Monday, December 17, 2012

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to sell}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves. This post is where you can mention your items and outside listing/ auction site (like eBay and eCrater & the corresponding user ID).

Please note: this posting is not for resellers, retailers or businesses. If you are a reseller, retailer, or a business, your comment gets automatically deleted & you will get publicly called out on it. :( So instead of this, simply do not post in the Weekly Exchanges. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site?

Sidenote: What's up with JCAs writing "sub" or "subscribing" as their comment? It just means they are subscribing to all the comments (which are then automatically sent to their email) in that particular thread. This way they can stay aware of all the comments posted. :)


    Great pieces up for sale(reduced pricing) over at E-Bay...fabulous LOTS (clothing and shoes). Check it out and make me an offer.....I'm totally willing to make a deal!

  2. Hello! I have J.Crew items on eBay here, ending Tuesday evening. Includes:

    NWT Zoey Blazer (silk), Gray, Size 8
    NWT Nanine Dress in washed crepe, Rich Plum, Size 4
    NWT Silk Tulle Blossom Dress, Faded Black, Size 2
    NIB Sutton Boots, Camel, Size 10
    EUC Jewel Button Cardigan, Size Small
    NWOT Silk Tricotine Avery Dress, Size 6

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  3. Hi!
    Sperry for j crew cerise topsiders - sz 7 - bn. - 30 shipped.
    Size 10 pink tweed j crew collection jacket - gently worn twice - 60 shipped.

  4. I have for sale several j crew items from my own closet. Clothing in sizes 0 XS P0, new with/without tags or worn once or twice maximum.
    I am not a reseller and only have the item listed (no other sizes, no other colors and no multiples).
    If interested, contact me to
    J Crew Emma Dress 2007 0 $69 NWT
    J Crew Cherry Blossom Dress 2007 $69 0 worn once
    J Crew Rafaella Dress 0 fits $79 P0 NWOT
    J Crew Attache Dress P0 white $99 NWOT
    J Crew Flannel Kate Dress p0 Warm Camel $69.99 worn once
    J Crew Jules Dress in silk stripe retailed $59.99 NWOT
    J Crew Tuxedo wool dress p0 NWOT item 72963 $49.99 NWOT
    J Crew Fontaine dress retailed $650 pine green 0 $299.00 NWT
    J Crew Florentine Print Maxi Dress Silk XS $79.99 worn once
    J Crew trastevere print Maxi Dress Silk XS $79.99 worn once
    J Crew Gramercy Coat 0 flame color $249 NWT
    J Crew Oxford Jacket coat blazer 4 (S Small) $249.99 NWOT
    J Crew sequin sweater Jacket XS black $129
    J Crew plaid tweed Jacket 2 elbow patches leather buttons $99
    J Crew tweed Jacket 0 crest buttons patch elbows $99
    J Crew wool long coat brass buttons with crown graphics XS 0 2 black $129
    J Crew Collection Meringue Linen Jacket fully lined 0 $89.99
    J Crew Gayle Ruffle Trench Jacket fully lined 0P $69.99
    J Crew phyton silk blouse top shirt $29 0
    J Crew Etoile tank blouse top shirt 2 $19
    J Crew Lightweight Chambray Perfect Shirt Retail/Online 0 NWOT 39
    J Crew Perfect Shirt Suit Light Pewter color PXS NWT $29
    J Crew bunny print shirt yellow 0 $29.99
    J Crew Michelle colorblock Cardigan xs crystal buttons $49.99
    J Crew 100% cashmere argyle sweater from 2007 xs $69.99 (worn twice)
    J Crew 100% cashmere striped rosette cardigan sweater xs $69.99 worn once
    J Crew cashmere V neck sweater yellow xs $59.99
    J Crew tartine merino cardigan black xs 0 2 $49.99 NWOT
    J Crew michelle merino cardigan xs dust pink NWOT $49.99
    J Crew michelle merino cardigan xs avocado NWOT $49.99
    J Crew merino zebra sweater tee xs $39.99
    J Crew cafe pants capri navy blue new with tags p0 $59.99
    J Crew cafe pants capri silver gray p0 $59.99 worn once
    J Crew cafe pants capri bright dhalia gray p0 $69.99 worn once
    J Crew cafe pants capri cherry marraschino p0 $69.99 worn once
    J Crew Double Serge Skirt Original from 2007 collection red flame 0 $69 NWOT
    J Crew Sharkskin Skirt Purple from 2008 collection P0 $59 NWT
    J Crew Duchess Silk Duponi Skirt pink from 2008 collection P0 $59 NWOT
    J Crew Fleckle Front Pleat Skirt from 2008 collection $59 0
    J Crew lobster skirt 0 $69.99
    J Crew bag marche tote suede with chain lilac color NWT
    J Crew Sophia calf hair headband $19.99
    J Crew Sophia calf hair purse bag wild cat leopard spotted $159.99
    J Crew Quincy hobo quilted tote purse leather graphite / charcoal $89.99
    J Crew Editor Tote camel retailed $395 NWT $179.99
    J Crew Satin Fleur Clutch bag $98 NWT $29.99
    J Crew Suit Jacket + Front Pleat Skirt Rhinestone Crystal Buttons Navy $69 0
    contact me at

