Monday, February 2, 2009

The Great (Weekly) Exchange

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves. This post is where you can mention your items and outside listing/ auction site (like eBay and eCrater & the corresponding user ID). Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Individual members can also request in this post, items that they are looking for and interested in buying. :)

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site? Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. I have a double-serge pencil skirt in bronzed ochre. NWT. Size 10. $45 shipped.

  2. I've had quite a bit of success lately with the exchange selling a few items so here goes:

    Glass Bead Ribbon Necklace - Dark Fog - $40 shipped.

    Felted Wool Cameron Dress (Jumper style dress) - Black - Size 8 - Worn once to a baby shower - $25 shipped.

    Solid cotton-silk shirred blouse - Ivory - Size 8 - NWT - $20 shipped.

    Watercolor school girl skirt - size 12 - NWT - $40 shipped.

    Sparkle Plaid Tweed Skirt - in the black/silver/white/gray tweed - size 8 NWT - $75 shipped.

    Metallic-flecked pencil skirt - black with gold flecks - size 8 NWT - $45 shipped.

    Siena driving mocs - NIB - size 8 - black - $50 shipped.

    Candance jacket - bright blue - size M - NWT - $47 shipped.

    (i waited up specifically to post this - so if you e-mail I will respond first thing in the morning...and would be happy to provide pictures for any items!)
    kredmann @ gmail . com

  3. I have a few items listed on ebay:

    NWT Jackie Cardigan XS in Poppy

    NWT Favorite-Fit Bootcut Cords in Acorn sz 00S XS

    NWT Tartine Cardigan XS in Bright Rhubarb

    NWT Tartine Cardigan Small in Snow

    username: maisuz

  4. For sale: nwt, blue sherpa hoodie, small. I did not size up and it is too small on me!

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  6. Still hoping against hope that I'll find a Wool Bella Herringbone Jacket in a size T6 (6 Tall) somewhere. Would love it in coral, but really I'm open to considering this number in just about any color. :)

  7. I have:

    lea cardigan, light cloud grey color (not heather) not offered online, S-NWT- $40 shipped

    Am in the market for:
    -critter wellies, size 9 (if TTS)
    -dream tie-neck cardigan, spearmint, S
    -Hunter wellies, 8 or 9, lilac or powder blue (i know this is a long shot, i heard they were @ the sample sale)

    kocanez @ gmail . com

  8. For Sale:

    New Liv Metallic Ballet Flats, Silver, Size 8 $50.00

    New Mila Stacked Heels, Gold, Size 7.5 $60.00

    NWT Tartine Cardigan, Yellow Mustard color, size xs $20.00

    Worn 1x Katie Sweater Jacket, Blue Size XS $30.00

  9. Hi! Some ebay auctions ending today (Monday) around 4:30 pm EST:

    NWT sz. 0 Python Print Dress

    NWT sz. 0 Papaya Joelle Blouse

    NWT sz. 0 Honey Glaze Matilda Silk Wrap Dress

    NWT sz. 0 Bright Rhubarb Julianne Dress

    (Ending around 7:30 pm EST):
    NWT sz. 0 Ivory Emerson Blouse

    (Ending around 1:30 am Wednesday morning):
    NWT sz. 0 White Denim Trousers

    All prices are set really low, just want to clear out some room!

    Thanks for looking!

  10. Opps...forgot my email address


  11. I'm selling a pinstripe Super 120's NWT charcoal 2-button blazer, size 10 that retails at $368. I'll sell it for $200 shipped. Contact if interested.

  12. Sorry folks, this is the corrected version of my above post, with the skirt included:

    I'm selling a pinstripe Super 120's NWT charcoal 2-button blazer and pencil skirt, both size 10 that together retail at $368. I'll sell them for $200 shipped. Contact if interested.

  13. I have a couple things some of you might be interested in:

    NWT black cascading flowers jacket, size 4

    NWT Jenna bracelet $60

    New desert floral earrings, $40

    NWT high heel flare jeans size 28R in the faded blue wash, $15

    Looking for (kind of a long shot here I know...):

    Lulu heels in 7 or 7.5 in any color, pink preferably, that are cheaper than the ones on ebay.

    Trixie heels in 7.5 or 8 in the snow leopard pattern (again, that are cheaper than ones one ebay).

    Any wooden acorn jewelry. Anyone tired of theirs? :)

    Email me at with questions, or to make an offer. Shipping not included in prices.

  14. I'm selling on ebay:

    NWT Merino Trois-Rosette Tank in Putty, xs
    Currently: $13 & $3 shipping

    NWT Black Fireball Bracelet
    Currently $35 & $4 shipping

    I also have a NWT Marc Jacobs Pendant watch necklace $60 shipped (retails for $125) GREAT for Valentine's Day!

    I have pics on my blog for a quick look.

    My ebay username is ashylashy123


  15. Looking for...

    Juliet mid-heels in size 8.5, blanched almond. New or also open to gently used. Thanks!

  16. A few items for sale:
    EUC (worn once): size 12 Fiji mini skirt $40 shipped OBO

    EUC (worn once): size XS Cynthia Dress in black. $30 shipped OBO

    EUC (worn once): size 7.5 Penelope Maryjanes , size 7.5. $75 shipped OBO.

    Please email me if interested,

  17. I forgot to add the Jewlery...
    2 enamel necklaces from fall 08 (item # 98023) One is Yellow the other is "natural"

    $20.00 each. Thanks!

  18. Forgot to mention: also looking for storybook charm bracelet, pinecone & squirrel charm bracelet (long shots, i know), acorn bracelet..

    kocanez @ gmail . com

  19. I have for sale:

    Blair Dress, Size 4, Dark Peony, NWT. $55 Shipped. (Fall/Winter 08, Super 120s dress)

    Patent Leather Skinny belt, Size Small, Root. NWT. $18 Shipped.

    Linen Zebra Minidress, Size 4, NWOT. $50 Shipped. (Summer 07)

    Travestere Paisley Boatneck Blouse, Size 4. Worn 2x & Dry Cleaned. $20 Shipped.

