Friday, February 27, 2009

A Sign Of The Times: J.Crew Cuts Back

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Matt, Jordan, & Trish, as well as Anon at 1:40 PM & Heather (in this post), who let us know about J.Crew's current situation:

J.Crew trims staff, suspends 401(k)
By Associated Press
February 27, 2009
(Click here for article link)

Preppy retailer J.Crew Group Inc. says it will cut 95 jobs and suspend its 401(k) retirement plan through the rest of the year to help cut costs in a slumping economy. J.Crew says the cost-cutting program will help bring about $40 million in savings each year.

The job cuts, which include positions that are not filled currently, are mostly in New York offices and in field and distribution centers. The cuts represent about 10% of staffing in these departments. J.Crew also eliminated 2009 merit-based wage increases for its entire staff.

J.Crew will take a charge of about $1.5 million, before taxes, in the first quarter to reflect anticipated severance payments and costs for those affected.

J.Crew's press release (click here) quotes J.Crew's CEO and Chairman Mickey Drexler as saying:
"As we are all aware, we are operating in a very tough economic environment. This has required us to make some difficult decisions, which we do not take lightly, but feel are necessary to ensure we remain competitively positioned over the long term. However, we believe our financial flexibility, our team, and our focus on quality products and the customer will enable us to navigate these turbulent times."

Despite the additional press from First Lady Michelle Obama (refer to here) and Good Morning America's host Robin Roberts (refer to here) wearing J.Crew, they (like most retailers,) are facing some difficult times. Hopefully things will turn around (for both J.Crew, and the economy). :)

What are your thoughts on the news (surprised or not surprised)? Do you think the retailer should take any other steps to help curve the impact of the slumping economy?


  1. Focus on a quality website.

  2. I second the quality advice.

    Also, fewer collection pieces, more classic staples.

    Too much time/energy on spent costume jewelry and pricey handbags. JCrew needs to get back to basics or they'll suffer an identity crisis like the Gap did-- Mickey is all too familiar with that.

  3. Suggestions:

    (1) Get back to quality.

    (2) Don't create so much inventory (J.Crew seems to have a problem on the supply side - too much).

    (3) Stop dumping excess inventory on discount retailers (brings down the entire brand and provides incentive for customers to wait until you dump to get products at better price from other people instead of buying directly from you.)

    (4) Get sales/promotions under control (have at designated times and make regular/able to be anticipated so customers aren't always holding off from making a purchase in the hopes an item will randomly go on sale.) Basically condition your customers/get them used to buying from you at full price or slightly on sale.

    (5) Lower regular prices. J.Crew is generally priced pretty well, but lowering some items - maybe staple ones - a little would be a nice gesture in the current climate.

    * I really hope J.Crew gets it under control because they are my FAVORITE brand.

    - Connor R.

  4. I agree--stop with the accessories and high-end Collection items, and get back to making well-cut, fun, wearable, quality clothes with an edge. But please don't go the way of the Gap. The Gap is so dull to me now. They lost their edge. Don't lose the edge, J Crew!

  5. I dont mind the collection pieces, but if they could bring them more within a realistic range - in the hundreds rather than thousand dollar amounts for a jacket or coat, for example - that would be nice. And I absolutely agree with the previous poster on preventing another Gap scenario. The new rollout for spring is more of the same old same old, nothing that distinguishes it from last season's offerings.

    And quality. Just because Jcrew is going to sell us a special cleaner for their inferior cashmere, doesnt make the cashmere any less inferior. LIke others in the past have stated, i love the colors and oftentimes, the styles, but the quality of the cashmere does not justfiy the price.

  6. I think quality from the clothes to the website is key. I agree, get ride of most of the handbags and jewelry...heck even some of the wedding stuff (my one experience with a BM dress wasn't great). Though I think they should still look forward and stay current.

    There has been a lot of talk about how certain pieces from way back when were so much better but seriously, a lot of older J Crew stuff was borderline Eddie Bauer in style and that is NOT a good thing in my book so a balance of quality and style would be great to see. Right now it's too much inventory and a disregard to almost everything else.

  7. The Collection items that are timeless with top notch construction sell. Often they sell out.

    Economy aside, Mickey gambled, (which I kinda love about him-he's a risk taker) and offered too many Collection items that were TRENDY.

    Although there were a few returns, which were marked down, the vast majority of Janelle and Butterfield sweaters sold through at higher than clearance prices. Why? Because they are 3 season, timeless, and luxurious.

    While Mickey and Jenna tried to take the Collection into the homes of Park Avenue Trend-onista's, the market for that, for a mid level retailer, is limited, even in good times. I really feel they both let their egos make too many business decisions for them. They wanted to make J Crew(and themselves) into something on par with Marc be on that level, with that kind of cache and respect from the Design world. Jena became a legend in her own mind, no thanks to Mickey, who clearly worships her, and I'm sure all her underlings sing her praises nonstop, even when they question her choices.....she IS their boss after all.

    So there it is. Time for a change. Jenna had her time, and did some fantastic sellable stuff, but she went too far, at the worst possible time. They have admitted that they want to end all thoughts of J Crew being a preppy staple supplier, but that's a LARGE audience to alienate. It seems that in order to avoid competing with basics sellers such as Gap Inc, Target, Land End...etc they have chosen to compete with H&M and Zara. The frying pan for the fire?

    There IS a market for high end luxury itms at J Crew, but it's more of a Ralph Lauren Black Label, Michael Kors, and Armani market. They can offer things to this crowd, and sell them, while still offering up mid range basics, because that crowd will buy and wear both.

    The push towards a trendy, disposable J Crew continues, though. Only time will tell if J Crew can survive on that path.

  8. I agree that the website needs work. They also need to focus on customer service through their service center. Too often, I call in my order only to have it come to my home with the wrong items, or the right item, but in the wrong color! I also have been frequently overcharged for items that are supposed to be "20% off" etc. J.Crew needs to get a handle on this because it is tiring to spend an hour on the phone with customer service only to be disappointed a week later with the wrong order and be forced to call them back and deal with it all over again.

  9. Times are tough and I'm not surprised they cut the merit increases. We just gave out ours and my staff was shocked that it was still awarded in this economy but we are still profitable so we got bonuses and merit increases. I doubt the same will happen next year.

