Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Product Review: Hexagon Jacquard Mini

Hexagon Jacquard Mini
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Item 11803
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A big "thanks!" to Chiffoncupcake (in this post) who shared with us her great review of this skirt.

I received a few emails asking about the hexagon jacquard mini (item 11803). Thought I may give a mini review here.

It is an adorable skirt with unique prints, the perfect length ann slight A-line shape. The fabric is soft and thin to medium weight. I am usually a size 2 in pants but sized up on this one so it does not get too short at the back. The waist is not terribly loose so it is great. It hits about 4.5" above my knees.

However, the fabric is a little shiny for me - it is quite shiny even under dim lights. The black part on the skirt is made of shiny materials (probably the acetate?) and the greyish fabric is metallic. I initially thought only the center and back front part are shiny as shown on the website but it was in fact the lighting effect.

I ended up returning it as I figured I would not have much use of a short and shiny mini perhaps except for Saturday nights out.

If you are not afraid of a little shines, go for it! :)

"Thanks!" again to Chiffoncupcake for her great review!

What are your thoughts on the Hexagon Jacquard Mini? Are you considering or already have purchased this skirt? Have you seen this skirt in person? If so, please share with us your reviews too! :)


  1. I love the look of this skirt, but from the review it does sound a bit impractical... any other JCA has tried this and any feedback at all? Thanks!

  2. This skirt would be perfect for me if it were either a little less shiny or not quite so short. The shiny + short together makes it suitable for clubbing and not much else that I do. Given the lack of versatility it's not worth it for the few times I would get to wear it.

    Thanks for the review Chiffon Cupcake!

  3. Fantastic review Chiffoncupcake...THANK YOU!!!

  4. I would buy the skirt in a heartbeat if it weren't a mini. IMO minis are practical for and wearable by only a small percentage of women. The rest of us need a bit more length. I like this fabric very much and I was so sad when I saw it offered only as a mini skirt. There have actually been a number of J. Crew skirts I have loved the look of but passed on because they were minis.

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  6. Love this skirt, perfect for me for a night out or even the office (to each her own!) :). Length is not an issue for me as I always wear opaque tights with minis unless it's 70-80+ degress out, plus I'm short and prefer my skirts above the knee so I don't look like a midget, lol! :) This skirt is too expensive for me now, unfortunately-- it would need to go on serious sale for me to buy ($100 off).

  7. Desert Flower, you and me both. I've rejected probably a dozen jcrew skirts over the past 5-6 years because they've been 15-16 inches.

  8. what office would this skirt be appropriate in? I work in a creative field, but this skirt wouldn't be appropriate at all.

  9. anon 9:19,

    uh oh that again? Here is a quick polyvore set based on one way I might wear it to work. Maybe it is inappropriate for some, but for me it works. We all have different styles, let's leave it at that. :)

  10. Thanks for the review Chiffon Cupcake! I'll skip this skirt because the fabric is too shiny for me, but may try the Daisy Eyelet mini as an alternate to shorts.

    Heather: You rock those tights. :)

  11. heather - I sent you a shoe question through your blog. I guess I can ask it here. Are you 7.5? Are the D'orsays TTS?

  12. gigiofca,

    I am normally an 8 (pumps/flats/boots), but with the Lucie d'orsays and Alessia maryjanes, I found the 7.5 to be a better fit.

  13. Heather, I would wear it to work too. I really like it and hope it is still avail in my size (0) when it goes on sale. I wear minis with opaque tights and think, like you do, that you can style them to be appropriate. Although I need to see it, I thought this skirt could be a go since the black would offset the shininess factor...
    Just my two cents :)

    ps and I don't wear the summer minis as I don't feel comfortable wearing something that short without tights. I get compliments whenever I wear my winter J.Crew minis eg the gold and black plaid one..

  14. anon @ 12:54,

    I love the winter minis, the burlington tartan (white/multi) mini is my fave! Not into the summer minis as much either, but I do want the daisy eyelet, hope it pops up again in my size.

  15. Heather,

    I have that black white plaid one too - my favorite are the ones with the heavier wool weave in the various plaids - i.e. the fabric has some texture - and I think they can look pretty classy and also cute. I often pair with a long sleeve cashmere T in a contrasting color. I do like the eyelet summer one too - there was one like this last year an I nearly got it. I've seen the daisy eyelet one IRL and it is really pretty :)

  16. I would love to wear some of my winter minis to work. Unfortunately my office has a dress code that says skirts/dresses can't be more than 3" above the knee. I'm 5'7 and therefore the minis don't meet that criteria. Maybe for shorter women they do, but not for me. Anyone else have a similar dress code?

  17. I think this skirt is fantastic! I'm short (5'3") so JCrew minis are not too "mini" on me at all. The shinyness (shininess?) of the skirt may even be okay if paired with things that were muted/conservative. I can really see how it could seem a bit short on someone taller, though, so maybe this is ONE area in which it's good to be a shorty like me :)


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