    Wool Flannel Wrap-Dress, Charcoal, Size 2, NWT. $73 Shipped. (Fall/Winter 08)

    If you want to find pics, try to google j.crew & the item name and pics will usually come up in the first 1-2 pages.

    If you are interested, drop me an email and we can figure out the details :)
    donadea at yahoo dot com

    Thanks in advance!

  20. Also, non-Jcrew: I have a pair of Frye Maxine Campus boots, dk brown, never worn/NIB, size 9 : $220 shipped .

    kocanez @ gmail . com

  21. I'm seeking:

    a cashmere bateau sweater in silver size small &
    a silk watercolor dress (the bright orange floral) in size 4, 6 or 8. I'd about kill for this dress:)

    I have several Deep Atlantic blue Sophia dresses for sale (sizes that didn't work for my bridesmaids) if anyone is looking for one.

  22. First, I just want to thank all the JCAs who responded to my plea for help a few days ago when I was getting the "forbidden" error message every time I tried to open the JC site. THANK YOU!

    As for Weekly Exchange Business:
    1. Another JCA was looking for the dusty rose patent belt in L; I have the wide belt in L and would happily swap it for the wide in S/M. I've had mine since Thanksgiving and worn it a few times, but it's still in good shape. Will send pix if you're interested.

    2. I'm looking for the Zoey tank in a size zero, any color but light camel and nectar.

    Hmmm, I thought I had a third thing to say, but I can't think of it now... must be tired! Anyone interested in the above, please contact me at soylabomba (at)

  23. I'm sorry, the above ^ ebay listing is not mine; I just posted for pic of color.

  24. I also have for sale:

    Jackie shell in Pewter, Size S. Worn 1x and dry cleaned. $15 Shipped.

    Lulu Heels in Burnt Sienna, Size 8. Worn twice, still looks new. Comes with original box. $80 shipped.

    If you are interested, email me at:
    donadea at yahoo dot com

    Thanks again :)

  25. the following are NWOT:

    -tartine cardigan, chocolate XS ($30 shipped)
    -houndstooth bow-button cardigan, XS ($40 shipped)


  26. I am looking for any acorn jewelry, too.

  27. I am looking for a Jackie cardi, light pewter, size M.

    Also, a Miranda cardi, gray, size M.

    New or gently used.

    stephanie.marty (at) gmail. com

  28. Looking for:

    Chino Cooper Jacket in size 4, any color.

    Email: ruru126 AT hotmail DOT com

  29. I have a couple pairs of the Favorite-fit wool twill academy pant, sizes P0 and P2. $50 shipped for either.

    katemccarthy AT gmail DOT com

  30. I'm looking for:

    Matchstick cords 25/short, in sea salt or faded cement.

    Email me with price: jcsusan87 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  31. I have:
    Cardis: 30 each + shipping
    -cream/black Zebra cardi - size M
    -Leopard (I think?) tartine cardi - size M
    -Metallic brushstroke cardi - size M

    -Waterfall necklace (in the translucent yellow-ish green colour). $50

    -Tafeda A-line skirt $20

    tamiko_27 @

    Also on the lookout for:
    -flats + pumps in size 9.5
    -Favorite fit pants in size 12 or 12T

  32. sorry! forgot to add the skirt is in the burnished olive colour, size 8. BNWT

    Cardis have all been worn 2-3 times max.

  33. I have the following to sell, all NWT:

    - size 0 snow-leopard Harlow blouse
    - size small navy femme
    - size 0P plum Gianna blouse

    If interested, please email me at mouse6760 at


  34. I have a NWT Charcoal Berry Astrid Size 0 that I bought for $179.99.

    Also a washed once but never worn pair (too small!) of Size 26 Paige Premium Denim "Blue Heights" skinny jeans in the color "Eclipse Wash". $125 + shipping or best offer (please take advantage and give them a good home!).

    jcbellemarie at gmail

  35. Also Looking For:

    Canvas Fiona Jacket, size 4, any color.

    Matchstick Jeans in 28R (looking for medium to darker washes).

    Email: ruru126 AT hotmail DOT com

  36. and I'm looking for the sketchbook belle roses skirt in sz 0 if anyone's seen it or has one languishing in their closet! TIA : )

  37. sigh. I just tried on the Paige size26 skinnies and don't think I will EVER fit them - my bones are not going to shrink. They are so cute, please someone who fits them take them out of my closet!!

    See them here, regularly $165 + tax/ship

    Will drop the price down & sell for $100! Paypal only. email jcbellemarie at gmail.

  38. jcbellemarie, I'm guessing the size26 paiges run small? What size do you wear in JCREW?

  39. Looking for:

    Any flats in size 7.5


    Clara Cardi - Light Pewter, XS


  40. Anon 2:37am: I usually wear a size27 in Paiges (Hollywood hills is the pair I looove). I ordered the size 26 because my normal size sold out and silly me, I wear a 26 in JCrew HHF and cords and thought maybe I shrunk. I didn't - it's just JC inconsistent sizing.

    Paige is consistent from my experience. I've tried on 28s in Paige and they were too big for me. HTH!

  41. I have a small oslo bag in champagne color for sale. $170 or OBO shipped.

  42. I have the following items for sale, all new with tags:

    Small Oslo Bag - Terra Cotta - $160 shipped

    Dream Open Cardigan - Honey Glaze - Size S - $50 shipped

    Penelope Peep Toes - Ember - Size 10 - $110 shipped

    Looking for (gently used OK):

    Double serge skirt - Blue - Size 4

    Maggie Jacket - Black - Size 4

    My email address is

  43. Good morning, JCAs! Anyone have retail remorse? I'm looking for.....

    1. Madeline dress, black, 8/10, 8P/10P

    2. Shipley jacket, black/navy, 8/10

    3. Silk dupioni skirt, 8/10

    4. Extended calf boots, size 7

    Used items are ok if in good condition. Email me at
    elaine_willig (at) yahoo (dot) com

  44. Correction on my post at 4:38 am:

    The shoes are the Mary Jane Spectator - Not Penelope.