    J.Crew needs to sharpen their pencils and look at their true market. I love the collection pieces and buy a few every season. I also buy most of my items full price because I don't buy much that is trendy and I follow a plan, I've had a stylist help me in that regard and it worked wonders toward developing a marvelous wardrobe that gives me something wonderful to wear for any situation or occasion. J.Crew has always been a part of my wardrobe, their style is usually fresh, even if copied and the details make the outfit. I hope they can be agile enough to adjust to what really sells, what the core customer base really wants. Definitely, quality is part of it.

  10. Anon @ 6:31, you sound very "What Not to Wear" (which I think has a new episode tonight), in a good way.
    And BTW, how come Clinton & Stacy never send the people to JCrew? Wouldn't that be cool?

  11. Anonymous at 6:31 pm: Who is your stylist? I've been thinking of splurging on a consultant to get some help with having an outfit for every occasion by reusing pieces from other occasions. I have "work" and "casual" covered, but need help with the "work dressy" and "casual dressy."

    I've had a love-hate relationship with J Crew for a while because I love most of the styles and hate a lot of the quality. I took a long break from them (and from reading this blog earlier this week, itsounds like I missed some good years) but I'm back because my other staples (Elie Tahari for example) are having the same quality issues. This website has helped me figure out the quality pieces (yes on double serge fabric, no on cashmere) but I still tend to buy what is inexpensive and looks good on-line at the sacrifice of a lasting piece.


  12. I think the price point is the biggest thing. Just starting their flats below $100 isn't encouraging folks to shop there. It's too soon to cut back on big deals... they need to bite the bullet and ride this recession with the rest of us.

  13. 1. Make more classic pieces. Make what people need, make it impeccably, and you'll always have a base. J Crew, I love you, but you're driving me *nuts* with the ten thousand printed shoes, the multiple shades of hot pink cashmere, the big range of strange enameled jewelry, and the endless ruffled cami blouses. Make me a white blouse that makes heads turn. Make me a pair of trousers that make my male friends jealous.

    2. Charge more reasonable prices at the onset, and have ONE end-of-season clearance sale per season.

    3. Start making sizes 0-18 in ALL your clothes. (It is a damn shame you think only girls size 12 and under should get to wear so much of your collection.)

    4. Stop shooting the Christmas looks at the north pole with hired reindeer walking by in the background.

  14. Hey Employees,

    Time to put on your smiley faces and focus on good service. That's free and doesn't cut into your can only help. Oh, and put out better clothing- back to basics. I fell in love with you in Spring of 2007!

  15. I would stop shopping at J. Crew if they took the step backward and returned to their roots of selling primarily preppy staples. I am one of the customers J. Crew brought back after a long hiatus precisely because they up'ed their style ante with interesting fabrics, patterns and colors. No critters, thank you, not even in the lining of something.

    For me, their jewelry line has been a pleasant bonus. Just like JC shoes, you won't find anything like it anywhere else. Have I encounter quality issues, yes. But on the few occasions that that has happened I have returned those pieces with no problem.

    Agree that their QA/QC (not necessarily quality) needs to be improved. There is a mismatch between thread weight and shanked buttons that has been going on for far too long. QC/QA effort needs to extend to their warehouses. Too much merchandise goes out in less than perfect condition. That should stop if JC wants us to take their quality seriously.

  16. Don't forget to critique the menswear :) I just got a new job and 90% of my work wardrobe is from J Crew! I wish the quality was better and/or the prices were lower, but it's decent overall. So long as the quality gap remains, RLBL it is NOT.

  17. I agree with ann 8:54, the current styles are what brought me back to j crew. I am not a person who enjoys wearing critters! I LOVE their shoes, I agree, they could be more comfy but please keep the great styles. I also LOVE J Crew jewerly! The big cuffs are my favorite. Going back would be going to gap and Eddie Bauer which means I would leave.

  18. Anyone else notice that some of the layoffs will be in distribution centers? That probably means more screwed up orders.

  19. 1. Quality
    2. Unique items so customers would shell out money to have it at full price.
    3. Standard-staple-items should price lower to get more sale volumes.
    4. Flat-rate shipping fees.

  20. I don't think anyone's asking for critters to come back. They're already here, magnified, on bedazzled tee shirts. The critters never left.

    J Crew doesn't need to go ultra prep to stay classic. What people are asking for are timeless styles in high quality fabrics.

    That doesn't mean that's all they have to do. But there needs to be strong core offering of top quality classics.

  21. The website needs work, final sale needs to be taken away. I love the idea of a flat shipping rate ($7 like Gap/BR/Old Navy would be great). Krista.alana-I definitely agree with you, the prices are ridiculous, they definitely need to adjust prices (without throwing more boring stuff into final sale just to get rid of it).

  22. I too would stop shopping at JCrew if they went back to more boring staples - they have enough of them already (i.e. 15 different types of t-shirts). If that's what you want as a consumer, than shop some where else. Having uniquie pieces like their jewelry at a reasonable price point is what makes them great. Just because some of you are not interested in the jewelry and handbags doesn't mean that the rest of us share your opinion - and would be greatly disappointed if these were to go away!

  23. anon@ 5:33--

    Exactly. I don't have anything against there being a jcrew collection, the problem is it has gotten out of hand with too many disposable (trend-wise) and expensive items.

    Meredith, you also said perfectly what I meant in my quick response-- "well-cut, fun, wearable, quality clothes with an edge." That sums it up for me.

    Classic does not equal boring. Just because I (and others) want an updated rollneck or a fitted rugby polo that isn't hot pink or neon yellow doesn't mean we want jcrew to revert back to their more rugged days. It means being able to find something you will be able to wear for years to come-- the double serge pencil skirt is a good example. Great colors, great cut, classic jcrew but not boring.

  24. J. Crew has excelled in being fashionable and wearable for the last few years. Also, the fabrics and quality of the garments are head and shoulders above comparable price competitors, like BR and AT, etc.

    Often, though, JC designs some big clunkers. I'll use the puff sleeve tshirts as an example, and most of the tees I just tried on. They're designed to look good ONLY on 5'10" models. I'm slim and small but looked like a linebacker in the puff sleeve T. The others swamped me, and no petites were available.

    The designs are fashionable real-people works. The fit, not so much. . .

  25. I am a new customer of J Crew. I had passed by the store in the mall many times, thinking it was just boring over-priced preppy basics. But when I saw the January catalog, I was instantly hooked. I love love love the unexpected pairings of classic preppy with edgy items and distinctive bold jewelry. So I think that J Crew is doing a lot of things really well. It's just the economy, and all stores (except Walmart) are experiencing drops in revenue. The only thing that really bugs me about J Crew is that they sell out of desirable sizes and certain popular items (especially jewelry) so quickly. Because of this problem, I am spending more money buying J Crew items on Ebay than I am at J Crew itself!

