Thursday, February 19, 2009

Product Review: Merino Miriam Cardigan

Merino Miriam Cardigan
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Item 11584
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A big "thanks!" to Heather:D (in this post) who shared with us her review of this cardigan.


I was happily playing with the sweaters at
my local B&M when I ran across the Miriam sweater, item #11584. I found it a great reminder of why I love JCREW sweaters.

It was only available in the pewter, but I find that an esp flattering grey, so no complaints there. I would think that this colour would compliment a lot of JCAs complexions. It is almost identical to the Jackie pewter which IMHO works with a lot of my work wear. Most esp 120s suiting, Kelly blouses & perfect fit tees.

The body of the sweater is a fine gauge merino that hugs one's form. I have a couple of sweaters in this fabric & have found it to be forgiving & (more importantly) pill resistant. It is refined, soft & not at all itchy.

The trim is about 2 shades darker in a sturdy chiffon ribbon. These alternating acanthus leaves are well sewn & finished. I don't think fraying will be a problem - unlike the pinwheel cardigan. The trim runs all along the front & collar of the sweater. It makes for a nice accent without adding too much bulk. Although, I'm not quite sure why it went along the back of the collar. I did feel a bit like I was wearing a refined feather boa. However, it looks more Marilyn than Mae West.

The only trouble that I can see with this sweater is the fit. It is a bit on the small side & you may choose to size up. I tried on a small (my usual size) & a could see slivers of my tee between the clasps. If you zoom in on the close up photo you can see the same is true on the model. -- Although props to jcrew for using same fabric hook & eye closures.-- Oddly enough, it fits perfectly in the sleeves & shoulders. It's almost as if they intended you to wear the sweater open.

Other than the closure issue, I was really impressed by the Miriam. It has a sleek, retro style that I like. The trim is unusual without being over the top or too trendy. In many ways it reminds me of this great beaded merino cardigan I scored a few years ago. It's a great piece, unique & classic. I've worn it (sparingly) for years & recev'd several compliments.

I think that this sweater would be a good investment piece. Although I may wait around a bit & see if it gets included in the next sweater promo. The only thing better than a great jcrew sweater is a great jcrew sweater on sale :}

Hope my observations are useful. Happy shopping!

"Thanks!" again to Heather:D for her great review! Moreover, click here to read Gigiofca's review of this cardigan (as well as to see some real life images). :)

What are your thoughts on the Merino Miriam Cardigan? Are you considering or already have purchased this cardigan? Have you seen this top in person? If so, please share with us your reviews too! :)


  1. I think it looks like my grandmothers curtains. Yup. I'll pass...

  2. I agree with Gwen. Pass for me.

  3. This is the only thing I was considering when it went on sale from spring. I'll have to try it on the next time I go to J Crew and see how it fits MY form. Thanks for the review.

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  5. Heather D and Gigi- thank you so much for sharing a reveiw. I liked it on a table and can see it looking gorgeous on a small chested girls, but for me it's a pass. It adds bulk to the areas I am trying to minimize. I especially liked this cardi in Key Lime color.

  6. Hi again,

    I just wanted to thank Alexis & Gigi for the link & review.

    Wow! Who would know that a colour shift would make such a difference? Now I can see why my B&M only stocked it in pewter. I agree with gigi, the green is a bolder choice than the grey. It would be harder to pair with my existing ward robe.

    That said, the pewter was a much different experience. Sorry I couldn't get an IRL photo for comparisons. The B&M I go to REALLY frowns on folks taking snaps ( I've seen them scold folks for whipping out their cameras on the floor) & I'm too chicken to press my luck.

    Anywho, I do hope folks take a look at the link & the site so they can see how the sweater looks IRL.

    Thanks again to Gigi for the added info.


  7. Thank you for the excellent review! This was one of the sweaters that caught my eye in the new catalog so I may take a trip to the B&M to see it IRL...I love how simple the style is.

  8. I thought it unusual and unique too, but, I didn't see it at the BM, would go for a colour other than the gray, as I have 2 pewter JC cardis already. THe lime green sounded good. Will wait for sale. I figure w/ the 2nd spring items coming out, perhaps they will markdown the 1st spring items now.

  9. My biggest complaint w/ Jcrew cardigans is that they're way too short. I'd like them to actually hit at the hips, rather than right at your belly/riding up higher during the day.

  10. Thank you for the great review!

  11. This is on my wish list but I'll definitely want to try it on in person. I'm wondering how it looks if worn unbuttoned (unhooked?) I would want the versatility to wear this either open or closed and it sounds like the hook closures might not be attractive if left open. Thanks for the review.

  12. Thanks for the review. I have ordered this in small and awaiting the shipment to see if it fits... but if it doesn't, at least I know from your review to size up. Thanks again.

  13. Thank you for the lovely review. IMO this sweater is just meh. I own enough grey and the tassel-ey looking trim is not appealing for me, with a larger bust. I don't need yet another excuse for the project manager's shifty eyes. Anyhoo, that's not J.Crew's problem but I just don't dig this cardi.

  14. Thanks for the review!
    I find this grey is not at all universally flattering. It does not work for someone with fair skin and light hair. When I bought the jackie in pewter grey--it seemed like a super versatile color (something different than white/creme) but unfortunately, I found it to really wash me out. Much more than white (which I can strangely wear well.) I started wondering who could wear this color?? It didn't seem many people.
    It went back to the store and I vowed this is a color I CANNOT wear.

  15. If the key lime color is available on sale, I'll consider buying it. I wear a L/XL in JC sweaters but am small breasted. It could also work with my coloring (fair-skinned African American) if I keep my hair dark brown.


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