  45. Hi all! So happy the JCA Weekly Exchange is finally here.
    Seeking the following in new or used condition in sizes M/L/XL/14/16:

    *Julianne dress

    *Watercolor garden Lydia blouse

    *Boatneck city tees

    *Clara Chiffon Cardigan

    *Hayworth Giraffe Cami

    *Double Serge Tuesday Trench in deep persimmon (red)

    *Tissue Turtleneck in Eggplant

    *Herringbone Fiona Jacket- Sweet Potato

    *Skinny Oval-link chain necklace

    *Joelle in the blue/purple color

    *Tissue Chiffon-trim tuxedo tee- Bright Fuchsia

    *Luxe knit shell

    *Bejeweled Feather sash

    *J Crew Boots- size 8

    *Matchstick jean in premium indigo wash 33 regular or short

    For sale or trade:

    * J Crew Whitney formal dress in Navy- item#69196 100% silk size 16(NWT)- make offer

    *J Crew Stretch Wool Daphne dress in black item#11480 size 16 (NWT in J Crew Plastic)- make offer

  46. First, thank you to all the kind people here who over the past 2 months tried to help me "catch" a merino sequin shell in putty (small). One finally popped up on the site last week (couldn't believe it) and I got it! Yup, it actually arrived. :)

    Now I'm in search of these gently used or new items:

    - Merino or other thin sweater turtlenecks: navy, charcoal, melon, and aqua - small

    - Lydia tank/blouse: water color or dark fog - XS or S

    - maggie serge jacket: white (4)

    - also generally looking for some pretty tank blouses (like Cheri, Elizabeth, Lydia) to go under cardis or blazers at work. What do you have in 2 or S?

    Please email me at

    SELLING: I have for sale on eBay a beautiful DKNY black belted winter coat size 4. I only wore it a few times, but am cleaning out my closet. I started bidding at a super-low $60 (was originally over $400). The Item # is: 290293378151

  47. Miko (and other JCAs), I have 2 pairs of gently used (worn twice)last-year shoes size 9.5, selling for $40 for the lot:

    Gently used size 9.5 shoes

    These are the same as this year's Perfect Leather Pumps with 2 7/8 heel for $120

    and Clea Printed Ballet Flats on FS for $49

    Please note this price is without shipping -- I live in Manhattan and can coordinate a hand-off in midtown or the UWS. If you are not in NYC, shipping will be extra.

  48. Long Brewster leather BOOTS SIZE 6

    Italian leather upper. Antiqued-brass buckle. Leather lining. Pull on with side pull-tabs to assist. Leather sole with rubber forepart for better traction. 1 1/2" stacked heel.

  49. I have a navy blue Velvet Ecole jacket in Size 6. NWT. $40 shipped.

    cliou1 AT verizon DOT net

  50. Long shot, but I heard it was at the sample sale too.
    Cascading flower jacket in ivory, 4 or 6

  51. Also long shot, but maybe someone is tired of theirs...
    a WHITE fiona in 4 or 6 (was from spring 08).

  52. More for NYC JCAs -- I have a combination of new and gently-worn J. Crew items from previous seasons. All prices without shipping. Apologies for the lack of direct links but blogger is not accepting my tags to Snapfish.

    2 NWOT Wool hats (one size) in light blue and olive-y green - $5 for lot

    2 pair used (and loved) suede loafers in pink and lime size 10 - $10 for lot

    2 NWOT (washed but never worn) cotton work shirts size PM - $20 for lot

    5 pair chinos size P10. 3 are NWT, 1 is NWOT (washed but never worn) and 1 is gently-used. $35 for lot

    3 pima cotton V-neck sweaters size S. Please note these fit me when I was wearing a J. Crew size 8, so these run big. They will fit a size M as fitted or a size S as loose. 2 were worn and washed once; the black one is NWOT. $20 for lot

    I can coordinate a pick-up from midtown or UWS. If you are not in NYC and interested, we can discuss shipping, but preference given to New Yorkers.

  53. Here are the same items that I posted from about 2 weeks ago. I am sorry if I ignored anyone's emails the first time around - I wasn't prepared to sell, but I am now!

    Email if you are interested in seeing pictures or getting measurements or prices

    *Marigold silk top size 10
    *White Cotton-silk pin tuck tank size 12
    *Gold Whisper Lamé Tank size 10
    *Joelle Camisole Size 14 Regal Purple
    *Kelly Stripe sweater size M citron
    *Cashmere summer-weight pin tuck shell size L citron

    Thank You for your time!

  54. Good morning!

    I am looking for:

    Double-serge pencil skirt, size 10, brilliant blue

    I have for sale:

    • NWT Marcella blouse, rhubarb, size 8 - $40 shipped OBO

    • NWOT Marcella blouse, sweet potato, size 8 - $40 shipped OBO

    • NWOT Dream Silvie dress, heathered charcoal, size M - $50 shipped, OBO

    christinadeal [at] gmail [dot] com

  55. still hoping for the berry-trim astrid jacket in plum in either size 6 or 8.

  56. Looking for the Bahia Merino Tee (spr 08) in a size small. A colony of moths ate mine.

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  58. Hello, i have:

    - Candy licorice tee - bright pink - size Small, NWT, $20 shipped

    - Francie skirt - black - size 4 petite, worn once (too large for me), $25 shipped

    I can provide pictures. Contact me at cleo26p at gmail dot com.

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  60. I am also looking for (TOTAL long-shot, I know):

    • Juliet Safari Mid-heels, size 7 or 7.5

    • skinny patent belt, black, S or M

    Gently used is ok!

    christinadeal [at] gmail [dot] com

  61. I have
    NWT cashmere seqin shell black xs style 96131

    Black Velvet Ecole NWT size 2

    Silver sharksin skirt NWT 0P

    NWOT size 0 tweed boot skirt Style 77558

    size 0 EUC plaid burgandy shorts style 86246

    EUC city fit cords size 0-- -farmhouse Red, sea salt, acorn,

    jodhpur pants size 0 NWOT tan and black style 85809

    City fit twill chinos EUC size 0 style 82067

    Dream cardigan (I think) moss green with buttons with crests on them given to me by a friend ....tags cut by by her

    Also have various lilly pulitzer things as well as various NEW and EUC coach, banana republic and other shoes--

    email me for pics-- all reasonable offers considered

  62. Looking for: Dusty Rose Wide Belt in size L.


    Here is a link
    to my Polyvore set that has my items up for sale

    E-mail me if you are interested!