  26. Timelss style in high quality fabrics are available at Lands End. Though J. Crew does have some pieces with classic appeal each season, I have never considered this their niche.

    Most importantly though - to any J. Crew employee reading this. I am sorry about the decision about your 401K plans. However, I think it is an excellent way for the company to save money until the market improves, and I will still be shopping at J. Crew. Just keep doing what you all do, mostly very well.

  27. Anon 2:22 you are so right about Land's End, the styles can be a terrible yawn but you won't find a better cotton tee shirt fabric or cashmere sweater anywhere. I do buy a few basics from them. And their price points are fair and reasonable, always. Like others I love the details and styling of J. Crew, the majority of my wardrobe is Crew for that reason. But other retailers have trumped them on quality and value, and customers are paying attention.

  28. Not to mention Lands End high quality Customer Service, compared to luck of the draw J Crew's.

  29. Great topic, Alexis - and great insight from the JCA's!

    I agree on the Lands' End quality - it really is fantastic, although they don't really have offerings for the 0-2 set. I ordered their SunShower trench, which was impeccably made, but the XS was too big and had to go back. Their fabrics are substantial, but the cuts are somewhat dowdy. It's too bad that JC feels (and convinces their customers) that beautiful-looking pieces have to be "whisper thin" (read: holes after one wash) and "vintage inspired" (fraying edges) to be desirable.

  30. I think they should continue to lower their starting prices a wee bit more, offer flat rate or lower shipping rates and lower sale prices a lot more before they hit FS.

    Please stop dumping to the discount stores and give your 'regulars' a chance at a really good sale!

    Ha! The critters. For all those who criticized the bug pins, Jenna Lyons created the in-your-face bejewelled critters shirts, esp the beetle! She'll show you to make fun of her beloved bug pins. lol :)

  31. Heather: Your generalizations are curious. Just which Collection items were "disposable" in your estimation this past season? The sparkle tweed skirt? The Teagan dark peony herringbone shirt? The Greta Houndstooth coat? The Uptown Tote? The Boucle Scarf coat that so many JCAs raved about? I have purchased numerous Collection items and have been very satisfied with the quality of the garment. Not a one has been "disposable".

    If its the Lucido coat that is stuck in your craw, let it go. It did not have mass appeal (if that's what you mean by "disposable") and it came with a big price tag. So, what? That kind of mistake is not what's going to break the bank at JC.

  32. I am also one who came back to jcrew after a longgg hiatus because of the new styles that emerged.

    I think they definitely have to work on the quality--epecially when it comes to the cashmere.

    I also think that these layoffs were inevitable, I mean there is just no way retailers could have projected this downturn a year ago, so they are reacting to it now, just like a good business should. Wish them the best of luck.

  33. I agree with 8:41. The Collection stuff is a hit with me - the CF astrid, the sparkle tweed skirt, the jacquard skirt from last summer, just to mention a few - and it's why I keep shopping at J.Crew. If they go back to what they were 10 years ago, boring chinos & oxfords & a great big yawn, that would be disastrous. Like others have said, then you might as well hit EB.

    J.Crew is simply feeling the same pains as everyone else right now. Every day there are, sadly, thousands of layoffs.

  34. The junk-jewelry with the stratospheric margins will remain a big part of their product line. Not for me, but they make a killing from it, and the plastic shoes as well. Shoe prices are the same, sometimes higher than what they charged when they were all leather. Ridiculous. Bring the prices in line with the product quality and maybe you'll sell more before dumping a boatload at TJMaxx

  35. Not sure how many men are here, but I wondering how others feel about the fit of J. Crew's latest stuff.

    It seems to me like at least 80% of their shirts (mostly the casual button downs, which I love) are labeled as "tailored fit," meaning I usually have to go at least a size up. But at that point, the shirt is too long for me to wear and like it.

    Now, I'm not a very large guy, but I'm not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, and I really feel limited in what I can buy lately from J. Crew. I know I would be spending a lot more money there if they had more of an offering for us average looking guys.


  36. You know, I think my biggest complaint about J. Crew (aside from quality, which I'm not going to echo, since everyone agrees with me) is the sizing. I am 5'7 and I weigh about 110-115. Don't burn me at the stake here, but even the sizes XS and 0 SWIM on me at J. Crew. I can fit into the 00 in the pants, but they never carry them in the store, and I won't order because I'm never sure if they will fit and I'm not eating the shipping costs.
    What it comes down to is this: I know I'm small. I'm not that small. In almost any other store in the mall, I can fit into smalls and size 2, but EVERYTHING at J. Crew seems to run so big. I understand the blousy, peasant look or whatever, but there's a thin line between that and just looking oversized or pregnant. I've cut down my spending considerably since nothing fits me anymore. Enough with the vanity sizing. It's getting really old.

  37. Rich, I actually found the shirts to be not as tailored as I want them to be. It gets quite spacey below the chest.

  38. Jeff,

    Like I said, I'm not exactly skinny, but it seems like they tailor their shirts to one very specific body type (which obviously is neither yours, nor mine). I'd be very happy if they at least offered SOME shirts that were a regular fit, instead of tailored.

    It's really just those button downs and some of their tees. Sweaters and fleeces I have no problem with whatsoever. And their slim-fit jeans and pants fit perfectly. Maybe I'm just too picky.

  39. The web site problems are ridiculous, even this morning I checked the sale and things were not working. There have been plenty of times I wanted to buy something and was frustrated by the site, no excuse. That has to cost money on the CS end dealing with problems. I agree with everyone about focusing on quality and less on expensive trendy items that get marked down in a month's time. I also think their shipping rates are behind the times, who remembers free shipping on 80 bucks or more back in the day? The Gap/ON/BR does a much better job on shipping with the 5 bucks. It might mean I'll splurge on something than wait for a coupon code because when the shipping is almost 1/2 the price of the shirt it's just not worth it. I wish they would also bring back more petites and larger sizes, I noticed the other day that ON had a much varger variety of items in petites these days. Do JCrew people actually read these comments you think?