  5. J. Crew Mohair Cardigan in Retro Stripe, size Medium, Brand New with Tags, 40.00 shipped

    J. Crew Ocelot Cardigan, Size Large, the retail version. Worn once for about an hour, 25.00 shipped.

    J. Crew Juliet Pumps, Tortoise, Size 9, Brand New in Box, 100.00 shipped.

    J. Crew Factory Sunnie Pencil Skirt, Size 14, 30.00 shipped.

    PayPal only, please. Email:

  6. - J Crew Factory Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt. EUC, XS, golden yellow color (See color here).

    Purchased on ebay, unfortunately too small for me. $20 shipped.

    katenhfs at gmail dot com

  7. Moving Sale!! Smoke-free, pet-free home. Pictures available; prices include shipping to US, please inquire for other destinations. Reasonable offers will be considered. PayPal only, please. Email: eshop77 at comcast dot net

    EUC Double Cloth Lady Day Coat, Black , Size 0. 79203. $90 shipped

    EUC Double Serge No. 2 Pencil Skirt, Black, Size 2P. 29993. $35 shipped

    EUC Maritime Dress, Light Blue/White Stripe, Size XS. 37228. $25 shipped

    EUC Python Print Silk Twill Dress. Olive, Size 0. 91680. $35 shipped

    EUC Grograin Triomphe Jacket. Black, Size 0. 18116. $70 shipped

    EUC Cashmere Valentina Cardigan. Orange, Size XS. 29607. $35 shipped

    EUC Cotton Pencil Skirt. Light Khaki, Size 0. 12541. $20 shipped

    EUC Snapshot Dress Silk, Black, Size 0. 39882. $30 shipped

    1. The maritime dress is actually an xxs, not xs.

      Madewell snapshot dress has been sold.


  8. Like New J.Crew Travel Trench, color: Navy, size 0: $55 Shipped

    EUC J.Crew Textured Jersey Bouquet Tee, size XSmall: $15 shipped

    EUC J.Crew Vintage Stripe Bateau Top, color Camel, size XSmall: $15 shipped

    J.Crew Pearl Cluster Necklace - Like New: $55 shipped

    Like New (Worn Once) Lolli Pant in Bright Dahlia, size 4: $45 shipped

    NWT Zara Quilted Leather Jacket, size Small: $140 shipped

    EUC Zara Star-print Tunic/Tee, size Small: $15 shipped

    Paypal and U.S. shipping only


    Polyvore of the items here.

    1. Hi! I tried to contact you about your pearl cluster necklace, but the email came back to me. Could you please contact me at kiwigem (at) att (dot) net

  9. NWT (and even still in bag) JCrew Factory Merino Turtleneck Sweater, Size M, Maraschino Cherry, $20 Shipped

    Brand New in Box Tom's Metallic Herringbone Shoes in Brown/Cream colorway, 8.5, $42 shipped (retail for $54)

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  11. Sorry, forgot to add contact info. on the Factory Merino Turtleneck and Tom's shoes!