  63. For sale:
    - Dream Turtleneck item #96637; size medium in the light spearmint color. NWT- just too small for me. $30 shipped

    email me at redhed_01 at hotmail dot com

    **Also, I'd like to say thanks to SCCrew for an excellent transaction. She shipped my item quickly and was super nice!

  64. I have the following:

    Ivory Shipley Coat Size 8, NWT, $75 shipped

    Snow Leopard Silk Dress, Size 10, NWT $50 shipped

  65. Pardon my ignorance, but what does EUC stand for??

  66. Looking for..

    Crystal Snowball Necklace

  67. I have :

    NWT double-cloth tulip coat, size 0
    in black - $120 shipped

    NWT silk dupioni skirt, size 0 also in black - $35 shipped

    I also have a blouse from '07 that I cannot remember the name. It's black with small white polkadots, silk, sleeveless, v-neck, ties in back, kind of flowy. I have a size 0 that is just too big and obviously can't return it. I can send pics if interested - $15 shipped.

    farr0146 at gmail

  68. Oh, and I'm also looking for the Taffeta A-line Skirt in Champagne, size 0, NWT preferred, but would consider EUC


    farr0146 at gmail

  69. Hi Everyone!
    I am new to posting here, though I've been reading this great blog for months. What a great thing!

    Layoffs are no good :( , so I need to get rid of:

    Feather Chiffon Dress in Black, Size 4, NWT. Bought on final sale and hoping to break even on it, $130 shipped.

    Please feel free to check me on ebay, user sriney21. If interested, please email me at


  70. Hello all!

    Looking for a Soleil d'or jacket in xs or s and a polka dot rosette dress (from s/s '08) in 0 or 2.


  71. Still hoping for cascading flowers jacket in ivory, size 0 or I will even take a 2! TIA

  72. Hello! I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for Lulu heels in the yellow color or a metallic, size 7. Gently used is fine! My e-mail is TIA!!!

  73. Anon -

    I have a pair of Matchtick denim jeans (ultra black) size 27R. I recommend sizing down b/c they are stretchy. BNWT - $50 shipped.

    Looking for:

    Zoey tank size 0/2 in Blue Jasmine
    Cashmere tee short sleeved size small in salmon

  74. Those matchsticks are ultra DARK (not black)

  75. How much for the CF astrid, lynzeroo?

  76. I have a NEW Metallic Marie Houndstooth Jacket, sz 2, NWT, purchased during 30 off promo...$140 shipped.

  77. Here is what I have for grabs:here.

    If you have smth of comparable value and would like to exchange for one of mine, please, let me know. I am open to negotiations.:)

  78. Anyone have the Serengeti dress and/or tank in a 2? I need them in my life immediately :) TIA!

  79. I am returning to the King of Prussia store a Double Cloth Dover Coat in dark poppy size 12 Tall. If you want this item on hold in your name email me ASAP. gwenphillips160 at yahoo dot com
    The price was $139.99 it is beautiful but too big and alterations will be out of my budget.
    Also- Thanks to Vic / victoria! I purchased a pair of driving mocs from her last week. She shipped quickly and the item was exactly as described. I would not hesitate to purchase from her again. Thanks Vic!

  80. anon @ 12:47 with the sophia dresses: what sizes do you have? are they the short sophias? what's your email?!


  81. Anon 8:36am

    I'm interested in the 27R matchstick jeans. What is your contact info (e-mail, ebay).

  82. LOOKING For:
    -Any 4 TALL jackets.
    -Any 4 Tall Shirts


    -Size 6 Tall Kensington Navy Shirt. 30$ shipped

  83. i have

    *elizabeth halter cami in yellow in xs that i just recently bought off a is NWT, but too big for me...that I end up pulling a "miley cyrus" from the armpits...35$ shipped.

    *dark poppy madeline coat in 0, nwt, just never got a chance to wear it, 125$ shipped

    j.monicakim at gmail

    i just did a round of B&Ms this weekend...will post back later once I decide what I want to keep lol

    also looking for:

    any skinny patent/matte/metallic belts from this season in small

    madison stretch chinos in any color other than navy, black, sizes 0P or 2P, 0S...(i didn't realize i had found my perfect chino...these fit me so well! I should have bought 'em in all colors while I had the chance at 22$)

    *cashmere heirloom henley in small...these too I had only bought 2...regretting not having picked more up in other colors. (if anyone sees these in the stores??)

  84. For sale:

    NWT XS rose balm candy tee in light blade- $10

    NWT XS dream taffeta sash cardi in honey glaze- $18


  85. Good morning! Spring cleaning this past weekend and I found the following 2 tee's, both never worn with tags:

    1. Embroidered-floral heathered slub tee, (Tee is grey with orange beading) Style 94177, size M. I think this one sold out?

    2. Heathered slub graphic tee, with pink flamingo on front chest, size M.
    Will take best offer on both!

    Email: bbsouthercharm at gmail dot com

  86. in search of
    watercolor madison dress in blue tones size 6 for less than $50

    contact me at jodear AT neo DOT rr DOT com

  87. I have a navy printed-silk Fontana wrap dress from Spring 08. It is the same style as the Swiss-dot Fontana currently for sale online. Size 4 NWT. $40 shipped. april_w101 at yahoo dot com

  88. A little OT, but does anyone know how the Cashmere Heirloom Henley fits, is it TTS? I wear a Medium in the Dream Tie Neck and would love another cozy sweater. Thanks!

  89. JW - email me about the Matchstick jeans at


  90. I have a new kelly green piper tank. Size 6 or 8, from the sample sale… it is too big for me. This piper needs a good home! $25 plus shipping

    Env79 at

  91. Good MOrning!

    Looking for LULUs size 9:
    dark cloud or metallic

  92. Hi everyone!

    I am desperately seeking a pair of Perfect Patent Pumps (#96596) in dusty rose, size 8.5. Will definitely take a gently used pair, and am willing to negotiate price. So if anyone is tired of theirs, please let me know!


