Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Madewell Updates Website with New Arrivals!

"Thanks!" to  many of you, who shared the following email from Madewell.

Madewell let us know that there are new arrivals over at their stores and online (click here to shop online). 

Plus, a lot of items just got marked down. Brick & mortar stores are offering an additional 20% off so it is worth stopping by!

Are there any new arrivals you are interested in? If so, please share! :)


  1. I stopped into my new, closer local store to try on the City Grid Coat. I found that it fit TTS for me, and I'm really hoping for a 30% off $200+ promo this weekend so I can get it!

    1. Ditto the cocoon plaid coat and flea market flare corduroys for me!

  2. From this new rollout, I'm liking:

    - madewell & vans® classic slip-ons in quilted flannel - item e3832
    - caldwell pull-on trousers - item e4257

    Fascinated by the idea of a convertible turtleneck, but i'll have to see it to believe it:
    - cashmere convertible turtleneck sweater - item e5167

    And because i have an obsession with buffalo plaid:
    - cape scarf in buffalo check - item e5207
    - openweave scarf in buffalo check - item e5198
    - flannel ex-boyfriend shirt in buffalo check - item e4330

    1. Hi R - I'm so curious about that convertible turtleneck as well! It sounds like a great idea in theory, but in real life...?

    2. I know, right, Silver Lining!!? From what I can tell from the photos, it looks as though the neck is affixed with a single button (?) at the front and back of the the neck must be pretty large/floppy to cover it up. I wonder if you would end up getting neck draft. If I lived in the US, and could do free shipping, I would try it on a lark for sure, but in the meantime, I'll be watching the reviews...! :)

    3. I was looking at that sweater also. If you look at the picture of the ash donegal color, it appears there are at least 2 (I am assuming 3) buttons in the back. I would assume at least one in the front.


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