Monday, February 9, 2009

The Great (Weekly) Exchange

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves. This post is where you can mention your items and outside listing/ auction site (like eBay and eCrater & the corresponding user ID). Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Individual members can also request in this post, items that they are looking for and interested in buying. :)

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site? Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?

UPDATE (2/11/09): I don't know what happen to this post, but it is meant to be about selling and locating items. NOT personally attacking each other. NOT lessons on how the market works. ;) We have a really great community. Let's try our best to keep it up. Unfortunately, this week's Great Weekly Exchange is being suspended. It will resume next Monday.


  1. Hi!

    I have a NWT Amelia Tank, pale almond, size 4 - I'm open to trades for size 6 (any color)

    $16 + shipping

    email me at kwyshatz at


  2. Hello Ladies – I am on the hunt for a few items I have now realized (after they’re sold out) that I cannot do without! I am also selling a few items below and wanted to give you girls first dibs before posting them on Ebay. I am only asking for half (sometimes less!) of what I paid for them.

    Desperately Wanting:

    (1) Berry-Trim Astrid Jacket Plum size 6 or 8
    (2) Metallic Houndstooth Phoebe Jacket size 6 or 8 depending how it fits in the arms
    (3) Pepper Suede Flats or Heels Sour Lemon size 9
    (4) Sea Glass Gown Summer 2007 size 8


    (1) Sophia Navy Blue Short Dress size 8 -- $40 (Worn twice. I had two clasps sewn into the front to prevent gapping in the chest. They are hardly noticable and can be easily removed.)
    (2) Blue & White Lobster Scarf NEW -- $5
    (3) Phoebe Red & Black Tartan Plaid Silk Taffeta Blouse size 6 -- $25 (Worn twice)
    (4) JCrew Collection Blue Plaid Taffeta Skirt size 8 -- $40 (Worn once)
    (5) White Small Ruffle Collar and Cuff Button Down Shirt NEW -- $15
    (6) Cranberry Shawl Collar Fleece Sweatshirt Pullover with Pin Fall 2007 -- $15

    Email me at

  3. I have NWT Favorite-Fit Bootcut Cords in Acorn, sz. 00S. Willing to sell for $12 + shipping.

    jcsusan87 (at)

  4. Hello,
    i have a ton of stuff:

    1. NWT Michael Kors Corsica sunglasses Retail $260, $80 shipped obo

    2. NWT Jcrew Turquoise bubble necklace on my ebay for $80 currently

    3. NWT Jenna Bracelet on my ebay $35 or buy it now $60

    4. Marc Jacobs heart necklace NWT on ebay $19.99 free ship

    5. JCrew Navy Camp dress retail $88 from TJMAXX $28 shipped. XS

    6. Penelope Flats from TJ MAXX on ebay $19.99 ($6 shipping) 5.5

    7. P4 JCrew NWT Petite City Fit surplus Chino in Quartz $55 shipped

    8 .... P4 JCrew NWT Petite City Fit surplus Chino White $55 shipped

    The two pants at the end are sold out now but were on sale for $50.

    Contact me if interested! :)
    for ebay im ashylashy123

    click my blog for pictures
    email me:


  5. I am reposting my very late post to last week's exchange, but had some JCrew packages stolen from my doorstep, which contained some of my best final sale buys! Wah!

    In desperate search for:

    Lille Majestic Purple size 4 or 6

    Long Sleeved Cashmere Tee Heather Plum size S

    Cloud Necklace

    Lea Cardigan Desert Brown size M

    Cherie Cami Key Lime size 6

    Julianne Dress Bright Rhubarb size 10

    Alessia patent pumps Tea Rose size 8.5

    Also, as always, looking for...

    Cashmere Shawl Collar Cardigan Fresh Clover size M

    Double serge pencil skirt any color size 8

    Zoey top Blue Jasmine Size 6

    Cashmere Jackie Cardigan Heather Plum or Bright Poppy Size M

    Juliets Blanched Almonds Size 9 or some other shoes to match my Blanched Almond Belt

    Shearling Slipper Mocs, brown with the pink ribbon, size 9

    I have:

    Green Soiree Sweater, Size M, that I purchased from another JCA but is too big...looking for a Size S if anyone wants to trade!!

    Madeline Coat Bright Berry Size 8, worn once to the ballet, a little too big for me. $125 shipped OBO

    Would prefer new or like new condition for the items I am looking for, but beggars can't be choosers, right?! Thanks!!

    blonderascal at hotmail DOT com

  6. I have been searching all over for the Desert Floral Bauble Necklace (cannot find it anywhere). If anyone has one they are selling, please let me know!

    Also, I have a pair of Favorite Fit Bootcut Cords in Chocolate, size 10R if anyone is interested. $15 plus shipping.

  7. Also have:

    NWT Silk Chiffon Sophia Dress in Espresso, size 10, asking $59 + shipping.

    jcsusan (at)


  8. ^oops email should read jcsusan87 (at)

  9. Anon at 12:21 AM - I emailed you about the lobster scarf and the blue plaid skirt.

  10. Hi ladies! I have been scouring TJMs all weekend and have found a few things. Sadly, none of my coveted shoes, but several dresses and sandals that might make another JCA happy :) Here is the link ; I will update it if I find more!

  11. Searching for the Fiona jacket in any colour. Size 10

    I ordered off the website, got an order confirmation, shipping confirmation and a package.... but no Fiona :( Apparently it was OOS when I placed my order, so Im in need of a replacement Fiona.


    tamiko_27 @ yahoo dot com

  12. Hi all, I have Sean bags, one each in tulip and dark cloud. $80 shipped OBO. New, one has dust bag. I bought them for gifts but my friend saw mine (which I love) and didn't love it.
    crowrose at aol dot com.
    Maggie May

  13. Selling:

    New Long Beckett Leather High-Heel Boots in Black, size 8. $130 shipped.

    NWT Favorite Fit Stretch Vintage Trouser Cords in Acorn, size 4R. $25 shipped.

    NWT City-Fit Luxe Cord Trouser in Chocolate, size 6R. $25 shipped.