    I will ship right away so that you can have your items for X-mas

  12. Swiss dot Tippi sweater NWT, Size XL $90 shipped.


  13. Hi there all,

    I will ship out ASAP so you have time for holiday festivities! Please email me for questions, offers, or pictures. Thank you!

    NWOT (never worn, back slit still stitched) Ivory Golden Bubbles Pencil Skirt, sz 12, $55 shipped

    NWT 2011 Double Serge Hacking Jacket, Deep Turquoise, sz 10, $82 shipped

    EUC Merino Sequin Scarf Cardigan from 2009, Honey Glaze Collection store exclusive, size Medium, $65 shipped

    EUC Merino Sequin Scarf Cardigan from 2009, Pale Pink with matte silver sequins, size Medium, $52 shipped

    NWOT (washed delicate, never worn) Old Version Black Pixie Pants (gold zipper on back), size 10, $46 shipped

    You can email me at myfavoritethingsblog12 at gmail

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  15. Hi! I have a gorgeous coat from HO05 that I'm getting ready to list on eBay- EUC (like new) Sz. 12 long black double breasted (trench style, but only w/ a back detachable belt detail), 80% wool, 20% cashmere, 100% acetate lining w/stripe details. It totally reminds me of why many of us relive JC's glory days. It's impeccably made. $45 shipped. Email me w questions or for pics.

    Ajswirsky at sbcglobal dot net.

  16. All items are new with tags. Prices include shipping.

    NWT J.Crew Handknit Fair Isle Sweater (item 54547), size small, Black Pearl.
    Purchased online from Original retail $225.
    $110 (shipped)

    NWT Madewell Digby & Iona Crown Crest Medallion Necklace (item 61071).
    Purchased online from
    $40 (shipped)

    NWT Madewell Inklines Cardigan (item 65387) in size small, Eggshell.
    Purchased online from
    $40 (shipped)

    NWT Madewell Coneflower Pullover (item 82187) in size small, Classic Black.
    Purchased online from
    $30 (shipped)

    NWT Madewell Shrunken Harvest-Check Boyshirt (item 51774) in size small.
    Purchased from the local Madewell retail store.
    $25 (shipped)

    NWT Madewell Tartan Shrunken Boyshirt (item 61283) in Black/White.
    Purchased from the local Madewell Retail Store.
    $35 (shipped)

    NWT J.Crew Grandma Mama Daughter Dot Shirt (item 73050) by Hiroshi Kato. Size 0 (Size 0 fits J.Crew size XS/S,) Black.
    Purchased online from Paid $275.00
    $125 (shipped)

    NWT J.Crew Goddess Short Dress (item 86453) in Size 4, Black. Brand new with tags.
    Purchased online from
    $50 (shipped)

    NWT J.Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater (item 54466) in size small, Warm Ivory.
    Purchased online from
    $45 (shipped)

    NWT J.Crew Collection Airstitch long-sleeve V-neck tee (item 58192) in size small, Hthr Grey.
    $35 (shipped)

    NWT J.Crew Perfect shirt in linen (item 42841) in size 4, white.
    Purchased online from
    $35 (shipped)

    NWT J.Crew Camp popover in White (item 85213) in size 4, white.
    Purchased online from
    $35 (shipped)

    NWT J.Crew Kari Dress (item 87771) in Size Small, Black.
    Purchased online from
    $25 (shipped)

    NWT J.Crew Belmarin Pant (item 35583), Size 6, Color DPE (Dark Pewter)
    Purchased from the J.Crew retail store.
    $15 (shipped)

    NWT J.Crew Factory Chalet Popover (item 50211). Color is listed as MPU (Purple).
    $15 (shipped)

    NIB J.Crew Estella Grosgrain Espadrilles (item 22863) Size 10, Black. Brand new in box.
    Purchased online from
    $25 (shipped)

    NIB Madewell The Almanac Boot (item 50336) in size 9h (9.5), Dark Olive. New in original box.
    Purchased online from
    $70 (shipped)

    NIB J.Crew Britten Platform Booties (item 28664) in size 9h medium, Brownstone. Brand new in original box.
    Purchased online from online.
    $70 (shipped)

    NIB J.Crew Leatherette Lace-Up Ballet Flats (item 33055) in size 9h (9.5), Black.
    Purchased online from
    $60 (shipped)

    Send an email to if interested. Thanks!