  93. Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for the Double Serge Pencil Skirt in bronzed ochre, size 2.

  94. Anon @ 9:30 (bbsouthercharm)

    I'm trying to send you email and it keeps coming back.

    Please email me at enstowe at hotmail dot com

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  96. I'd love to find some shoes in the color Root (brown) in 7.5.

    enstowe @ hotmail . com

  97. I have for sale:

    EUC Sketchbook Roses Skirt, Size 4. Only worn one time for a few hours. $25 shipped.

    Banana Republic Patent "Nude Rose" Peep Toe Wedge (3.5" heel). Size 9. I wear an 8.5 and was just trying to make them work because they are so cute. They are perfect for J Crew's Spring Line. $30 shipped. Brand New. I can send photos.

    Vintage Fleece Pant, Stone, Medium. Tried on once and wore for a few hours but they didn't fit. $18 shipped.


  98. I have:

    Split-V cotton popover in the olive color, size Small, NWT - $40 shipped

    Merino Lady sweater, charcoal, size Small, worn once and in great condition - $50 shipped


    Looking for:

    Perfect patent flats in Dusty Rose size 8.5

    Siena cal-hair driving mocs size 8

  99. I'm looking for the Shimmy dress in a size 2 or 4. (I know there is a 2 on ebay but that's more than I want to spend!) Email me at juliak127 at hotmail dot com.

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. Maybe a long shot but I am looking for the Dotted Victoria ruffle cami tank in size 8. Can be gently used. Am willing to trade for something I have listed on my polyvore as well.

    Click here
    is a link to a page on
    this Web site.

  102. Looking for a cotton lawn silk cherie cami in shell (light pink) and a CREWNECK tartine sweater in Black, XS. Will take gently used.

    I have for sale/exchange a Whisper Lame Zoey tank in light camel, size 0, NWT - $25 shipped.

  103. I have a grey zip hooded Jcrew sweater size large from about two years ago on ebay. 9.99 right now. Really comfy, just too big for me. It's item # 330303809597


  104. I'm happy to offer:

    Holiday 2008 Metallic-flecked pencil skirt - black with gold flecks - size 12 NWT - $40 shipped.

  105. I have a silk twill Vionette tank dress in Key Lime, Size 2, New With Tags. Would take $50.

    Am looking for an Ivory Harlow blouse, size 0

    email me


  106. I have the following items:

    Clara chiffon cardigan, heather acorn, size small. NWT. $20 shipped.

    Dream Valerie bow cardigan, black, size small. NWT. $40 shipped.

    French-stripe tie jacket, size small. NWOT. $60 shipped.

    Sparkle tartan Madeline blouse, midnight, size 4. NWOT. $18 shipped.

    Italian deco-print rollneck silk dress (J.Crew Collection), bright saffron, size 2. NWOT. $140 shipped.

    Stretch vintage matchstick cord, chocolate, size 28 SHORT. NWOT. $50 shipped.

    Matchstick jean in premium indigo wash, size 28 SHORT. NWOT. $84 shipped.

    Looking for:

    Serengeti dress, size 2.
    Only finding larger sizes on eBay! Does anyone have one they're willing to part with?

  107. Soon To Be PhD
    I have almost every size of the short silk tricotine Sophia style in the sold out Deep Atlantic color (we got them for the bridesmaids for my sister's wedding & then the dress plans changed) email is ingabelle7 @ hotmail dot com

  108. I would love a pair of the alessia heels in spearmint in a 6.5 for my wedding. If anyone has any information that would be great!

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Good Morning! I'm looking for the Serengeti Ballet Flats in size 10.

  111. I have:

    NWT Georgia dress in bright blue, size 4, $41 shipped

    NWOT skinny metallic belts in bright tidepool and the pinkish color, both size L, $8/each shipped (stupid me thought they were the same size as the patent belt and they're waaaaay too big).

  112. IcsMom,

    I sent you an email.


  113. I have the Lady Day cloth in 6P in dark poppy. Just received. I am soo hoping that someone has the 8P or 6 regular in Dark Poppy but really needs the 6P. I would love to trade.

    My email is


  114. looking for:
    blk lucinda coat bnwt sz0

    double serge pencil skirt in sz0, in any color other than blk and persimmon.

    janelle sweater in xs

    dream tie cardi in dk eggplant, bnwt szxs
    yellow striped katie sweater, bnwt, szxs
    toscana shearling hat, bnwt, s/m in the light beige color
    bnwt lille coat in heather majestic purple sz0
    and a brand new with tags ava coat in blk sz0

  115. Hey guys!

    I'm selling:
    Metallic Skinny Belt in gold, size L - $15 shipped
    Bejeweled Feather Sash in gray, one size - $15 shipped
    Flannel Kate Dress in camel, size 8 - $45 shipped
    Chiffon Rosette Belt in ivory/pink, one size - $10 shipped
    Cable Ballet Slippers with Pom in ivory, size 8 - $20 shipped
    Shearling Slipper Mocs in tan, size 8 - $22 shipped
    Maribel Scarf in citron, one size - $20 shipped

    All items are NWT.

    Pictures here.


  116. The glass bead ribbon necklace in dark fog is sold :)

  117. Morning!

    I'm looking for:

    1. Jackie Cardigan in Bright Blue, Cabana Blue or Bright Azul. Size: small or medium.

    2. Juliet Mid Heels- Size 9 Blanched Almond

    3. Skinny Patent Leather Belt- Blanched Almond, size large

    4. Serengeti Ballet Flats size 9

    5. Palace floral Kya cami- size 4


  118. SC CREW -- Sorry! That would be because I can't type!

    bbsoutherNcharm at gmail dot com

  119. I am looking for the Multi Berry Charm Bracelet, if anyone is tired of theirs.

    I have new:
    NWT pink mirror metallic luggage tag from Holiday '09 $12.00 shipped
    Almost New (aka I wore these items about 2 times) :)
    ~ 3/4 sleeve cashmere v-neck sweater in a pretty periwinkle blue, spring 07, size xs
    ~ size 2 seersucker blazer in dark pink from outlet, 3 button
    ~ 3/4 sleeve cotton crewneck sweater in blue with buttons on shoulder, size xs
    ~ navy peacoat sweater jacket from Summer '07, size s
    ~ black wool skirt, super 110's with pleat in front/back and pockets, size 4

