Thursday, December 24, 2015

JCA "Help Style Me!" Weekly Post

This is the weekly "Help Style Me!" post, where we can share items we are having trouble putting outfits together with. Elaine (in this post) says it best, "You know, that thing you bought because you love it and you keep pulling it out and then putting it away without wearing it?"

Please share your J.Crew item (either that you own or are thinking about getting) that you would love help creating an outfit with.

Also, please help out by offering your styling advice. Feel free to include links to your blog (where you incorporated that piece) or to Polyvore (where you showcased an outfit with that piece). Thanks in advance! :)


  1. am so surprised the silk flutter blouse is still available on all sizes, I really love how it looks and feels on, and have two outfit items posted on my blog for today's review (One with the No2 wool pencil skirt in the blue color from a few seasons back, and the second with a black skirt from H&M last year)

  2. A little bit of style inspiration via J.Crew with my own personal twist for a less spendy version of the look here: J.Crew Looks We Love... Shop It - The Real Deal or The Real Steal.... :)


  3. I posted a number of J.Crew outfit ideas for the month, here and here.


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