  17. For sale - all purchased from J. Crew online store.

    Tees & Tops
    1. NWOT painter stripe boatneck tees. All new, never worn. Size Small, all four colours available: black w/ white stripe, white w/ blue stripe, white with beige stripe (beechwood), vibrant flame (red with white stripe). $20 each or $15 each for two or more.

    2. NWT Sailor stripe always cardigan, navy with white stripe, Small. $30; NWT Sailor stripe always cardigan, ivory with white stripe, Small. Each $30. If interested, I can sell both sailor stripe cardigans together for $50.

    3. NWT Drapey sequin tank (this season), size XS, black, $25.

    4. NWT Tulipe silk cami /tank(winter 2010), dark charcoal, size 8, $30.

    5. NWT Tulipe silk cami/tank (winter 2010), sweet almond, size 8, $30.

    6. NWT Novo stripe tank (winter 2010), charcoal/offwhite stripe, size 8, $25.

    7. NWOT Collection peplum top in fresco floral sateen, from Winter 2011 collection, midnight green (dark blue and green floral). Size 6. $125.


    8. NWT short sleeve cashmere tee, heather spearmint, Small, $80.

    9. EUC Alice heavy gauge merino wool sweater jacket (holiday 2007), ¾ sleeves, cropped with boxy swing silhouette, size XS. $60.

    10. NWT Cashmere boatneck sweater in thin stripe, azalea with navy blue thin stripes, size Small. $90.

    Bottoms: Skirts & Pants
    11. NWT Flair skirt in floating rose, size 8 (runs small, probably best fits someone who wears size 6). $60.

    12. EUC (worn twice) Café Trousers in cotton, desert, P8. $25.

    13. NWT No. 2 cotton pencil skirt in leopard print (from fall 2011), size 4. $50.

    14. NWOT crosstown flannel circle skirt, winter 2011, heather grey, size 8. $150.

    15. NWOT Super 120s accordion dress (spring 2011), size 6, warm buff. Runs generous, comparable to true size 8, $115.


    16. EUC Stretch wool pinstripe 2-button blazer, navy with fine white pinstripe. Size 8. Like new, worn once for a couple hours. Asking $45.

    17. NWT Super 120s wool cropped trousers in city fit (winter 2010), size 6, black. Flat front, beautiful wool fabric, unfortunately too big for me. $50.

    18. NWOT 1035 Nouvelle Jacket in bi-stretch Italian wool, size 6, black. $130; EUC matching 1035 bistro pants in bi-stretch Italian wool, size 6, black, professionally hemmed to 30” inseam, $50. Both items from fall 2011 collection. I prefer to sell the items as a set – asking $150 for the suit.

    19. NWOT “Marissa” stretch wool cropped jacket with ¾ sleeves, black, size 6; matching pencil skirt in stretch wool with double back vents, black, size 6. Both items from spring 2010 collection. I prefer to sell as a set, asking $225.

    20. EUC Collection Washed leather moto jacket, pale mushroom (taupe), size 8. Worn once for a couple of hours, like new condition. $185.

    21. EUC Squall coat – heavy weight washed cotton twill with ribbed cotton cuffs, hood, detachable sherpa vest. Size 6. Faded olive. $55.

    Accessories & Jewellery
    22. NWT Cashmere lined leather gloves (winter 2011), holiday punch (deep fuschia purple), size Small. $50.

    23. NWT crystal brulée bracelet, fuschia (hot pink). $35.

    24. EUC (worn once) crystal brulée bracelet, dusty rose (pinky taupe). $25.

    25. NWOB Mona patent pumps, size 8, poppy. $75.

    26. NWOB Crushed glitter wedges, 7.5. $225 (only negotiable if purchasing other items).

    27. Emmett high heel ankle boots, black, size 8. Worn only a couple times, in very good condition, no stains or scuffs on leather uppers. $100.