    All items are in GREAT condition, and have seriously been worn only a couple of times. I'm cleaning my closed out after having had a baby and things don't fit like they used to. :)
    email me at

  120. anon@ 9:40 - I have the Cashmere Heirloom Henley sweater and I think it runs big (like this fall's Cashmere Shawl Collar Sweater). I normally wear xs in many of the sweaters fine, but I found this one quite loose when I tried it on. In fact, I was thinking about returning it this week. I have the Cashmere Heirloom Henley in Tangelo (very similar to Bright Saffron -- a bright yellow-orange shade). Email me if you have any more questions about it: lapetitecrew at hotmail dot com

  121. Hey all, I have the shimmy dress, size 10, $120 shipped (or best offer).

    Email me at adeseve AT gmail DOT com if you're interested!

  122. If anyone has LULU peep toes in size 7.5 in any color, I would love to buy them from you!

    env79 at

  123. OT: How do you organize your outfits?

    Do any other JCA's use Polyvore-ish clothes organizer software like this?

    I am befuddled by the mountain of clothes I own that I never wear. I think I'm just not keep good enough track of everything or putting together good outfit ideas.

    This was the only one I could find with a quick google but if anyone has any other suggestions, I would appreciate it!

  124. Good morning, all!

    I have the following items to sell/trade:

    Pailette cardigan in Heather Chalk, xs - worn twice over long sleeved tee, $38 shipped

    Dream Shirred Tunic Sweater in Cayenne (on model), xs - worn once and dry cleaned, $35 shipped

    Dream Argyle Crewneck Sweater in yellow/brown (on model, but yellow is a more sunflower yellow), xs - worn once and dry cleaned, $28 shipped

    Tessa Cotton Sweater Jacket in honey glaze/burnished yellow, xs - worn twice and dry cleaned, $45 shipped

    Here's my wish list (will take new or gently used):

    Soiree jacket in green, size xs

    Lulu peep toes, size 5, either tulip, burnt sienna, or metallic

    Cashmere V-neck Bow Sweater in hazelnut (brown), size xs

    Cashmere Henley from fall '07 in chocolate, size xs

    Any Cashmere Jackie-style cardigan in a chocolate or deep brown, size xs

    Karma Necklace in Bright Saffron (hoping for less than current retail price)

    Suzannah silk taffeta cami in bright flame or ivory (from fall '07), size 0:

    I'm willing to give discounts for multiple items bought as well as combine shipping. Some prices are negotiable. Email me at lapetitecrew at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

  125. I am looking for a black or navy Dream Soho sweater dress in a size small. If you have one you are willing to part with please email me at

  126. Oh, and I have the size 2 hayworth giraffe cami BNWT. Does anyone want to swap for a size 4?

  127. J.Crew jeans for sale. All gently worn and machine washed and air dried. All $40 each plus shipping OBO

    Bootcut Jeans in premium rinse wash 29S
    Bootcut Jeans in authentic vintage wash 29S
    Matchstick Jeans in premium indigo wash 29S
    Hip-slung Jeans in resin wash 29S

    Will send pictures. e-mail at: jlk_wi AT yahoo DOT com

  128. I have available (NWT)

    *Trastevere silk boatneck shirt, size 2 - $30 shipped

    *Navy printed silk boatneck, size 10 - would really love to trade for a 12. The 10 is a little tight on my arms, but would sell for $40 shipped (covers the cost for me to buy the cheapest one on ebay!!)

    *Emily short silk chiffon dress, size 10, color espresso - $45 shipped

    email is

  129. I am selling the J Crew Collection dark cloud bottle sequin jacket on ebay 300$ so far, retailing for 495$ on sale.

    search Aska11379

    i am also selling this cream colored sweater i forgot the name, its from J Crew Collection and it has slight beading/ fuzz on the front sides.

  130. about the size 2 hayworth cami - my contact information is

  131. Aska11379, your rating of 92.3% on ebay is a bit too low for me to trust that you'd send the sweater...sorry!

  132. I have a size 8 hayworth giraffe cami (brand new w/ tags!). I will swap for a size 10 if anyone has that size and needs an 8! Let me know -Thanks!

  133. Hi all,
    Looking for any nice camis (Victoria, Lydia,etc) in a sz 4.
    Also looking for Spectator MJs in a sz 10 for less than $50
    Wool astrid flannel jacket in a 2 or a 4
    And finally any necklaces with the crystal balls on chains (names are escaping me right now)
    Oh, and longshot but Large Oslo in Terracotta:)
    sherbie210 at


  135. Dude...92.3%, gettouttahere!

  136. Anon at 11:30

    if you like i'll put it up on Ebay.

    email me at

  137. I'd love the Candy t-shirt in any color in a M or Lg.

  138. if you look at my feedback, i told one woman the boots were unavailable and she did not send payment and thats how it was resolved. Other than that my feedback is fine.

  139. Just curious ... I am new to ebay and am not quite sure how to interpret seller's feedback percentage's. I would have thought anything in the 90%'s is fine? If anyone has some helpful insight on what to look for what purchasing from a seller, I would appreciate it!

  140. Well one bad feedback can lower it drastically.

    in my situation i put up 295$ miss sizty boots expectiing them to sell for higher then they did. when they sold for like 48$ I said they were unavail.

    however, i an currently selling the bottle sequin jacket, which i bought at the sample sale, so anything over 50$ (what i paid for it) is fine.

  141. I have a NWOT tag Madeline dress size 4 in black available, $150 obo.

    Looking for: a metallic belt in gold, small or medium

    maggie jacket, black, size 4



  142. just because something sold for lower then you wanted doesn't mean it is not available!
    that's wrong. and unethical, you could have started with a higher opening bid and sold them for what you wanted. pretty sure ebay feels the same way i do! you deserve a low feedback!
    i would never buy from you.