    Email: ruru126 AT hotmail DOT com

  14. Hi all!

    I am in want of:

    sweaters in spearmint, size S

    I am selling:

    Favorite fit bootcut cords- pine green- size 2-worn ~3x/excellent condition- $20 shipped

    NWT Madeline coat- heather majestic purple- size 2- $120 shipped

    Citizens of humanity jeans- porto velho wash- size 27- excellent condition- $65 shipped -- will go on ebay soon

    On ebay I'm also selling:

    NIB Frye maxine campus boots- dark brown- sz 9

    NWT Rebecca Minkoff MAB- flatiron grey

    My ebay ID is kocanez

    Thanks all!

    kocanez @ gmail . com

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  16. I have 3 belts size Large :
    - 2 Metallic-foil skinny belts, in light blue and light copper colors.
    - 1 Dalmation Wool critter belt, style 89085.
    I would like to exchange these belts for other belts (skinny and not) in size Medium. If you are interested in buying the belts or you have something that you would like to trade please make me an offer (I am size xs-s in clothes, 9-9.5 in shoes).
    My email is viktoriyasd at

  17. Looking for:

    Chino Cooper Jacket in size 4.

    Email: ruru126 AT hotmail DOT com

  18. seems like lots of TJMaxx shoppers have posted their goods for sale on eBay. The number of lulu's for sale has increased dramatically...

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I would like to buy:
    - Zoey top in Blue Jasmine Size 0
    - Fleur suede peep-toe heels in pink or bright blue colors, size 9.5
    - Lulu heels in dark cloud or tulip colors, size 9.5
    - double metallic headband.

    email viktoriyasd at

  21. Hi there!

    I have a new (with tags) ivory Lucinda coat in P4 for sale: $65 + shipping.

    I really wanted this coat, but it turned out to be a little big for me...hate final sale!

    Email me at if interested.

  22. Looking for a Francie skirt, black, size 12

    kristin (dot) milner (at)

  23. Hi I have a silk dupioni skirt in P2 in golden cypress.

    $45 shipped (what I paid + shipping).

    (I usually wear a 0/0p but have thicker legs, and this just hits me a bit too short, let me know if you need measurements.)

    I will also be getting a size 2 silk dupioni in golden cypress which I will put on JCA if it doesn't work for me.

    Email me if interested:
    chuchu223 at


    Oh and I'm still looking for a double serge size 0 in the deep persimmon! or any other pencil skirts in 0, thank you!

  24. Oh and I wanted to give a recommendation for Elida I. for a perfect transaction! She sent me the silk taffeta parlour skirt that I have been wanting for awhile. Thanks again Elida =)!

  25. I have a Lexington jacket in ivory, size 8, never worn.
    olivianorthcott at yahoo dot com

  26. Sry one last thing, my items for sale are NWT.

  27. Here's what I have to sell. All prices include the cost of Priority Mail shipping:

    NWT High waisted denim pencil skirt (item 96120) - Indigo Wash - Size 0 $65

    NWT Ringspun scoopneck painters tee three-quarter sleeves (item 10258) - Bright tangerine - XS $15

    NWT Perfect fit long sleeve V neck tee (item 97761) - Bright peacock - XS $20

    Paypal only please. Email dara (dot) hall12 (at) Thanks!

  28. So the same ladies who slam ebay resellers...have become ebay resellers themselves? Hmmmmm....teakettle, teakettle!

  29. Hey JCAs!

    I'm selling:
    Bejeweled Feather Sash in gray, one size - $15 shipped
    Satin Rosette Belt in black, one size - $12 shipped
    Flannel Kate Dress in camel, size 8 - $40 shipped
    Dream Argyle Cardigan in brown/ecru, size M - $35 shipped
    City Fit Cords in black, size 31S and 30S - each $25 shipped

    All items are NWT except the City Fit Cords size 30S.

    Pictures here!



  30. Hi everyone, here, I still have the long list of shoes that I posted under the TJ thread that I am hoping to exchange for just about any 6.5 heels!! I am hoping I don't have to turn to ebay to get them because I don't want to pay those prices if I can make a trade instead.

    Please let me know if you find any and would like to trade. I am away this week and won't have much access to my hotmail account, so sorry if I don't get back to you right away. Thanks!

  31. I bought 4 of the tissue sequin-placket henleys. They've just been sitting in my closet. I'm wanting to keep one. The prices are what I paid + shipping.

    tissue sequin-placket henley NWT in navy, black, and light pewter- $12 each, shipped

    Isabella heels size 8 in warm marigold- $75 shipped
    I'm looking for:

    Glenbrae leather flat boots in 7.5

    Lucia python-print jacket in 0 or 2

    Sadie cropped belted trench in 0 or 2

    Juliet midheels in 7.5 (or maybe 8)

    Lulu flats in 7.5 or 8



  32. Ashylashy
    Pls quit shilling your ebay stuff here. You are doing it almost every post now & this isn't for ebay resellers.
    No problem w you selling on ebay, just please stop posting about what you sell here.

  33. I'm looking for:

    Jackie cardigans either NWT or EUC. Size S or XS.

    baquimm at

  34. Someone is trying to sell a used bikini? Really?
    That's kind of yucky.

  35. they sell Jcrew Lulu's at TJMaxx???!! At what locations?

    searching for:
    size 6.5 gold gabrielle starburst heels

    selling brand new non returnable sale items
    sz 6 plum emerson blouse $20
    sz M mushroom tartine merino cardi $ 15

  36. I'm still looking for a pink (soft azalea) Waverly jacket from Spring/Summer 2008. Size 6. Email me, d-c-banks (take out the dashes) at gmail.

  37. Hello!

    I've got for sale...

    -Tartine Cardigan Small, Heather mushroom $20.00

    -Tartine Cardigan XS Mustard yellow color, $20.00

    -Enamel Link Necklaces, 1 is natural 1 is yellow. $20.00 each

    -Katie Cardigan/jacket XS Navy Blue $30.00

    -Mila Stacked Heels, gold 7.5 $50.00

    -Liv Metalic Silver Ballet flats, 8 $50.00

    -Metallic Jamie Bag

    All items are New and Unworn, with the exception of the Katie Sweater, which was worn 1x.


  38. selling:

    -houndstooth bow button cardigan in XS, NWOT ($35 plus shipping)
    -chocolate tartine cardigan, XS, NWOT ($30 plus shipping)

    looking for:
    -anything in the tangier print from last year in XS/0/0P, preferably the merino tee or the merino cardigan.
    -silk dupioni skirt, any color in size 0p

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  40. I would love to find the Jamie bag in Tulip.

    Also, still looking for Safari Juliet Midheels in 6 and the Metallic-flecked pencil skirt in the yellow citron color in size 0.

    email me at sliu99 at hotmail please thanks!

  41. I have for sale NWT that twisted placket button down shirt in pink/red floral size 6T. $40 shipped.

    email me at phoebe dot zozo at mac dot com


  42. Looking for:

    Maggie Serge jacket in camel 4

    New or gently used.

  43. Oops. Here's my email:

  44. hello

    I bought a pair of Pepper Suede peep Toe heels off of ebay and cannot wear them! I little loose on me. Fushia, size 7 M, I paid $77 plus shipping. These are new--never worn.