  40. I'm Anon @ 6:31

    For those who asked about getting a stylist, you can find one by asking at the upscale shops, such as Neimans's/Holt's or searching online. You are hiring, so conduct an initial interview and review any portfolio materials they have available. Be sure to hire someone that feels comfortable to you. They should have opinions strong enough to convince you to try their ideas, but not be so pushy that you feel they are just projecting their style onto you without considering you and your life.

    It's best to get someone who is in your area so they can come and view your closet in person and get to know you in the process. It did work somewhat like "What Not To Wear" initially, but it's an ongoing relationship. A good stylist should look through what you have (without throwing it all in the trash), what outfits you like the most, what you like about them, what kind of wardrobe you need based on your lifestyle, and what you have that works together now and can be extended by adding a few key pieces. My stylist does not try to change me, just improve my style and ensure that I always have something fabulous to wear.

    I started with a lot of J.Crew basics and my stylist built on it because they are looks and pieces I love. They reflect who I am and I'm comfortable with the looks. Her advice helped me review potential purchases with a critical eye and most must meet specific criteria although there is room for 1 or 2 "whim" purchases a year. It really helps when I see an array of clothes and I'm able to decide rather quickly whether or not any will work for me and how well. I can also read rave reviews about some beautiful item and know that it's not for me and let it pass, no matter how great the deal.

    If you can't afford a stylist then get together with a friend, mother or sister and do a little research yourself. There are plenty of articles online about key pieces and different looks with certain items. Just read with a critical view because not all the ideas will work for you and you will have to be an impartial judge.

    I think that for a lot of people on this blog, J.Crew is a reflection of who they are and what they love about clothing. There may be quality cardigans at Lands End but they are no where near as stylish as a Jackie twinset from J.Crew, for example. J.Crew has something for almost everyone and a lot of the items are extremely flattering or very stylish, which gives them great appeal.

    In a down economy people will be forced to spend less so if J.Crew can balance the style, fit and quality they should still attract customers.

  41. tld51371,

    I was having the exact same problem this morning. So frustrating. There were a few pieces I wanted, none of which were actually available even though they just appeared in the sale section this morning.

  42. The tailored fit shirts are perfect on my husband. He is just over six feet tall and very athletic with a v-shaped torso. I think that is the body type J.Crew designs for. They should really give some options as most men are not shaped this way, especially as they mature.

  43. I hope they bring back more Borge Garveri bags. I bought every one of them (the Uptown in 2 colors) and I absolutely love them all. The leather is top notch and the designs are classic and beautiful. I get many compliments on those bags and use them more often than my designer bags. The texture of the leather is addictive and the suede inside the unlined bags is also a wonderful texture. I have never purchased a bag from J.Crew that was not Gaveri and I don't find the new bags interesting at all.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. I agree with all of the comments about Lands' End. First, the quality/price of the cashmere. I have a heather grey cashmere turtleneck my husband gave me three years ago ($80 on sale, I think) and it is fantastic quality--given the weight/feel it would be JCrew collection, ironically. But Lands' End is tough because it is boring/not fashionable. How they manage the quality/price thing where JCrew seems to have trouble is probably a complex and problematic (sweatshops???) issue.

    When I spoke with my local PS, she responded to my concerns about quality by saying that the cashmere is from Loro Piana, the shoes are from the same factory that makes Gucci shoes, and that the leather handles on bags (I think on the new Gallery line) are from Louis Vuitton. I'm sorry, but does anyone else think the bags come in awful colors?

    I have not bought JCrew shoes or bags--I'd rather stick with Delman, Furla, Lancel, Longchamp, which you don't pay that much more for if you shop Bluefly or sales. I really don't find the JCrew merch (especially in bags) appealing.

    I was in my local B&M yesterday and found it really depressing. (I shop almost exclusively online). They had so much stock, and it was so boring (granted, they say it is a "medium-sized" store--I think it is actually one of the smaller ones). I was a bit surprised to see some of the new items in person--quite frankly, some of them looked really cheap.

    I love some of the JCrew collection pieces, but in general I won't pay full price.

  46. In terms of complaints about sizing--I second them. I used to be a perfect 2P/0/26S, and now swim in these sizes (especially the 0). I was interested to see that they are now offering 25, OO, and 00P--I don't know why they can't just be consistent with the old sizing, which was just fine.

  47. Since when did 'timeless' and 'high quality' equate to Chinos, basics, and boredom?

    Nobody's asking for J Crew to turn into the Gap. And J Crew has always offered decent basics, and continues to.

    Nor do I think anyone's asking for J Crew to stop producing some of their edgier designs, ie: the Zebra T, which is obviously selling.

    What I think people are asking for, especially in the higher priced collection items, are things that can be worked into one's wardrobe over a period of years. People are also asking that J Crew not forget it's core audience of 'CLASSIC' shoppers. For some people, I get that classic=boring, but this is J Crew were talking about. They built their rep and their core audience on people that love classics. For every one shopper that wants something edgier, who knows how many non edgy shoppers are lost to them. It's non quantifiable.

    A great example would be the much coveted Toggle Coat from last year. Is an edgy shopper going to want that? Probably not. So we've lost her on that one. But how many not so edgy shoppers would have bought it? That's the million dollar question. How many classic shoppers are they hemorrhaging in relation to the number of edgy shoppers they are acquiring? That's the gamble Mickey took, and it remains controversial.

    I still think, with the infinite skus they offer, they could do a PORTION of the Collection to woo the classic audience....100% cashmere wrap coat with FULL LENGTH SLEEVES THANK YOU, in grown up colors......things like that. BR is going this direction by creating a separate division for higher priced classics, because there's a strong market for it. This doesn't mean J Crew can't retain some of those edgier fashionistas.. They can do both with better planning and organization.

  48. I am not surprised. In fact I am surprised that they are not cutting more jobs and "extras" for employees. I think things will get MUCH worse for JCrew in the next couple of years.

  49. Sweater and blazers/jackets with:

    FULL LENGTH sleeves!

    I refuse to buy 3/4 sleeve ANYTHING from JCrew!


  50. There is little difference between J Crew's Jackie cardigan and Lands End Twinset, except for the price is lower and the quality is better,there is marginal difference in the styling.

  51. ^I meant to say Lands End price is lower and is better quality.

  52. Anony@2:11

    I agree completely...say in 2002-3 there was a difference in styling and quality in JCrew but now there is no difference in styling and Land's End price and fabric is much better! I just bought 3 sets at the Land's End at Sears. You don't have to order online if you have a local Sears with Land's End inside and you can also order from the Land's End computer in the store for FREE! (regular price items) Free returns to Sears too.

