Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear FFM: Help Put Together A J.Crew Outfit For Me

FabulousFloridaMommy (FFM) regularly guest blogs on outfits she creates with items that you, the members, request. :)
FFM has done it yet again! A big "thank you!" to FFM, who has created a fabulous outfit for numerous requests on styling J.Crew's "new arrivals" in the "Dear FFM: Help Put Together A J.Crew Outfit For Me" post!

To view the wonderful sets, click on the links below. (The name of the link relates to the request for an outfit.)

Are there any items from J.Crew (that you either own or are thinking about getting) that you would like FFM to create outfit ideas. Feel free to include additional info like: the climate/season you want to wear the item/outfit, as well as age bracket/lifestyle. :) After a few days, FFM will select a few items (from the feedback) to create a couple of Polyvore outfits with those items (which will then be posted for all).

What J.Crew pieces do you often wonder how to use in an outfit? What J.Crew items would you like to see an outfit created for (please include item name or item number)? Do you have any J.Crew items in your closet that you are unsure how to style with? Please, let us know! :)


  1. This outfit is perfect for summer FFM! :) I just received the Grenada cami today and will post RL pics of it tomorrow on my blog.

  2. OT but please help with sizing from R to P. Size 0 Reg Lorelei silk faille dress is a bit too big around the bodice. Can anyone comment on how (if?) I should size into Petite? 0P? 2P? or just get the one I have taken in to fit perfectly? TIA

  3. Wonderful pairings; FFM, also loved your grey tone-on-tones! I'm doing all black-white-yellow tones for awhile (the yellow makes me smile), but I can't figure out what to do with my newly-arrived gladiola sweater, for a work outfit? With a jacket? Chinos? skirt? Pearls? Any help welcome, especially from a magical eye.

  4. FFM you are amazing. I am one of the JCAs on the self-imposed shopping ban and I am looking for ways to use what I already have. I would love some ideas for the Blue Jasmine Zoey tank. Thanks!!!

  5. These are great, as always!

    I have a fun idea for a post - a design contest! Maybe FFM vs anyone else who wants to try...Alexis could post a few pieces for us to build outfits around, we could send her our Polyvore creations, she could post, say the top 5 on the blog, and we could all vote on them. The prize: eternal glory on the JCA blog. ;-) It might be fun to see different people's takes on outfits.

  6. anon@ 2:06,

    Petites will be shorter in length, smaller/narrower in bust and waist. If you normally wear R, size up in P. so if a R0, try the P2. If the length and waist of the R is ok, then it might be better to try and alter what doesn't fit on the R as opposed to going to petite.

  7. FFM- LOVE LOVE LOVE the organza skirt outfits. I never considered that skirt until I saw your outfits. They are gorgeous.

  8. hi FFM,
    do you have any ideas what to wear with the melon portland?
    TIA ina

  9. Thanks everyone!

    ina: I plan to visit my local J.Crew either tomorrow evening or Thursday, so I'll be sure to look at the Melon color IRL in order to give some ideas. :)

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  11. FFM, any ideas on how to wear the Stretch vintage peplum jacket?(I just noticed you saved it on polyvore:
    I wore it with "Buon Viaggio" tee and cashmere scarf in cantaloupe but I can't figure out which colors might work with it besides orange? Any pastel colors you'd wear with it?

    Sorry the post is long, it's just one item :)

  12. Alexis,

    I have an idea for a blog topic. JCA's could identify a polyvore set that knocked their socks off and inspired them to purchase an outfit or article of clothing that they would have never considered. I know I have several but they include FFM's sets with the Maggie (I bought the camel, black and ivory) and her sets with the burgundy ecole (I bought the ecole and the shell cheri cami). I know that there are times that I nearly lose my breath when I see some polyvore sets. Just an idea.

  13. Any ideas for the garland cami? I purchased it in the white sand color but may return it for the breeze color. Options in either color would be much appreciated.

  14. Hi FFM, I just bought the textured hemp skirt in papaya. Need some help pairing it up with other colors. thinking tan or grey? What color shoes would go well with this color skirt?

  15. Hi Mary! Congratulations on your new skirt! I think that both tan and grey (both light and dark)will look beautiful with the Papaya. I would also suggest Navy, Brown, Khaki, White, and Stone. :) HTH!


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