    I also have a pair of Butter Leopard Magnolias. Peep toes -- very nice. These are 6.5 M, never worn and retail for $245 -- made in Italy. $55 plus shipping.

    Please let me know if you are interested in either.

    condupuy at comcast dot net


  45. I have the following items for sale! I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay and send all items w/ free Delivery Confirmation. If you are interested in anything please e-mail me!

    Cambridge Cable long sleeve v-neck in Heather Pine (really pretty heathered piney darker green with) size S NWT $35 shipped
    This color, but a v-neck:

    Shirred v-neck tee in pink size S NWT $15 shipped

    Featherweight Merino Shawl collar sweater in root (brown) size S NWT $25 shipped

  46. Hi

    I am looking for two dresses that are from a few years ago.

    {1}Horse bit print dress in cream and brown size 2 or 4
    {2}Cream wool dress with black trim, it has a ruffle at the neck and bottom and it is sleevless. I am looking for a 2.

    Email me at

  47. Hi All,
    I have For Sale:

    --NWT-Never Worn---Cashmere Femme Cardigan in Deep Poppy--Size-L $125

    --NWT-Never Used---Uptown Tote in Citron/Deep Lime (interior) $175

    Above shipped/UPS--Paypal or USPS Money Order.

    email me at:

  48. Good morning! I need to sell a Simone Snow Leopard peacoat in sz 10...EUC. Just too big for me now. Asking $75 shipped priority.

    Email me at if interested. Thanks!

  49. Smartblonde -

    I saw a cloud necklace at the Evergreen Walk store in South Windsor, CT.

  50. I am offering for sale the following items, NWT:

    Cherie Cami, Ivory, 2 - $34 shipped

    Candy Tee, Champagne Licorice, S - $26 shipped

    Ringspun rosette tee, Spearmint, M - $18 shipped

    Salina patent flats, Yellow, 7 - $45 shipped

    Martine satin flats, Lime/true blue, 10 - $45 shipped

    Spectator Mary Janes (not peep toe), Ember, 10 - $110 shipped

    I am looking for:

    Double Serge Skirt, Blue, 4

    Maggie Jacket, Black, 4

    Wool gabardine trouser skirt from last year, Rye, 4

    Lizzie Calf Hair Driving Mocs, 9

    Good used condition is OK.

    Please contact Carolyn at

  51. Hi all!

    I have a few things I'm looking to sell:

    • NWT Marcella blouse, rhubarb, size 8 - $40 shipped OBO

    • NWOT Marcella blouse, sweet potato, size 8 - $40 shipped OBO

    • NWT Snow leopard harlow blouse, size 8 - $70 shipped OBO

    • NWOT Dream silvie dress, heathered charcoal, size M - $50 OBO

    • NWOB Juliet midheels, orange, size 6.5 - $50 OBO (purchased these from another JCA - they're still in perfect, unworn condition, they're just too tight on me!)

    I will take offers on any of these items - christinadeal [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Also - I'd just like to mention that in the past few months, I've had weekly exchange transactions with smartblonde and Marni, and they've both been wonderful to work with. Quick to respond to email, very quick to pay/ship, definitely willing to go above and beyond to make the transactions pleasant and quick. Thanks to both of them!

  52. Hey all! I'm looking for:
    Pewter Quinn Cami, Size 2
    Black Corin Dress, Size 4
    Burnished Olive Corin Dress, Size 4
    Eliza and Amelia Camis, Size 4
    Almost any shoes, Size 10
    Almost any jeweled cuff, No Size

    saranagamana AT

  53. janell - are the enamel necklaces the garden primrose?

  54. i have the "Carolina Strapless Dress" in silk chiffon, black, sz 0. NWT. style 95958. bought on final sale for a wedding i am no longer going to. looking for $60 shipped. i am at t_sull at hotmail dot com.

  55. Desperately trying to find:

    ZOEY BLUE JASMINE size 0/2
    DOTTED VICTORIA size 2/4

  56. Hi,

    I have the following items for sale, all NWT

    Stadium cloth Lucinda coat, Color: Citron, Size 6. (Love the softness of the coat, but it's too big for me. I need a 4P or 6P) - $90 shipping included;

    Birds Eye Crystal button v-neck cardigan, Color: Graphite/Silver, Size M. - $30 shipping included;

    If interested, please email me at jcpbuyer at


  57. i have a silk ribbon belt for sale. i bought of FS recently (although I think it's from a summer or 2 ago) and don't think it will work for me. it's NWT, and the middle of the belt is a black stripe with white polka dots, and on either side of the black are khaki and yellow stripes. it's cute i can send a pic.
    $10 shipped.

  58. I have a few gently used items. Each of the below was worn twice or less (the black Victoria I've never worn but it has no tags).

    * Victoria Cami, size 6, black: $60 shipped
    * Victoria Cami, size 6, white: $60 shipped
    * Cambridge Cable crewneck sweater, small, black (really more like dark slate): $40 shipped OR trade for a v-neck in the same color + size

    Email me snapsparkchik at gmail dawt com.

  59. I have a nwt lucinda p0 ivory for


    email me mttdm2 at


  60. Click here
    to see my items for sale.

    Looking for:
    Dusty Rose wide belt sz m/l

  61. I have a NWT super 120s Blair dress, size 8, in dark poppy. It's a beautiful dress but just doesn't fit me right. I'm asking $70, including shipping. E-mail me at awn1982

  62. Hi all

    Would LOVE to find a pair of metallic lulu heels (gold) in size 9! Anyone find any at their TJ Maxx?

    I'm at


  63. Hi, I'm also looking for the dotted victoria in a 2 or 4. A 4P or 6P would work, too.

    Email: ccilano at


  64. Hi everyone!

    Looking for the following:

    Zoey tank in Blue Jasmine, sz 2

    Lulu flats or heels in Platinum Gold, sz 9 (could prob. size down to 8.5)

    Please email me at


  65. So, let me ask this...

    Are all of you who are buying boatloads of JCrew stuff from TJMXX just doing so in order to sell it later? That doesn't seem fair.

  66. I'd love to find the following:

    1. Metallic lulu heels in 8.5
    2. Juliet Midheals Blanched Almond 8.5

    3. Chiffon Pleated Cardigan, size M

    Anyone find these at TJMaxx?

