and the silk is very substantial on the top just the pleats are not a winner. I also tried on the tank top in strokedash, item e8959. I took the XXS into the dressing room and that was too tight across the bust and shoulders. Don't think this is something I would pay full price for, how many black and white tops can you have?


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