  53. I find the Jackies to be much more fitted than the Land's end cardis. I have a very small waist and it is lost in the LE version. The Jackie seems more shrunken or something, the stretch makes it form-fitting and it just looks better. Of course, that is my opinion based on how it fits on me and obviously others find the LE better for them.

    My husband came with me to LE twice and nixed every item I tried. At J.Crew he gives me a lot more approved ratings and will even joke that some items are great, but "too hot for the office". I don't need my husband's approval to make a purchase but he has never steered me wrong, he wants me to look good and gives me honest feedback, which is hard to come by sometimes. I also agree with the comment that J.Crew style just seems to be more of a reflection of my personality.

  54. Most people agree with J Crew's style is above and beyond everyone elses, however the comparison was made with the Jackie cardi. For better quality and price I will put up with a looser fit, and I usually size down to get a fitted look. There have been many comments lately on this blog about the declining quality of the 2009 JC version, not holding up in the wash etc. IMO it is not worth the price tag.

  55. Anon @ 1:48 PM: You're at the wrong store. Classic & edgy are different things.

  56. I buy lots of classic at Land's End. I have bought from them for over 15 years. You can find some great pieces. I am very tall and thin and don't have any baggy issues with their clothes but I don't wear tight clothing either like many of the JCrew models. I like a body skimming look but not tight. I find Land's End return policy the best in the business--no time limit, any reason. JCrew's declining quality and short return policy, not so much.

    That said, I still love JCrew but I buy lots from Land's End as well. I don't wear JCrew head to toe. I mix and match my style.

  57. My number one complaint right now are the exorbitant shipping charges. Though J.CREW is hands down my favorite store, I have to limit my purchases a lot because the closest B&M is an hour away and I don't want to pay a small fortune for shipping of a few items at a time. This forces me to become a sale shopper- I will only buy things online when there is a big enough discount to offset shipping.

    Give us a flat rate shipping option like all of the other retailers, or lower minimums for free shipping. I would order much more frequently and I'm quite sure I would also end up spending more in the long run because I wouldn't worry as much about the items not fitting or being right and still being stuck with a shipping charge.

  58. I found a shirt for heather!

  59. Jeff- Exactly! There are 'edgy' choices at J Crew and there are classic items at J Crew. It's a mixed message....trying to attract different buyers. When I used the word 'edgy' it was to be polite. There are other words that would be much better descriptors. 1:48

  60. Anon @ 1:23 I agree about sizing.

    When I shop at B&M stores (in the Men's section) they always have a ton of L & XL but very little size S and M clothing available. This is esp. pronounced in the sales section which leads me to believe that J.Crew does not have a lot of fat male customers and their inventory should reflect that. It doesn't now, and it's very frustrating. There's always on-line (which is where I end up doing 90% of my J.Crew shopping) but it's nice to be able to try stuff on in-store esp. considering one J.Crew pant always seems to differ from another (never buy on final sale; you can't return and you will be sorry.)

  61. To some of the men complaining about JC's tailored-fit dress shirt:

    1) The fit of this shirt is slim. It says that right on the label. It's intended for slim men. If you're not slim this shirt is not meant for you BUT

    2) Every other fit they offer (classic, regular) is designed for you.

    So, please get over it. I can't believe larger people are requesting their one fit designed for slim people be made larger WHEN THERE ARE LARGER FITS AVAILABLE! I'm sorry if I'm a little strident about this but this is a pet peeve of mine considering I've always been a slim guy and MOST of the clothes out there fit me like a potato sack or a sheet because American designers make clothes for large Americans.

    Thank you JC for recognizing that there are slimmer Americans and designing a shirt specifically for us so that we don't have to go to the hassle of buying Euro brands.

  62. My goodness, who knew there were so many men-folk on JCA.


  63. I was using the Jackie cardis as an example, I could have compared the Kelly shirts or another basic when comparing to Lands End. It's nice to know that people can find alternatives to J.Crew that work for them. I don't wear my clothes tight, but I do like them fitted. I am also tall and slim, with a large bust and long legs. I like to accentuate my figure and J.Crew clothes are much better than that at LE any day of the week.

    Anon 3:36

  64. Consistent sizing would be great. I think we have all complained about sizing. No, none of us are the same shape but if J Crew has consistent sizing, customers would not have to worry about ordering a product online. Yes, I know we can always return (non sale items), but it is a real inconvenience for the customer.

    Decide what your price point will be. There is such a wide range of prices, starting with some ultra-expensive items that ultimately end up dirt cheap when they are on final sale. J Crew needs to determine how much their products are worth.

    Clear your inventory by marking down your prices at the end of the season (and don't play the "let's-see-how-much-I-can-get-from-the -customer" game). If you mark down your prices, mark it down slowly and do not mark it back up. J. Crew is the only company I know that constantly marks up and down their prices. Yes, you may profit more from this, but you are losing your customer loyalty. This is not what a high-quality company does. At every other store, they mark down their prices. If the customer thinks it's a good deal, they will buy it. Yes, the price may continue to drop, but customers that really love the product will buy it when they think it is worthwhile.

    If you are really the high-end, luxurious company you try to market yourself as, then prove it by showing our customers that you are not going to nit-pick.

  65. J.Crew thinks it's being "edgy" with these silly "on the beach" colors like Nantucket Red, sky blue, and crazy madras and plaid which nobody in their right mind would wear...

    That's only edgy for the "Urban Haute Bourgeoise." If you want a little more colorful, slant the designs a bit more "urban." If not, stay classic.

    Oh, and lower your prices all the way across the point. I disagree with earlier comments, too. Promo the heck out of the clothing, like the pre-Xmas. For e.g., who's going to spend $165 on a pair of Selvedge jeans that you can get at Old Navy for 14 bucks?

  66. "Connor R" (who posted at "anonymous") has it figured out.

    I hope J.Crew does all five things he suggested. (I would much rather have lower prices than the carousel of coupon codes. I'm nervous whenever I place an order that there will be a coupon the next day.)

  67. Guys looking for better shirts than J Crew, I recommend going MTM. Try - couldn't be happier with the fit - get what fits! I like J Crew's patterns but like Jeff said they're not tailored at all in the chest or midsection, nor the arms...hmm.