  67. I have 
NWT cashmere seqin shell black xs style 96131

    Black Velvet Ecole NWT size 2
    NWT Dark Gold Zoey size 0 item #96621
    Silver sharkskin skirt NWT 0P

    NWOT size 0 tweed boot skirt Style 77558

    size 0 EUC plaid burgandy shorts style 86246

    EUC city fit cords size 0-- -farmhouse Red, sea salt, acorn, Bootcut cords in gray Size 0

    jodhpur pants size 0 NWOT tan and black style 85809

    City fit twill chinos EUC size 0 style 82067

    Dream cardigan (I think) moss green with buttons with crests on them given to me by a friend ....tags cut by by her

    NWOT white tuxedo shirt size 4
    Also have various lilly pulitzer twinsets, pants, polos --- as well as various NEW and EUC Burberry, Lilly Pulitzer, coach, banana republic and other shoes- size 7.5- 

    email me for pics-- all reasonable offers considered

  68. I have:
    Mila stacked heels size 9. $70.

    Fireball bracelet, key lime, $55.

    Wide leather belt, espresso. small. $25.

    Prices include USPS priority shipping.

    Looking for:

    Long- sleeved perfect fit v-neck tee in kelly green, size medium.

    Bright peacock hammered silk tank, 4.

    Can be new or in excellent used condition.

  69. Looking for a short Sophia in a size 6 for around $40. Open to most colors.

  70. oops- email is

  71. i just wanted to let everyone know that i bought a pair of shoes from an anon who posts with the email last week and had a fantastic transaction. i got the shoes in two days.

    i have for sale:

    NWT, metallic foil skinny belt in gold, size S, $15 shipped

    EUC (worn twice) short suede brewster boots in dark brown, size 7.5 (fit more like 8 though), $60 shipped

    mo AT iwon DOT com

  72. anon 8:14 I am interested in the fireball in key lime. What is your e-mail address?

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  74. Hello all! Looking for:

    -Mia Confetti Dress from s/s '08 in size 0 or 2.

    -Soleil D'Or in XS or S.

    -Jamie Bag any color.

    -Ballet flats, any color, 6.5

    Thanks to anyone that can help.

  75. New FS code ( I don't think anyone would care much, but here it is anyways): XOXO
    Orders of $150+
    Valid through Wednesday, February 11

  76. hey all - i have the following items:
    both nwt size 8:
    sparkle tweed skirt (black and silver tweed) $65 shipped.
    metallic flecked pencil skirt (black with flecks of gold) $45 shipped

  77. Adding to my anonymous 8:14a.m. post.

    Also have:

    Chiffon rosette belt in pink with white flower,$12.
    All items NWT.

    Oops! My e-mail address is

    LOVE this blog. New at this.

  78. Anon @ 150:
    Thanks for your opinions but i'm not a re-seller. i have a ton of jcrew and other stuff that either doesn't fit or look good on me. so i'm getting rid of it. it's pointless to have it all sitting in my room when someone may want it.

    i've had many happy transactions because of this exchange. melissa, sproutina, lee, kristi, christine, em, lyssa, lilac cupcake can all agree with that...

    and fyi, this post is for members selling their stuff. and sure, i've posted some of the same things because no one has bought them. you never know, someone who has or hasn't seen the post may want to buy it this time around.

    there's no harm in posting again.

    and just so you know, an ebay re-seller is someone who buys up the entire store including hard to find items and marks the price up with the intention of making a profit. im doing anything BUT that. i sell at what i paid and you can ask those ladies, the prices they paid were great!

    so if you want to label me, label me an "impulse" shopper not a reseller.

  79. Interested in any size small Tartine or Lea cardigans.

    Colors I already have:
    Tartine - snow, navy
    Lea - black, fuschia, yellow (not the citron one...the other one!)

    The one color I don't need in the tartine is heather mushroom, I had it and returned it. Email alzy1000 at aol dot com!

  80. Posted these last week - the auctions are ending today:

    Double-Cloth Dover Coat, Sea Salt, Size 4, NWT

    Silk Linen V-Neck Sweater, Navy, Size Small, NWT

    Small Oslo Bag, Champagne, NWT

    Small Oslo Bag, Terra Cotta, NWT

    Tailored Wool Carrie Dress, Black, Size 4, NWT

    Chiffon-florette cardigan, Heather Chalk, Size Small, NWT

    Polka-Dot Flannel Pant, Pink, Size Small, NWT

    Cashmere Fringe Scarf, Sea Mist, NWT

    Other items I will be posting later today (please email me if you're interested):

    Las Palmas Bag in Platinum Gold, item #95166 (paid $199, asking same)

    Lucinda cable cardigan in Dark Caramel, Size Small, item #99953 (paid $104.99, asking same)

  81. That email link didn't work. :(

    jayna @ columbus . rr . com

  82. Oops - forgot one...

    I'll also be selling the Cotton carte de la France tee in Dark Slate, Size Small, item #99263. Brand new, purchased online (still in plastic bag).

  83. Anyone know what time the site updates or approximately updates?

  84. This may be a long shot, but I missed it on eBay. I'm looking for:

    St. Emilion Eyelet Blouse, size 4 (from Spring 2007, I think)

    EUC is fine.

    Also, looking for size 8 sandals, if anyone has some from TJ Maxx that they are thinking of parting with.

    You can click on my name to get my e-mail :) Thanks!

  85. ROP, how much are u selling the slate tee for?

  86. Good Morning!

    I have a Tangiers-Print Phoebe Blouse, Black and White, size 6, 100% Cotton, worn 1x and cleaned. Excellent condition: $20 shipped


    Btw, I want to mention that I purchased from musthavejcrew last week and had a FANTASTIC transaction!

  87. I have a double-serge skirt in persimmon, size 2, that I desperately want to trade for a size 0. Mine is NWT. Also have size 2 portman pant in yellow wool, NWT, trade or sell for $40.


  88. I have a couple of Banana Republic things (they are both gently worn, the white trenchcoat has been washed)

    White cropped Banana Republic trench, size S - $35

    Light tan Banana Republic trench, size XS - $45

    I can send pictures if you want them!

    laurenhiggs at

    I'll be cleaning out my closet of all the things that won't work when I become a mommy soon, so I should be posting a lot more things in the coming weeks.

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  90. I don't have any j.crew items, but do have a pair of hardy-ever-been-worn, really gorgeous dark wash BR bootcut jeans, sz 6. I'd be willing to part w/them for about $20+shipping. They retailed for over $100.

    I also have a ton of Ann Taylor Loft stuff (mostly sizes 6-8) all gently worn. I can email pics and descriptions if interested.

    If interested, my email is

  91. Good Morning!

    Looking for a crystal garden bracelet, skinny or big, any color.


  92. anon 8:50

    it's usually already updated by this time...

    : ?