    Shipping from Canada. Please email me at stylishchemist at gmail dot com for photos and exact shipping costs. Offers welcome, particularly if you wish to buy multiple items. Paypal please.

  18. new dixon tall boots, black, size 7, $100 shipped

    nwt Albertus Swanepoel for J.Crew fedora, camel leopard, $70 shipped

    US ship, paypal-- thanks!
    condupuy at verizon dot net

  19. Pre-holiday closet clean-out! Please email I'm open to offers! Prices include shipping.

    NEW Bette suede platform wedges in island coral, size 8. $50

    NEW Molly platform peep-toe heels in black and white print (similar to the snow cat print), size 8. $150

    EUC Glamiator bow-tie sandals/heels, brown with gold bows, size 7.5. $40

    EUC Etta pink and orange suede wedge heels from a few years ago, cute spectator style trim with bow, size 7.5. Super cute, but just don’t wear them enough! $40

    NEW Belinda heels, metallic with spectator style patent creamy/yellow trim, size 8. $50

    NWOT crystal chandelier necklace, two rows of different sized clear beads accented with gold. Bought off ebay and never worn. $50

    NWOT Collection pleated blouson dress, wild peony color, size 2. Never worn but removed tags. $100

    EUC Matilda silk wrap dress in navy blue, size 2, $40

    EUC San Remo (??) blazer in black cotton with the cliffrose pint lining, elbow length sleeves, 100% cotton with 100% silk lining, size 2. $40

    EUC linen metallic school-girl style skirt, 100% linen with 100% cotton lining, size 4. Super cute, got lots of compliments on it, just too small for me now. $30

    NWT Purple school-boy blazer, size 4, $80

    NWT swiss dot strapless sundress, orange-red color, size 4, $35

    EUC black and white tweed Waverly jacket, lined, with ¾ length sleeves, size 2, $30

    EUC Francie wool blend skirt, in reddish-orange (poppy?) color, fully lined, size 2. $25

    NWOT special occasions Carolina (?) sundress from 2009, peach-pink color (melon?). No tags, but never worn. 100% cotton with 100% cotton lining. Size 0. $30

    GUC bulldog sequin t-shirt, ivory/cream cotton, size small. $10

    Two pairs GUC 100% cotton city-fit pants, unlined, size 4 regular. One pair in a light cream color and the other in an army green/fatigue color. $20 for both.

    NWT black suit dress from Summer 2005. Pleated skirt with spaghetti straps and a sweetheart bust. 100% wool and fully lined. Size 2. $40

    EUC silk taffeta skirt, bright pink, fully lined, size 4. $25

    EUC lighthouse postcard print skirt, size 6. $20

    NWT paillette sequin vest, size small. Black, 100% wool. $35

    Some Anthro items:
    GUC Left of Center, beige and cream embroidered dress with metallic stripe skirt, short with spaghetti straps, fully lined. No size, fits size small. $20

    NWOT Maeve Goban pencil skirt, black on black dots, polyester/rayon mix, fully lined, size 8. Bought it because I love it, but never fit into it. $40

    NWT Eva Franco drapped ruffle skirt, polyester/rayon/spandex blend, fully lined, size 8. $40

  20. Replies
    1. Fedora SOLD
      Madewell polka dot cardigan SOLD

    2. both Tippis SOLD
      Cashmere ruffle argyle cardigan SOLD

    3. striped peplum top SOLD
      cashmere argyle cardigan SOLD

  21. Handbags still on sale and still plenty of clothing sizes XS, XXS, S, 0P, 00P, and 2P. See my Polyvore sets for photos:

    Email me at bunny_ann at hotmail dot com.

    1. Wool Cashmere Dani coat in camel, size 0P, double-breasted peacoat style in three-quarter length with horn colored buttons, very thick and plush. Worn for a couple of seasons but in good condition, $49.

    2. Double-cloth Madeline Coat with Thinsulate in Bright Berry, size 0P. Worn for one season in excellent condition, $89.

    3. Double-Cloth Tulip Coat in Chocolate, size 2P, hardly worn in like-new condition, $89.

    4. Collection Wool Herringbone Clea Jacket in Deep Persimmon, size 0. Very thick wool jacket in a shrunken fit that can be worn as a blazer or outer jacket. Herringbone tweed pattern, cuffed sleeves, front patch pockets. Worn less than 5 times and in excellent condition, $89.