  68. Alexis, I'm just curious, why is Matt's name blue in this post, and everyone else's is red? :)

  69. Generally I love JC and the complaints abt quality are, for the most part, valid. However as I recall there are so many worthless retailers out there with irrational prices that you'll either pay for quality or pay less for less. Lands End is such a snore and they always have been. I guess it's boring middle Americans who are spearheading these statements. I love the idea of a stylist because most times we own plenty of what we need but we don't know how to wear most of it.

    Anon 1:28(1) here are a few pointers:

    1. Go ahead and buy your ON "selvage" jeans and have them fall apart.

    2. Madras is beautiful. Your lack of style doesn't warrant the extinction of a timeless pattern.

  70. Anon @ 6:50

    No need to get so snippy. I realize that it says slim fit that on the label (read my post again), but your assertion that J. Crew makes any other choices for men who aren't skinny simply isn't true.

    Actually take a look at the website and try to find a button down shirt that ISN'T tailored fit. You won't find many.
    I never said that they shouldn't design clothes for skinny guys or that they should only design clothes for me, but a little variety wouldn't hurt. Nearly every one of their shirts are tailored fit and very few are original fit.

  71. Anon @ 1:28, my husband and I love madras. We both have several pairs of shorts and I also have two minis. If you haven't tried madras, get a pair of madras shorts (or a mini) when they are on deep discount and try them out. Super comfortable fabric in even the hottest humid weather. It rivals linen for comfort in the tropics and the style itself is fun. Madras is centuries-old and was created in the hot, humid weather of India to keep people covered, yet cool. The fabric is incredibly soft and the cut of the J.Crew items are exceptional.

    Madras is a little overwhelming for a blazer perhaps, but the shorts, minis and even pants are a godsend in the heat. The pattern is fun and can be worn the same as any plaid pattern. The fabric usually has a faded look so even the bright-looking reds online are not neon IRL, they are soft colors. Madras is a perennial offering at J.Crew and I've seen a ton of it out and about so I expect it will continue to be a mainstay of the brand.

  72. Re: Madras - this classic fabric is stylish and comfortable. There's a reason JCrew has it every year - because people buy it every year, me included. It is always priced more expensively than plain cotton shorts, for good reason. It takes more work to make because the soft swatches are stitched together to give the fabric strength. The different patterns made by selection and placement of swatches stitched together makes each piece unique and really beautiful.
    Long live madras!

  73. Anony@8:34

    Wow, LE has never been a snore...You haven't looked recently. Beautifuly scarves very on trend, cute trench coats in wonderful prints, I could go on and on...Maybe you are the snore! LOL

    And JCrew cannot touch their return policy...not by even a mile!

  74. My list is nothing new-

    1) Revamp website a little: add a wishlist option and a link for the tracking numbers listed under "recent orders" (so easy to do).

    2) Reduce shipping, maybe go for a flat rate, but at least lower shipping a little!

    3) KEEP collection items! These bring me in the store and get me excited about the brand, even if I end up buying less expensive items. I bought a $98 sweater at J Crew (full price), but would NEVER pay that at the Gap.

    4) Keep innovating and staying up with current trends. I shop here because it's NOT like Land's End, LL Bean, etc. J Crew lost me for my entire 20s because of critters and ill fitting, dowdy styles.

    5) Get the quality back to where it should be.

  75. You don't like critters?? I LOVE critters! The ladybug pajama pants hooked me on the brand! :)

  76. I love the critter pajama pants too! But I was never crazy about, say, those periwinkle cords with embroidered scotties from a few years ago. And I LOVE scotties. Those are just too weird/dowdy momish for me. So I think it's good that they have steered away from that. On things like pajamas though, the critters set them apart. This winter they just had plain flannel pajama pants which I can get anywhere... no reason to pay JCrew's inflated prices.

  77. PhD,

    Yes, I adore critters. I used to buy so much more at JCrew around 2004-2007 but not now. Styles are disposable, trendy and definitely not for me.

    I love wearing my critters. Sandra Bullock wore her dragonfly critter cropped chinos in her second beauty pagent movie opening scenes. If they are good enough for Hollywood stylists they are good enough for me!

  78. Em,
    I have those pants and I don't have kids by the way. I also have an wear many of their critter cord and pants. People compliment me and wish that JCrew still made some so they could get them! I like unique pieces and JCrew is so boring now. I can buy plain corduroys anywhere!

  79. I agree with Anon @ 7:30 2/27... they really should make bigger sizes consistently in most if not all items. Even if they just made 14 in everything... they could get more customers! My mom would spend a ridiculous amount of money at JC if she could wear JC pants, shorts, and fitted tops.

  80. Haha I couldn't think of a better way to say what I meant than dowdy mom pants.. although I realize it's not really want I am trying to say. But hey... I am glad someone can pull them off. I wanted to love them because they were so different but they did not work for me at all!

  81. The thing more annoying to me than the declining quality is the JC claims that thier stuff is of great quality... for example, the last two catalogs have, near the middle with the page of return policies/shipping charges/etc., pictures of the chiffon rosette tee or ringspun/slub cotton tees that say something like, "Quality to a T", or "We're obsessed with quality" or something along that line. C'mon now...the number 1 complaint among JCA's is declining quality. JC should just focus on pushing their "of-the-moment" designs and leave claims of great quality out until they actually have more pieces that don't fall apart after one spin through the delicate cycle.

  82. Does anyone else find the sequined tees tacky?

  83. Anon @ 9:38: They're also in the sale section at the end of evey year, but to each his own.

  84. I was talking to a J Crew associate yesterday on the teleohone and she was going on and on about how good the quality was at J Crew, that the cashmere is from Italy, and the bags come from gods no where. Who cares if it does not hold up more than a couple of months? or falls aparts after 1 washing? I tried to politely disgree with her but got nowhere. She was totally brainwashed with the company line we have the best quality out there.

    Hate to burst your bubble but you don't, and I will be purchasing alot less from you because of the declining quality.

  85. Jeff - good point, but so is a ton of cashmere. I think both are items that sell a lot, but never sell out until FS.

  86. LE may be good for some basics but when you really want to look good, is that what you reach for? I know I don't. I pick JC a lot of the time, not always because I wear other brands, but often my go-to pieces are JC.

  87. LE could never replace J Crew, but it's good for certain things, like free hemming to the 1/4 inch and free fabric samples sent to you to approve before buying.