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. I would love a pair of lulu heels in any color size 7.5. Thanks!

    env79 at

  95. lexieloo: If I was going to try to make a profit on ebay on my TJMaxx finds, don't you think I would try that *first*? I know it's hard to believe, but some people really are just trying to be *nice* to other JCAs.

    I think any of the five or six JCAs that I have sold to in the last two days would agree that my intentions are good.

  96. I have a Bejeweled Feather Sash in grey. Purchased on ebay for $50. Will take best offer!

  97. Good Morning!

    I am selling:

    1. 9" Chino Short: NWT
    Size: 4 Color: Sweet Papaya
    $18.00 includes shipping

    2. 9" Chino Short: NWT
    Size: 4 Color: Soft Fuschia
    $18.00 includes shipping

    3. Stretch Summerweight Bermudas:
    NWT Size: 6
    Color: British Khaki
    $20.00 includes shipping

    4. Stretch Summerweight Bermudas:
    NWT Size: 6
    Color: FST (J Crew Code on tag)
    $20.00 includes shipping
    ***I can't remember the exact color name, but they are an orange-red color. Similar to a poppy color.

    5.Fontana Wrap Dress: NWT
    Color: Lemon
    Size: 4
    $45.00 includes shipping

    Email me at :

  98. anon at 8:14..are the Milas new or used? How do they run? I am interested...

  99. Looking for:

    Zoey Cami Blue Jasmine - Size 4

  100. Anon 8:53am The Carte de France tee (size small, Dark Slate) would be $35 shipped. **I paid $34.99 plus shipping to purchase online...


  101. smarty,

    I didn't see anything at my TJMXX, but from what I've heard, the shoes were all $20 and the dressed around $25. That's why it seemed like you were trying to make a profit.

    But my comment wasn't directly aimed towards you. If you are, indeed, trying to do something nice, then I can't fault you.

    It just doesn't make much sense to me for people to buy up the store and then ask if anyone wants it. If people asked you to look for things in their size that's one thing. But just buying and then selling, that's unfair to the people who do visit your local TJMXX and can't find anything becuase you prematurely bought items you weren't positive any JCA watned.

    To me, it's a slippery slope. And to those who went to TJMXX and found nothing because people bought things they knew they wouldn't want, then it's downright unfair.

  102. Looking for:

    Serengeti Ballet Flats: Size 9

    Liv Metallic Ballet Flats: Size 9
    Gold or Silver

    Can be gently worn!


  103. Have a sz 4 rose abstract flannel dress, NWT. Looking to trade for a 2 or something another super 120's dress or....

    email me at

  104. black shrunken cashmere hoodie zipup cardigan, large, bought for $178 full price but will let go new with tags for best offer.

    navy wool gabardine dress fully lined item 96279? new with tag best offer.

    plumaplomb at gmail dot com


  105. lexieloo: I really don't want to start an argument here and waste everyone else's time, but I feel like you're really having a hard time believing that someone could actually just be nice. Yes, the dresses were around $22 and the shoes $16-$22. So, with shipping and a padded envelope...$25 or $30. Wow, big profit.

    And since you asked, several JCAs DID ask me to look for specific sizes, so what I'm selling is their leftovers. I post here regularly and, as a result, have made some friends that did ask me to keep any eye out for them.

    Please look here, and here and here before you judge.

  106. I would love Penelope Peep Toe Mary Jane Heels in Canyon (I think that's what the tan, navy, red colors are called) in a size 7. Gently used or TJMaxx are fine .... thanks!

    lindseybs at

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. looking for victoria ruffle cami in any color but preferably white

    plumaplomb at gmail dot com

  109. Hi everyone,
    I have:
    NWT whisper Lame Cami in Dark Gold, sz 6 - $25 shipped

    NWT Whisper Lame Zoey Cami in Light Camel, sz 4 - $25 shipped

    EUC Luxe Star Pleated Tee in Dark Persimmon, sz S - $20 shipped

    NWOT Cambridge Cable Crewneck Cardigan in Cerise, sz S - $30 shipped

    NWT Ombre Washed Scarf in Light Pewter, one size - $25 shipped

    Looking to trade: Silk Linen Pintuck Cardigan in Light Pewter sz M FOR a sz S

    Would love to buy:
    Serengeti peep toes in sz 9.5 or 10
    Wool Flannel Astrid Jacket, heather charcoal (matches Watercolor Flannel Dress and maybe Golden Roses Flannel dress) in sz 2, 4, or 6

    Thanks! sherbie210 at

    Slighty OT - does anyone know how the Luxe Flannel Natalie Pants (99421) fit?

  110. Hi all,
    I am looking for:
    victoria shirts/camis in size 0p, 2p, or 0 - any color except cerise - used is fine
    carrie coat, ivory in size 2p - used is fine

  111. OK OK, smarty. Bygones. That is a nice thing for you to do. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth because you KNOW that some people aren't buying up the TJMXX stuff out of the goodness of their hearts (just look at the eBay listings now).

    But I stand by what I said earlier. My comment wasn't directly aimed at you, and you've proven that it doesn't apply to you.

  112. Sorry, forgot one item on my wishlist -
    Desperatly seeking: Spectator Mary Janes in Graphite, sz 10
    sherbie210 at

  113. wow, people just need to calm down. if the price isn't right, don't buy it. please don't put other people down for what they decide to do; leave the judgment to someone else.

  114. What I have to sell:
    - the essential velvet Bella Jacket, size 8, in Black NWT $85 + shipping

    What I covet (used or new):
    - the Cascading Flowers Boucle Astrid Jacket in Ivory, size 8 or 10

    - His White Shirt, size S or M (it's a women's dress shirt, not a guy's)

    - Featherweight metallic surf tee, any color, size M or L

    Thanks! Please contact me at denise at armstead dot com, JCAs are the best!

  115. Good Morning!

    I have a NWT Brushed Gold Lame Skirt (gold), size 10
    $40 Shipped.

    Email me at

  116. Hello, JCAs! I am on the lookout for the following items:

    Luxe knit gathered tee - S - Ivory
    Corrine cardigan - S - Green (not sure the exact name of the color, but I can give you a link to it on polyvore if that helps)
    Alpaca shawl-collar cardigan - S - Moss
    Donegal tweed école jacket - 4 or 4P - Navy or Black
    Solid silk Elizabeth halter - S - Ivory
    Herringbone Fiona jacket - 4 or 4P - Tan (?)
    Lizzie Leather Driving Mocs - 7 - Black or Brown
    Puffer coat - S - Black

    Used is fine with me. If you have any of these items, please email me at Thanks!