  143. Asking $200 (obo) including shipping for the CF Astrid jacket (black, sz 4).

  144. That makes you a total liar, just because you didn't get the price you wanted and told the person it was available makes you one of those dishonest ebayers I wish would disappear! Bad, bad, bad! I wouldn't be surprised if you had a change of heart and sold the sweater and kept it for yourself!

  145. Still looking for the Girls' Tall Glenbrae boot in either black or brown in either size 3 or 4.

    If you have this item or know of where I can find it, please email me at shin dot jennifer at gmail dot com


  146. I have

    Chino Cooper Jacket, NWT, size 12, $35 shipped.

    Navy Tartine Cardi, NWT, size L, $25 shipped.

    KOggenfuss (at) aol (dot) com

  147. Just wanted to let everybody know that old navy does have a code out for "HALFOFF" their clearance prices, which means REALLY low prices. They do have some cute j.crew lookalikes girls and they are returnable if you don't like them.

    The code works right now, but I don't know when it expires.

  148. Hi All,

    To sell, I have the following

    1. Clara Chiffon in Pewter, size M (J.CrewAdorer, were you wanting this??) I sometimes wear size L in J.Crew due to length/room in shoulders, but a M is fine in this one. I wore the sweater probably 2 times. (I am super pale and the color washes me out).

    2. Rivington tall boots in espresso size 10. I wore these 3 times. They don't work for my feet.

    my email: crocokat at

  149. Blah. I know. I'm sorry

    er, free shipping for Aficionadas? Although with the slamming i've gotten, I guess you won't care

  150. Anon @ 1144 you bought this coat for $50 and are selling it for $300??? That is a crazy mark up.....

  151. crocokat-
    You have mail

  152. JCrew Adorer,

    I have a size 12 Regal Purple aka Bright royal blue Joelle top that is blousy--would you be interested? I wore it once or twice but it doesn't fit me.

    Let me know here or email

    pomslipscomb At yahoo dot com

  153. Sketchbook roses skirt is sold.

    Nude Rose patent peep toe wedge heels still available.

    Vintage Fleece drawstring pants still available.

  154. crocokat: yes I was awanting a Clara but I am a larger size and I have heard the arms are snug. I don't want to purchase and be stuck when it doesn't fit.

    Liz Poms: You've got mail!

  155. I have a NWT Lady Coat in Majestic Purple P12. I bought it during final sale, and it doesn't fit me. $80 or better offer.

    email me at

  156. Dara, I sent you an e-mail. :)

  157. Hi there,

    I have a NWT size 0 python dress, from last season that would love a new home. I am swimming in it. I also have a few new BCBG Maxazria summer dresses and winter/ fall jackets if you would be interested. All from retail stores. I feel guilty every morning looking at all the unworn clothes! ;)

    Feel free to write me at for pictures or to make an offer.


  158. j.crew adorer -

    if the 12 does not work out I have the 14 in the same color purple (joelle cami). I am asking $35 and my email is

    (all my other items are listed above at 7am)

  159. Anon @ 11:44 am.

    The point here at JCA is that we sell or trade at the price we paid or less than the price we paid. Not at 600% markup.

  160. Anon 11:39, I saw a bunch of this in size s/m/l and one of this at my local store last Friday night for 9.99 plus 30% off. You may want to call. The number is 919 806 1449. Good luck.

  161. am looking for:

    1) white tissue turtleneck, S

    2)serengeti/safari midheel slingbacks, 7.5

    jcrewadorer (or anyone else interested) i saw that you are looking for j crew boots in 8. i have the short brewster suede boots in dark brown, 7.5, that i wore twice and realized were too big for me. it did say on the website to size down half size but my feet are on the wide side so a ordered the 7.5. anyways, if anyone is interested they are in excellent condition.

    mo AT iwon DOT com

  162. Seeking a Floral Belle Skirt size 6 as seen here. Please email snapsparkchik at gmail dawt com.

  163. From Anon 12:28, the 1st link does not work. Please try this for the candy tee that I saw s/m/l last Friday at my local store.

  164. I'd like to says thanks to jbird and emilyeeg for fast, easy transactions last week. Items were shipped promptly and were well-packaged. Thanks, ladies, I love my new items!

    I also want to say a big THANKS to Leslie...after I posted about the Target cluster pearl necklace, it sold out online before I could buy. Leslie offered to pick one up for me at her local Target store and then BOUGHT IT FOR ME!! As in, she won't let me pay her :) A very thoughtful, kind gesture on her part.

  165. Hi!

    FOR SALE: Both New WIth Tags-

    1. 9 inch Chino Short-
    Color: Sweet Papaya
    (like a salmon color)
    Size 4 NWT

    2. 9 inch Chino Short-
    Color: Soft Fuschia
    Size 4 NWT

    I will sell for $20.00 each, including shipping OR $35.00 for both, including shipping.

    PLease email me at:


  166. the way, I sent the necklace priority on Saturday so you may even get it today, since we're not that far apart. If not, tomorrow for sure. You don't need to thank I said the price was so low, it amounted to my tax. Besides loving JC, I'm a HUGE Target fan and can't get out of there for under $100 usually. I have a sickness!! LOL!

    Enjoy your necklace!

  167. Hi - I'm looking for the Dream tie-neck cardigan in Dark Poppy, size xs. If you have one you are tired of - email me at Thx!

  168. OT -

    I need help! I have the boucle short scarf coat and I am wondering if there is a trick to tying to scarf. I can't seem to get it right! Any suggestions...?

    Also, what metallics did the Lulu Peep toes come in. There is a gold pair on ebay, but I have the gold flats, so I am wondering if they came in silver or something and I should hold out?? TIA everyone!

  169. Hi I just wanted to give an shout out to Shop316 for really speedy shipping and item as described. She was incredibly nice and made my first exchange at JCA a pleasure =).

    I love JCA!

  170. JCrewAdorer: I have a Boatneck City Tee in Honey Glaze, size M available. I have only worn it once but don't like the color on me. Let me know if you want it...

    suilove or anyone else: I have Madison Stretch Chinos in 2R - dark gray - don't remember exact color name- (NWTs), pinecone brown (worn a few times), and dark gray-green (worn once). Great pants but I always end up wearing jeans instead!

    elena m

  171. Laura- the lulu metallic peep-toes only came in one color. I don't know the official color, but it's a sort of silvery gold.