    I am 5'10" 135, with medium limb thickness and broad shoulders-thin, but not a small person. I bought a relaxed fit polo in XS Petite, and it fits perfectly--not even tight, but very cute. I wonder what an actual xs petite would order?

    I am currently looking at some 100% cotton chinos. Any LE shoppers know if these will shrink?

  88. anon 2:35 Anyone can look good in anything if they have the inner confidence to pull it off. It doesn't have to be an expensive label to look good, or all J Crew for that matter.

    The comparisons between J Crew and LE are nuts. No need to put someone down because they choose LE that is so snobby.

  89. I wore the shimmy dress to a wedding yesterday and boy did I get a lot of compliments and inquiries about the dress. I had to buy a 10 to fit me on top and had the bottom nipped in but the larger size ensured it wasn't incredibly short as others have posted, and I'm 5'9". It looked so good, tres chic and sooo stylish. I wore the black sash and a pair of CL black satin Armadillo shoes. The look was killer with the ruffled silk dress and layered satin on the shoes.

    If J.Crew can keep offering collection items like the shimmy dress, I will keep buying. Screw the basics, I am in love with this gorgeous dress.

  90. Anony@2:48

    I am the exact weight and height as you with thin limbs. I wear a small or medium in LE items and a large in JCRew sweaters and a medium in tops. I also wear an 8 in dresses and JCrew bottoms.

    Weird how we wear such different sizes.

  91. P.S.

    I have bought their chinos for years from LE. I wash in cold and line dry with zero shrinkage. If for some reason yours do you can return them at anytime.


    Since JCrew just gave me the dreaded FORBIDDEN I guess I will shop at LE today!

  92. 2:57--It is the relaxed fit mesh polo from last year, and I assure you--it's loose on me. I do have a small waist for my size, but even the arms and shoulders are not tight. I have a small/med bust. Prob because it's relaxed fit-I love it for household chores. 2:48

  93. p.s. I would DROWN in J Crew large sweaters. 2:48

  94. 2:59-thanks on the chinos, but hubby sometimes does laundry, and, well, you know.... --2:48

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. After reading several posts about the wonders of Lands End, I checked out the website and looked at everything available for women.

    Some *maybe* OK stuff but nothing exciting enough to buy. There is a reason why they are located inside Sears because everything said "Sears" to me. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  97. LE's goal is not to be exciting. It's just a place to pick up a few basics that won't apart. Obviously if your only of those people who need constant attention and adulation, LE isn't for you.

  98. LE is, however, for people who don't proofread, like me, ha ha. 3:32

  99. Anony@3:23

    Sorry to hear you didn't see anything. I have a list of 10 things I am waiting on a sale for. They have free shipping offers each week and usually one day a week where everything is 20% off.

  100. And by free shipping at LE it is free shipping on ANY AMOUNT:)

    And I don't buy anything at Sears ever...but I do buy lots of LE. You cannot compare. Not even close!

  101. What the heck? This is a blog about JCrew. Someone raves about a collection piece they love and gets bashed as a princess or out of touch with day to day life. What is that about anyway? I have a couple of collection pieces that I totally love and it is part of what JCrew does best IMO and that is MY opinion, perhaps not yours. It's fine that others like the chinos or critters or whatever but there is no need to bash someone just because they were able to rock a collection piece. I'm sure Mickey, Jenna and the design staff would love to hear the rave reviews from those of us who love the collection pieces as much as they would love to hear the rave reviews from those of us who love the basics. It doesn't have to be one OR the other. Sheesh!

  102. Anony 3:35 - maybe I didn't look hard enough. I would like to read your list of 10 items, perhaps I glossed over too quickly and missed the boat. Unlike what the other poster said, I do not need constant attention but I like to buy interesting clothing that gets me a little excited sometimes. It's a pretty common desire. I recall Giorgio Armani speaking once. He said that if tomorrow it were law that all people had to wear barrels and nothing else, within a few days some women would paint their barrels, some may make a design out of thumb tacks, some may glue on some lace, some may carve designs into the wood, most would do something to make it interesting and unique, a reflection of themselves.

    I'm not saying Armani is in any way related to J.Crew, I just thought his take on fashion and how we relate to it, was good insight. Most of us like something that catches our interest, reflects our selves, and LE didn't quite catch my interest browsing through the site. Maybe it is worth a second look or even a try-on IRL. I'm open to it, if there is something good. Love to hear what you LE fans like the best.

    Anon 3:23

  103. I don't need expensive clothes to make me feel exciting and alive.

  104. I get as much attention as any woman could want in jeans or shorts. While I like to occasionally dress up, I don't need to be artistically coordinated every day. I think some people are definitely attention addicts.

  105. And some people just like nice clothes. Several JCAs have commented on wearing special items around the house, just because they love them so much. It's not all about getting attention. Some things just feel great on.

  106. Anony 3:46

    I liked your email. There are 3 scarves I want, sun flower print trench, lightweight denim jacket, reversible canvas bambo purse (similar to JCrew's last summer), swimsuit (they wear forever), pj tops and bottoms and I always get a classic button up sweater...light seagrass.

  107. Correction: Sunshower (not sun flower) salsa orange print trench! from LE

  108. and some people are addicted to the J Crew label, "it has to be J Crew". in order to have style, whereas if you just add an accessory or two you can create your own unique style at a much cheaper price on any garment regardless who makes it, or how much you paid for it.

  109. So true. You could take a bunch of things off LE and label them J Crew, and people would be in love with them.

  110. I hear you! You are so right.


  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. xoxo,

    I just read your post and agree completely! Collection, non-collection, on sale, full price, it's all jcrew. We are all posting here b/c we like jcrew, I would imagine we all want the company to succeed. :)

  113. anon@ 8:41: the Lucido, Gastaad, Pippa jackets, all the python/snakeskin offerings, $400 sequin tank that I saw in tjmaxx for $9.99, the metallic rose leather jacket, the $300 heels, the $2000+ wedding gowns. Of course, there have been collection pieces I have liked/wanted, but the price tag is too much. I'm not saying the collection should go away completely, but it should not be the main focus of jcrew. Not all of us has a rich husband who bankrolls our wardrobes. (a little humor, don't freak out ladies!) ;)

    I agree with a previous post, ( by soon to be phd?) that they are trying to go after two different markets at the same time, which could end up compromise quality or alienating certain customers. It sends a confusing message.