  117. Also looking for a tissue tuxedo-front tee in S in off-white/ivory. Thanks!

  118. Hi everyone!

    What I want to buy
    Perfect Patent Pumps (96596), dusty rose, size 8.5. I am DESPERATE for these shoes, and will take used, tj maxx, whatever you got!

    What I have to sell
    This might seem weird, but emily encouraged me to post them so here goes - I have two pairs of jcrew wool argyle knee highs from fall 05. One is NEW in packaging, the other I wore once and laundered. They are just too warm for me here in dc. These retailed for 19.50 each, and I am willing to part with both pairs for 10 plus shipping. I'd like to get a little bit of my money back since one pair is brand new, but it really is more about finding a home for them where someone will use them! I have pics - please email me at katherinerieder AT hotmail DOT com with questions.


  119. I just bought a cascading flowers bouclé Astrid jacket in black over the weekend at my B&M. It is a size 4. I think that I am going to return it tomorrow or Wednesday b/c I am just not in love with it. If anyone wants it please let me know. I will have the store hold it for you.

  120. Anon check your mail...emailed you about cascading flowers!!!

  121. sorry! made an error with my previous post. i have for sale:

    NWT, metallic foil skinny belt in gold, item #11107, size MEDIUM (not small as i erroneously posted earlier) - $15 shipped.

    mo AT iwon DOT com

  122. I for one really have no problem with people who buy up T.J.Maxx goods and re-sell. Does there necessarily need to be a moral component to the act of reselling? Do the phrases "it makes me feel bad" or "it's not fair" qualify as valid arguments against resale? I'm not sure they do. The fact is, people who buy up T.J.Maxx goods (or anything else) and resell to me save me time and search effort in finding things that I want. That service is worth a reasonable fee to me. I'm not wounded by the entrepreneurial spirit of someone who resells to resells - I'm impressed by it.

  123. Haha: I mean, "someone who resells in order to make a profit," pardon my mistype.

  124. Tina,

    If for whatever reason you decide to opt out of the CF astrid, will you let me know?


  125. Hi there!

    I have:

    NWT Hammered Silk Tank, size 0, dark slate. Asking $25 shipped.

    EUC (worn once and dry cleaned) Hammered Silk Tank, size 0, ivory. Asking $20 shipped.

    NWOT Harlow blouse, size 0, fresh guava. Asking $25 shipped.

    I am looking for:

    Tartine crewneck, size XS, black -EUC is fine.

    Skinny patent leather belt, burnt orange color (not sure what it was called), size S.

  126. Before I post to Ebay this week, I have:

    - Dream turtleneck in spearmint, size M. $30 shipped (too small and was FS)

    - Honey glaze Lulu's (flats), size 8. $80 shipped (a tad too small and were FS) Bought retail, but no box

    Both items are brand new. I'm paypal verified. If interested, email me at redhed_01 at hotmail dot com

    Please email me any questions, instead of posting them here, as I may not see them. thanks!

  127. Hi Slastena - is XOXO a free ship coade?

  128. Yet another free shipping code: on $175 and up with "BEMINE."

  129. I forgot to mention, the asking price for my items is what I paid; I'm not looking to make anything off them, just to recover my cost.

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. I thought I saw someone looking for a lobster scarf, but could be wrong. Just in case, I found this on ebay:

    Happy hunting :)

  132. Hi all,
    I have:
    NWT Georgia dress in bright blue, size 4, $41 shipped

    NWOT (I think; can't remember if I removed tag!) Metallic skinny belt, mint color (bright green). $9 shipped

    NWT Bria Cami in Champagne, size 4, $40 shipped

    I NEED:
    I have a pair of Peep-toe Spectator Maryjanes in Dusty Pink, 7.5 NWT/Box/shoe dust bag). They're just a little too small and I'm looking to exchange them for size 8 in dusty pink or for the Perfect Patent Pumps in Dusty pink, size 8. New or used is fine!

    Email me at


  133. Good morning, all!

    I have the following items to sell/trade:

    Dream Shirred Tunic Sweater in Cayenne (on model), xs - worn once and dry cleaned, $35 shipped

    Dream Argyle Crewneck Sweater in yellow/brown (on model, but yellow is a more sunflower yellow), xs - worn once and dry cleaned, $30 shipped

    Tessa Cotton Sweater Jacket in honey glaze/burnished yellow, xs - worn twice and dry cleaned, $45 shipped

    Frances Ruffle Blouse in bright yellow, xs - worn once and dry cleaned, $28 shipped

    Several pairs of gently worn Cole Haan & Coach shoes in sizes 5-6 and a Dooney All Weather Leather Medium Zip Zip satchel in fuschia. Email me for photos.

    Here's my wish list (will take new or gently used):

    Soiree jacket in green, size xs

    Lulu peep toes, size 5, either tulip, burnt sienna, or metallic

    Cashmere V-neck Bow Sweater in hazelnut (brown), size xs

    Cashmere Henley from fall '07 in chocolate, size xs

    Any Cashmere Jackie-style cardigan in a chocolate or deep brown, size xs

    Suzannah silk taffeta cami in bright flame or ivory (from fall '07), size 0:

    I'm willing to give discounts for multiple items bought as well as combine shipping. Email me at lapetitecrew at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

  134. Hi. I'm selling a Fontana wrap dress from spring '08 in size 4. It is black silk with ivory polka dots. I wore it once to a wedding. I'm selling it for $40 shipped.

    I'm also looking for either a string or french bikini top in antique purple, size small. I know it sounds weird, but the bottoms are on sale online and they have sold out of the purple tops.

    You can e-mail me at ARAIZAL@DENISON.EDU

  135. Anon @ 10:09 AM,

    TJMXX allows people who do not have our funds, who are not regular JCrew or Anthro or BR shoppers, who can only afford a $25 evening dress or a $30 business suit for a job interview to find something descent to wear. It's really unnecessary for those who have the means to buy up multiples of these cheap items and sell them on eBay or whereever for even twice the original (TJMXX) price. Sure, $50 for LuLus are nothing for you, or for me, but there are those who it is a lot for, and $20-$25 for them is all they can spare. (Again, I'm not calling out smarty and the like. I never really was. There's a diff between buying ffor friends & buying strictly for profit.) Though it makes life easier for you, it's also just another way to keep certain things out of the hands of the less fortunate.

    But, since you deem it as the "entrepreneurial spirit," that probably means nothing to you.

  136. lexieloo

    PLEASE stop. You're really taking it too far.