  172. Laura @ 0107
    Im pretty sure the lulu peep toes only came in gold and silver. I own the gold ones and they are more silver toned than gold toned anyway...HTH
    Very comfy shoe I might add!

  173. Hi all, just wanted to say that I had an excellent transaction with [pbj555 AT] last week. She went above and beyond to ship a skirt to the nether regions of Canada!! Excellent and trustworthy seller!! I think this week she is posting more things so bid with confidence! (:

  174. I did alot of buying/selling last week on the exchange.

    Vic and I made a trade and it went very smoothly and I got an item I have wanted forever. It was great! Buy from her with confidence.

    Sherbie210... I stopped home between work and school today and there is a box sitting outside my apartment door that looks suspiciously like a shoebox that is probably holding the calf hair mary janes I purchased from you last week... I didn't have time to open it and it's killing me! :)

    Thanks everyone. The weekly exchange is the best!

  175. Just wanted to let you know I had wonderful transactions with Gwen and Em. Everything went great. Em and I swapped some items and both were very happy to received what we both wanted.
    Thank you Gwen and Em!!

  176. Em - yay!!! I hope you love them! They are gorgeous.
    I've gotten about 6 "Your J Crew order has shipped" emails in the past week, but no actual items, so I hope there's good news on my porch too!
    -sherbie (I can't seem to log on with my google id anymore:(

  177. Leslie or anybody else who lives near target... I am absolutely dying for that necklace. By any chance, could anyone go into trouble of getting it for me? I would be forever grateful and I will absolutely pay you!

    env79 at

  178. Dear JCA's!

    Double Serge Tuesday Trench in persimmon, size 8 is available at New Haven, CT (203 624 7101) For 149.99 plus 50% off plus student discounts!


    Also I went to a lounge to dance and wore my ivory Dream Valerie Bow Cardigan for the first time. It disappeared by the end of the night. *tears* If anyone has one in size L, I'd love to purchase it!


  179. I am looking for the leopard sequin cardigan for my Mom in size S. Thanks!

  180. I have a NWT Leopard Sequin Cardi in size Medium. I paid $91 final sale and would like to recoup that. If anyone is interested lljills at yahoo dot com Thanks!

  181. hi all, i have the "Carolina Strapless Dress" in silk chiffon, black, sz 0. NWT. style 95958. bought on final sale for a wedding i am no longer going to. looking for $60 shipped. i am at t_sull at hotmail dot com.

  182. Thanks, Christina but I was looking for the other Joelle (not the cami)


  183. Happy Pea, if XS works for your mom then I've returned one to San Diego Fashion Valley store last night. It may be still there on hold under Monica.

  184. smarty, that's so nice to hear that she actually bought the necklace FOR YOU and would not let you pay her for it. What a nice gift!

    Pay It Forward- we've been teaching kids at school (even our little Kindergarteners):)

  185. Looking for an xs cashmere hoodie in slate gray. Mine got cancelled! Also any flats in size 7. Email: . Thanks!

  186. Anon @ 1:42, I've been checking my local Targets all weekend for JCA's while out and about and everyone is out of them. Keep checking the Target website. The first time it was mentioned here, I logged onto and it stated "Sold Out." But when I went online Saturday afternoon, had them listed as available at $5.49 on clearance! I should have posted, but got side-tracked. The website isn't even showing them today, but that's not to say they won't make another strange appearance! Good luck and I'll stay on the lookout!

  187. Hey guys!

    Awhile back I read one of you needed a clutch for their wedding! I have the Satin Fleur Clutch in ivory. I can part with mine for $30 shipped.

    ♥ Lee

  188. Anon 2:04 PM, thank you! I have been checking the website through out the weekend, I guess I missed it. :( I will keep checking. I also asked a few friends living in different cities to check out the necklace... Still hoping I will get my hands on it sometime soon!

  189. re: acorn jewelry- There was one of the wood acorn necklaces at the Ann Arbor, Mi store a few days ago if people form earlier this a.m. are still looking. Good luck!

  190. Thanks, Vic! An XS would be a little tight for my Mom. She swims every other morning and has developed a broader shoulder and relatively muscular arms :) Thanks for letting me know.

  191. i have a gold and lime green cabochon bracelet bangle i bought for $35. it's listed on bonanzle. my username is HOLYCHIC. there's a link from my website.

    i'm looking for the victoria ruffle blouse in 4 or 6!

  192. This comment has been removed by the author.

  193. I have a pair of Alessia flats in Ivory, size 9 (who was I kidding when I thought I could wear them on my size 10 feet!?) that are new in box. $50 shipped if anyone wants them. It seems they do run a little large and would fit someone who is legitimately a 9.5.

    emilyeeg at

  194. i am also looking for the rose abstract dress size 12. I am looking to wear it for my grad/grad party in may. at the very least maybe i could pay to borrow it! haha.

    email -

  195. anon @ 1:42: you've got email!

    I found one of those necklaces at my local Target and bought it for my sis. She just found one at her local Target, so now I've got one for you (mine is coming from Leslie). It's my opportunity to pay it forward, so email me back with your address!

  196. A couple more things to add...I have 

    NWT cashmere seqin shell black xs style 96131

    Black Velvet Ecole NWT size 2

    NWT Dark Gold Zoey item #96621

    Silver sharkskin skirt NWT 0P

    NWOT size 0 tweed boot skirt Style 77558

    size 0 EUC plaid burgandy shorts style 86246

    EUC city fit cords size 0-- -farmhouse Red, sea salt, acorn, Bootcut cords in gray Size 0

    jodhpur pants size 0 NWOT tan and black style 85809

    City fit twill chinos EUC size 0 style 82067

    Dream cardigan (I think) moss green with buttons with crests on them given to me by a friend ....tags cut by by her

    Also have various lilly pulitzer twinsets, pants, polos --- as well as various NEW and EUC Burberry, Lilly Pulitzer, coach, banana republic and other shoes- size 7.5- 

    email me for pics-- all reasonable offers considered


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