    I do not shop at Land's End. I haven't checked them in a while, but I associate them with staples like tshirts and chinos, and not as fitted as I would like. Being petite, I like that jcrew has become more fitted than they used to be... but now they are also doing things that are oddly proportioned under the guise of trendiness (all the 'boyfriend' styled shirts, puffy blouses that a size 0 is still too big, cardigans that go below my ass-- no thanks); it's still ill-fitting, just in a different way.

    I'm not into the critter stuff, or the madras, but there are lots of people who wear them. I will say that the crawfish shirt is kind of crazy! :P

    Like I and others have said before, classic does not equal boring and ill-fitting.

  114. Heather: The fitted look is going out of style and the Boyfriend slouchy look is coming in a big way. J Crew is missing the mark this season in a big way, their fit is off, their selection is bland, and their quality sucks big time.

    People should be more respectful of other peoples tastes before they post. Just because you like something someone else out there will not, is no excuse for putting other people down because you do not like critters or LE. If you do not like it just pass on commenting this blog will be happier for it. I am not pointing you out there are alot of anons and others who are doing it as well show some respect people!

  115. It's fine to love LE, but those are the people putting down the J.Crew lovers and this is a site for people who love J.Crew. Those who want to profess their love for LE should create a site dedicated for that purpose.

  116. anon@ 7:57,

    As far as I'm concerned, if something fits your body well, things are in proportion and flatters it, then it's not out of style. I'm not about to wear dumpy butt chinos and an oversized cardigan that makes me look 10 pounds heavier because Jenna says it's cool. :P

    This is a fashion blog, and one where people are obsessed with a particular brand... people are going to get snippy and/or have strong opinions. Ok, I think Land's End is kind of bland, that doesn't mean I think someone else is horrible for shopping there.... I mean, I've bought and worn stuff from thrift stores, who cares? I get called worse on this blog, but I just brush it off and find those sad anons rather amusing. :) eventually, we get back on topic in a peaceful way :)

    ok, I need some coffee!! :)

  117. Such small-minded people thinking that taking pride in how you look and wanting to look good is done to seek attention. How we present ourselves to the world, and how we see ourselves in that regard has an affect on our attitude and even our health.

    It's not so simple as someone wanting a nice outfit is a case of dying for attention. Look beyond your nose for a change.

  118. People can talk about JCrew and occasionally LE or BR or whatever. Even Alexis posts deals from other companies.

    People, glad to hear about LE and all other companies. You you don't want to read about LE just skip those posts and get on with your life!

    I have never put down any JCrew or LE lovers by the way.

  119. Why the constant picking on Heather? She sometimes has different opinions but there is nothing wrong with that and she doesn't cut down others. I've been reading this blog for months and it is obvious someone has it in for her and I think it's shameful the way she is attacked. There is room for differing opinions but not personal attacks.

    And yes, it's fine to talk about LE, but making nasty comments about those who prefer J.Crew as if they just need more attention is not the purpose of this blog.

  120. As much as I love J. Crew, I WILL stop shopping there (have been shopping there almost exclusively since the 7th grade). What I need to see from J. Crew is:

    1. Excellent quality that is CONSISTENT. I ordered a Bayswater Peacoat this winter because they didn't have black offered in the stores, and when I got it the collar was mis-shaped, the buttons were placed wrong and the lapels were oddly folded. So I called immediately after trying it on to talk to a C.S. rep, and guess what? There were no more mediums in black! which brings me to my next point...

    2. STOP OVER STOCKING ON XS, XL, XXL, and TALL ITEMS. instead, offer more Small, Medium and Larges as those seem to sell out first (especially medium, because that's what I am LOL). That way you won't have to clutter your "final sale" with junk that nobody wants.

    3. Get your employees back in line, JCREW! I mean seriously... I was in the store to pick up my spring collection items and it was a Saturday around 1pm and there was NOBODY back in the mens area. There were 2 female employees standing up by the front check-out having a conversation. I practically had to chase them down to get a fitting room. And there was nobody who came to check on me and see how I was doing or get me another size item. WTF?!?!?!? Isn't that what the J. Crew shopping experience is about?? At least i think it was 4 years ago, which was the reason I started shopping there in the first place.

    4. Refine and work the website (need I say more?)

    5. Stop screwing up my online orders and not giving me free shipping when you correct it!!! Last fall I ordered 2 things (probably my smallest Jcrew order EVER) a pair of critter shorts (I <3 critters!!!) and a faded red slub fleece hoodie. now, I wanted to wear these items before it got too cold here in the unpredictable Minnesota (ha ha) and so I splurged and went with the 2 day shipping. Not only did they not send the order out until 4 days later, they sent me 2 pairs of the shorts, and NO HOODIE. So as you can imagine, I called up J. Crew (I have their # on speed dial) and told them what happened, and when they said they'd send out my hoodie with free overnight shipping, I got the confirmation email that said standard shipping and it was at MY EXPENSE!

    I don't know what to do with you anymore, J. Crew... I love you to death but can't stand how you've let yourself go. Figure it out or you're going to lose a large group of High schoolers as customers because we can't stand it anymore. We used to come in and browse and enjoy the marvelous experience and end up buying a couple of items and now its not only unenjoyable, but you have to try on 3 pairs of the same shorts to try and find one that fits "almost" right.

    SAD :(

  121. Anon at 8:22 AM: That is a good question! :) I like to thank members contributions by having their names stick out in posts and thought I would use different colors for different genders. ;)

  122. anon @2:58,

    thank you... I find them amusing, but they have hurt others people's feelings on this blog who don't deserve it, and I'm not going to let them think they can scare me away like they have with others. I mean, I've been following this blog since maybe a month or two after Alexis started it, so I really don't know where these anons get off trying to attack me as the problem. It was great finding a place where I could talk about jcrew with others! Sometimes we don't have all positive things to say about the company, but that is because we want them to always be improving. Probably jcrew workers who post anon defending jcrew, then turn to personal attacks to get away from the original topic... or am I just a big conspiracy theorist? haha. :P

    oh, the interwebs! :)


  123. Ben P. @ 6:56:

    You are spot-on with re to J.Crew's sizing/inventory.

    What I consider "normal" sizes - S through L - are hard to come by on-sale in-store or on-line. Plenty of XS and XLs, though. Shouldn't that tell J.Crew something?

    I'm glad they provide those sizes for unique people, and wouldn't want to see these sizes eliminated, but I think they should cut-back on the inventory they offer these people. It is very frustrating to go through the sales or popular items at B&M stores and find XL after XL with no size small in sight.


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