  137. I think it's silly for people who can't afford j.crew to keep buying j.crew. That's like chatising people for being fortunate and having money in the bank. If you can't shop within your means, don't bust other people for shopping within theirs! So what if she's being entrepeneurial? That's what America was built on. If these shoes were available to everyone in every size possible, no one would be clammoring over each other to find them and paying the $$ to do so. It's tiring to hear people rant about finding that ONE hard to find item and wanting to pay $25 for it.

    Here's an idea, if you want anything bad enough go try calling TJ Maxx yourself for it!

  138. lexieloo
    How do you know that resellers aren't struggling too. Perhaps not all these resellers are bad people. Maybe they are trying to find a means to live in this struggling economy too. Isn't that a greater problem than someone finding shoes to wear? Just a thought. It just seems that every other post is bashing these people and I just want to find some preowned goodies. :)

  139. I'm not seeing why it's a big deal that someone makes a profit. I'm glad for someone to make a profit, because it probably means I like what I bought. See the computer screen you're staring at? Do you really think it costs $600? No. It's because the company charges that price. It probably costs $50 to make. But are you going to hold it against every company for making money? Some of you clearly belong in a volunteer world, because obviously you view making/having money as evil. Very strange, since some of you spend it like it's going to rot.

  140. Another free shipping code: SWEETHEART for purchases of $125 or more. :)

  141. Would love a pair of Lulu's in Metallic Gold, Size 6 if anyone finds a pair.
    email me at kat3805 at

  142. What lexiloo is really asking is for someone to freely shop for her, show her the receipts so that she can send you the money for that exact amount and "call you a friend" so that you can do it over and over again. I've seen people like this, rich and poor. They're just users.

  143. Sorry forgot to say SWEETHEART is valid until Wednesday, February 11.

    Happy shopping!

  144. I have a pair of burnt sienna Lulu flats, size 9.5, never worn with box if desired. A bit tight across the toes for me. I paid retail with 20% off I believe. Email me at bisou1976 at

  145. Smartblonde,
    Anonymous @8:19,&
    Anonymous @ 10:05:
    You've got mail!!!


  146. In addition to the items I posted earlier, I have:

    Bella Jacket-houndstooth grey-worn once- from the outlet-size 2- $85 shipped - will provide pics if interested

    kocanez @ gmail . com

  147. DOes anyone know if stores are still offering an additional off on winter merchandise? if so what is the percentage...thanks.

    p.s. I have banned myself from entering a B&M but I guess its counterproductive if I'm buying from other JCA's lol

  148. Hi! I have:

    NWT Hayworth Giraffe Cami size 2, $100.00 shipped.

    email if interested:

  149. Lexieloo;
    I'm sorry, but if you can't afford the shoes, don't buy. That's pure economics. It's your sense of entitlement to a pair of Lulu flats that, I'm sorry to say, is wholly representative of the current financial crisis gripping our country. If you can't afford it - don't buy it; and if you can, go ahead. If it's a $30 suit you need, T.J. Maxx, I promise you, has others. If it's a J.Crew $30 suit you need - and feel that you have some 'right' to - then perhaps your expectations are a bit unreasonable.
    Anon @ 10:59

  150. Tina,

    No additional percentages off in B&Ms right annoying!

  151. To all the mean spirited anons out there if you continue to post snarky rude remarks may I kindly suggest that you stop reading this blog and go elsewhere. Your contributions do not add to the discussion at all, you will not be missed.

  152. ...And please don't talk about how markup on J.Crew items amounts to keeping things out of the "hands of the less fortunate." Frankly, it's distasteful. Shopping for J.Crew items, whether here or at the site or at T.J. Maxx is fun and is a luxury - and if we can't afford it, we shouldn't play. Any attempt to, even indirectly, analogize "lack of J.Crew" to basic human needs like food and shelter is as vapid and shallow as it is tasteless and offensive.
    Anonymous @ 10:59

  153. Hello all,

    I currently have a Michael Michael Kors Shirred Trapeze Jacket (NWT) in Green, size XS. I bought it last spring and it's adorable but doesn't really suit me. I have it on ebay right now but I'd be willing to sell it to a JCA for $35 shipped.

    I am looking for (new or gently used):

    8.5 Lulu Flats (Dark Metallic, Honey, or Burnt Sienna)

    8 or 9 Corossol Sandals in the metallic color with yellow and blue cabachon things no them

    I know some people have been having luck with these items at TJ Maxx so if anyone has any please contact me!

    jesta2 at wm dot edu

  154. anon 10:57
    you are just as 'snarky'

  155. I don't think it's snarky stating some "truths" of what people's expectations are (i.e, don't make money off of me! attitude, vs. nailing people on what they decide to sell something for. If you didn't want the item to begin with, it would have ZERO value to you.

  156. Anon @ 10:44 AM,
    True. Those who can't afford to keep buying JCrew shouldn't keep doing so. But I'm not talking about those people. I'm talking about people who shop at TJMXX, Ross, Marshalls, Target, Walmart, etc. because that is within their means.

    Users (and some of the other, or same, Anons),
    I haven't asked anyone to look for stuff and TJMXX for me. Or Target. Or any store for that matter. I don't need these things that badly that I need someone to be out on the hunt for me. I go there myself. If I don't find anything, that's fine. So...yeah... not sure who I'm using there. My car, I guess.

    But I get it. You feel like it's fair. So, to you, it's fair. I agree to respectfully disagree with you, and I don't feel like any of you are bad people for disagreeing with me. We're just different.

  157. I guess there's a reason why America has people who have made it and those who haven't!

  158. The whole "JCrew" for the less fortunate is such an absurd statement in itself. This site is for people who enjoy their product -- not a social service to provide JCrew items to the needy. These arguments are so illogical about TJMaxx merchandise -- to say that people who can afford retail should not be allowed to purchase or profit off of discount stores is well, crazy.

  159. Well, lexiloo has a point in that it is miiiighty annoying to see some lady buy out the entire section of J Crew shoes - like, everything - at TJMaxx 'for her daughter'. Daughter my arse - that's just rude.

  160. But what if your daughter has feet with fluctuating sizes that sometimes burst into flames and destroy the shoes they're in? It's a terrible affliction! We wouldn't want to keep shoes out of the hands of the less fortunate, now would we? ;-)

  161. lexieloo,
    I think it's time to put down that little red book. Even I grew to recognize its folly.

  162. The carte de france tee has been sold. Thanks!

  163. Seriously...who cares if she wants to buy all of them? Good for her. At least she's trying to make money, rather than trying to pinch every reseller to resell to her at THEIR cost. Now THAT'S annoying!

  164. Bahahaha, 11:18, I salute you.

  165. anon 11:14, well said! :) thank god there's 2 of us logical people here...

