Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! {are you celebrating with J.Crew?}

I love Halloween- one of the best times of the year. Many of us will be out trick-or-treating with the tiniest members of our family, while others will be handing out candy (like myself!) or attending a spooktacular party with friends.

As per usual with the {celebrating with J.Crew?} posts, it might be fun to have a post on what we plan on wearing today. :)

What are you planning to wear this Halloween? Will you be trick-or-treating? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. For me, just black collection boyfriend v-neck sweater and collection cashmere sweatpants. HaPpY Halloween to all! :)

    1. The only J.Crew item I'm wearing today is my fuzzy, wuzzy bear coat (Plush Fleece Teddy Jacket). I love it! I've got it on with distressed jeans and black clogs. The more I wear it, the more I love it. It adds a certain flair to anything! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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    3. Ooh you bought the Teddy jacket! How is the fit? It must look cute with what you are wearing it with...

    4. @jsr it definitely runs big. I sized down to an XXS, and that's the right size. Zips with a heavy sweater under it and not too short (I'm usually an XS or S). I love it. It's soft and cozy and different from anything I have or even see anywhere.

  2. Hope you are having a Happy Halloween, Alexis! I'm wearing that houndstooth Tippi sweater from last fall season, with jeans and Nike x J.Crew sneakers...

  3. Happy Halloween, Alexis and JCA's! I'm hanging at home tonight - grey and black deck-striped tee, midrise toothpicks, and Madewell houndstooth sweater coat from a few years back.


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