    5. Wool Pique Andrea Lady Jacket in Bright Rhubarb, size 0P. Thick textured wool, brushed gold buttons, Peter Pan collar, 4 front flat pockets, back vent. Worn on and off for two seasons and in excellent condition, $89.

    6. Minnie pants in stretch twill, navy, size 00, worn once in like-new condition, $37.

    7. Cashmere Shrunken Shawl Collar Cardigan in Palm/Dark Lime color, size S. Worn for a season but in good condition, $39.

    8. Wool Crepe Pencil Skirt in Dark Plum, size 00P, worn once in like-new condition, $49.

    9. Cafe Trousers in Wool Flannel in Pearl Grey, size 0P, worn once in like-new condition, $69.

    10. Solid Three-Quarter Stretch Perfect Shirt in Light Shell (almost white with just a whisper of shell pink shading), size PXS, worn twice in excellent condition, $24.

    11. Large Patent Campo bag in Plum, excellent condition, was $150, now $115.

    Other Bags:
    ~ Kate Spade Savona Paige in dark caramel, multipurpose single-strap shoulder bag in a larger medium size (can fit papers and books), front flap pocket and zip top with inside open and zip pockets, very good condition, was $150, now $115.

    ~ Cole Haan Genevieve Woven Leather Large E/W Tote in Chocolate, like-new condition, retailed for $595, was selling for $175, now selling for $125.

    ~ Coach Large Garnet Turnlock Satchel/Shoulder Bag in black. Center zipped divider with inside pockets on either side, turnlock closure. Perfect as a sophisticated work bag and can also work as a stylish mom-on-the-go bag. Very good condition. Retailed for $498, was selling for $180, now selling for $125.

  22. J. Crew items in the XXS/XS and 00/0 range.

    Closet Cleanout

  23. Li ladies
    I'm selling a NWOT Fiona Jacket petite size 2 in the sweet potato color, rare from 2008! Bought it from a blog sale but it didn't work for me.
    Asking $58 shipped.
    See picture of this cute jacket:


  24. Hi, I have for sale a NWT Pepper Tweed sleeveless shift dress in sz. 6, from Fall 2012. Retailed for $188. Asking $80 shipped. I can email pictures, if needed.

    Item is from J Crew Clearance store, but it is regular J Crew, *not* factory. I have a pet-free and smoke-free home. Paypal only. Please contact me at caselaw9 at aol dot com. Thanks!

  25. Good morning!

    All items NWT or with unworn with original box:

    Inez Patent Leather Pink Dahlia Sandals Size 9.5 Brand new in box. $40 shipped

    Mika Dress Caspian Blue 6P Brand New with tags! (Too short for me!) $60 shipped

    Cece Flats in Neon Azelea Size 10 Brand new in box. $50 shipped

    Nora Chain Cap Toe Flats in Vintage Blush. Brand new in box. $60 shipped

    Will ship ASAP in time for Christmas!

    srdigregorio at

  26. Morning! For sale, size 8 wool duffle coat in "wild blackberry" (i.e. navy). Removable hood, lined in Thinsulate. Zips up, hits midthigh. Excellent used condition. Item #19647, NOT from Factory. $85 includes shipping in the US, it's a heavyweight coat.

    Audrey s wang @ gmail

  27. NWT Jcrew collection wool navy officer's jacket
    Size 4, $180 shipped via Ebay or $175 via Paypal invoice

    I am willing to take reasonable offers or trades (sz 2 or S). I paid $153 after tax at the sample sale, so I'm just trying to break even.
    hwinny2 (at) gmail (dot) com

    My Ebay listing ends Dec 20th.

    1. To clarify, I am willing to trade for other items. If you have NWT or EUC quality Jcrew items that you haven't worn much, we can work out an exchange.