  166. Why is it that a month ago, people were jumping over Leigh and other ebay resellers for using this site and others to gain information to find, buy and resell J. Crew items but now Lexiloo gets upset about the same thing and people jump all over her. Why is it not okay to go into J. Crew, buy everything they have of a hot item and mark it up online, but just fine to do that at TJ Maxx. I realize some people are selling it at the price they paid, but that isn't who Lexiloo was annoyed at.
    Please cut her some slack. She is just understandably upset - not attacking people. I can't afford to pay $110 for a rose t-shirt. Does that mean I shouldn't be upset that someone bought all the ones at $55 and repriced them on ebay? Or should I just say "oh well j.crew isn't a charity case!"
    I honestly don't care one way or the other, but lets not attack her for an opinion most of us expressed already.

  167. I've really enjoyed the JCA exchange up until the past few weeks. I like to see if others have items I'd like to purchase and in the process of scanning the comments, I have to read nonsense bickering between posters. It's frustrating and to be honest, a little childish. Please, keep it to selling and purchasing and compliments on people you've purchased from.

  168. Oh,
    I have a cashmere shawl sweater in snow, size Small. Purchased from the NYC Sample Sale - looking just to get back what I paid for it $60.00. (It does have SAMPLE printed inside the waistband, but you cannot see it from the outside)

    and I have some gently used J.crew sweaters/jackets/skirts, all in size 2. They don't fit b/c I just had a baby. I'm willing to sell or trade (i'm looking for a small or a 4) email me for pics and descriptions

    Looking for: Snow leopard tartine cardigan, size Small and/or the berry charm bracelet (if anyone is sick of theirs)


  169. jcrewlover

    Size 9 Milas are new. As far as I can tell they run true to size.

    E-mail me at if interested.

  170. Ooh ooh, let's all complain some more.

  171. I do not think lexlieloo realizes that she is really making a political argument -- therefore this blog is not the important forum and she should let her "fairness to poor children who desperately yearn for a pair of jcrew heels" and not their next meal argument end.
    Telling consumers where and how many things they can buy because what you think is "fair" rather than the basic free market economy of supply and demand is irrational.
    To quote the multiple other posters who so intelligently stated "If you can't afford it, you don't get it". And the amazing part? Life goes on with or without a new pair of J Crew shoes.

  172. Lexiloo: I am one of smarty's "blog friends" and I had asked her to look for my size as I was traveling and didn't have access to a TJM. Unfortunately, the shoes she got for me will not fit me and she is simply offering them to those who missed out. She's only trying to be helpful to other JCA's who didn't/couldn't find anything. Before you jump to judge others, please make sure you have all the facts. It is unfortunate that some are trying to make a HUGE profit on their purchases, but whatever....don't buy them then.

  173. Yeah, seriously. Let's lay off quasi-intellectual critiques, cuase its making some of you look foolish. Its laughable that lexiloo expresses some compassion and gets labeled a communist.


  175. Um, BirdE, have you actually READ lexiloos comments? She says that the poor people that shop at TJ Maxx shouldn't have access to inexpensive J Crew items so they can resell them. Then she somehow turned that into a rant because lexiloo is OWED cheap J Crew shoes. Beacause thats what fair moral and ethical.

  176. Umm, lexiloo has done nothing but attack people on here. She came on here to do just that. Now she's facing opposition & trying to backtrack. But let's not make her out like she's a saint.

    She's just someone who doesn't understand how a free market economy works, and someone under the absurd impression that apparently the Statue of Liberty also includes a phrase about those "yearning for J.Crew clothes." Spare us.

  177. I'm looking for a Harlow blouse in Ivory, size 0.

    I have a silk Vionette Tank Dress to sell NWT, size 2, Key Lime.

    email sarahr AT igc DOT org

  178. smartblonde - how much for the soiree sweater??? thanks!

  179. I'm looking for a Harlow Blouse in Guava, size 2

    please email andromeda567 at gmail dot com


  180. When if ever, are they going to update the site???

  181. I think this forum should be relabeled the 'Great Weekly Rant'

  182. lexiloo, quit trying to defend your ridiculous comments by pretending to be various anons. Your comments are absurd. J Crew as soup kitchen?

  183. Cloggsy,
    Sorry for starting it. You're right.

    I know what smarty's doing. I've apologized. I wasn't attacking her anyway: she was doing something nice.

  184. haha @ Anon...yes...that is so true(as I read the previous posts)

  185. Looking for Juliet midheel neutral color in 8.5. thanks.

  186. I am the Anon from 12:21am...

    The lobster scarf and white shirt are taken.

  187. Hi Heather C -

    You have an email from me.



  188. Tina, never. And you get to wait like the rest of us :(

  189. Anon at 11:33
    I'm sorry, I didn't see the comments where she said that. I did see the one where it was mentioned about how its nice that less affluent people can afford otherwise expensive items at TJ Maxx. (and it is nice, but its no ones duty to provide or enforce that). If indeed was implied that anyone is 'owed' J. Crew than that is absurd.
    I was just agreeing that for entirely selfish reasons, I get peeved when I encounter resellers who mark up otherwise decent prices.

  190. Hi!

    I just got back from TJ Maxx and found a few things (only 1 pr. for me, boo, hoo). Will sell at my cost plus shipping:

    Juliet Midheels, Blanched Almond size 7.5 (would like to trade for the same, but in 8.5).

    Lizzie Driving Moc in Silver, size 8. $19.99

  191. Hey Alexis:

    As a teacher I almost feel like you should be like I am in class...if you can't act appropriately and stay on task, then we need to be punished as a class. For me that typically means the kids have independent (read: QUIET) reading and writing time, for this blog, it could be that this post is closed to further comments and the weekly exchange will have to happen next week instead.

    I know we have a lot of opinions, and they are often astute and well thought out, but it is getting nasty here (and from both sides).

    Please, let's get back to the task at hand before Alexis is forced to shut down the exchange.

  192. I've updated the TJMaxx polyvore set to reflect what's sold. I'm making a post office run this afternoon, so please contact me soon if you want anything. I've got Jury Duty tomorrow, so it might be a few days if I don't ship today (no pressure, just letting you know).

    Please note that the espadrilles run *very* small (and are narrow)...the 9 is more like an 8 and the 8 is more like a 7. HTH someone.

  193. I'm sorry, I didn't vote dinagideon for class president or hall monitor this semester.

  194. cdlenhard, you have mail!

  195. Ugh...anon, I don't want to lead...I just vote for this posting to stay on the exchanges of items, and I really don't want it to be shut down...that's all.

    sorry to offend you, seriously! (not said in a sarcastic way...I want to be friendly!)