  28. Hello Everyone,

    I have a few "Vintage" J. Crew items for sale. All in excellent, gently used condition and from a smoke-free home:

    On eBay, with Free Shipping:

    Light Green Tuxedo (Pleat-Front) Microcheck Button-down Shirt, Size XS
    From the Spring 2006 season. 100% Cotton. Slim Fit, Mother-of-pearl buttons, soft stand-up collar. Nearly identical in style to the Thomas Mason Tuxedo Shirt from the current Fall/Winter 2012 season that retails for $150 (see the Thomas Mason shirt here)
    Listed on eBay HERE

    Pink and White Stripe Kathryn Button-down Dress Shirt, Size XS
    From the Spring 2005 season. 100% Cotton. Slim Fit, Mother-of-pearl buttons.
    Listed on eBay HERE

    Purple Stripe Kathryn Button-down Shirt, Size XS
    From the Spring 2006 season. 100% Cotton. Slim Fit, Mother-of-pearl buttons.
    Listed on eBay HERE


    Aqua Blue Paisley Print Trousers, Size 0
    From the Spring 2005 season. 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, Low Fit, Slight Stretch.
    Measurements (Laid Flat): Waist: 14", Rise: 8", Inseam: 29.25", Leg Opening: 8.75"
    Photos HERE
    $38, includes shipping to the US

    Paypal only for payment, please!
    Please email me at: (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested!

  29. like new stormy tweed lille coat, size 2, $125 shipped

    US ship, paypal
    condupuy at verizon dot net

  30. Plus-- I will accept reasonable offers on any of my items. thanks!

  31. NWT Liberty Floral Blouse-size 4-
    From 2007, purple with white flowers-$35

    NWT Zebra Print Merino Cardigan-orange/white-size Med-$32-Vintage 2007!

    NWT Casbah short sleeve blouse-size 6-$30

    NWOT Mila Tank-size 8-$38

    NWOT Lexington Blazer-white/citron-size 8-$105

    NWT Silk Tiered Ruffle Jacket-wild blackberry-size 8-$40

    NWT Velvet Eden Blazers-size 8

    NWT Wool Flannel Schoolboy Blazer-Butterscotch-size 8-$45

    NWT Boutienniere Blazer-charcoal/black-size 8-$75

    Prices include US Shipping!
    Pics available upon request!

  32. Selling a NWOT sample buffalo plaid coat (similar to last year's car coat, but navy and belted). Size 6.

    You can find it on eBay here: NWOT J. Crew Sz 6 Stadium Cloth Belted Buffalo Plaid Wool Car Coat SAMPLE Navy

    or email me at gillian.amber.morris (at) gmail with an offer.

  33. Fall 2011 Cashmere Shawl Collar Sweater XS Heather Henna (Maroon), GUC, $45 shipped.

    Fall 2011 Flair Skirt in Double Serge Wool in Cool Pine (Dark Gren), Size 2, EUC worn once, $20 shipped.

    urajagopal AT gmail DOT com

  34. EUC Madewell Shadowbox Sweaterdress, XS, navy, $35 shipped.

    1. A couple more:

      EUC J. Crew Eden cardigan (fall 2011, style #46727--a long, merino-wool style), XS, mustard yellow, $35 shipped or best offer

      EUC Nottingham Short Boots, size 6, gray, $60 shipped or best offer
      (purchased these from another JCA seller, but, alas, they're just a little too tight for me)

  35. A few EUC items from ye olde J.Crew days of yore -

    J.Crew Double cloth Lady Day coat (Fall 2010)- Plum size 6 - $99 Shipped

    J.Crew Haverhill Coat (Fall 2007) - Dark Camel size 4 - $99 Shipped

    Just making some room for this year's coat purchases! Email me at kelly dot sweeney at gmail dot com.

  36. Hi JCA,

    I used to work for J.Crew which did wonderful things for my closet.

    When getting out Christmas ornaments I found a glorious long forgotten box of clothes full of pieces from 'J.Crew of Yore'. Jackie cardigans, Linen V-Neck Cable sweaters, and one of pretty much every graphic tee from the pre-ringspun days (think 'Seize the Day', 'School of Fish', etc.)

    I would love to find these pieces loving homes. I am a little unclear how to name and describe these older pieces from 2005-2007. Any help would be appreciated.

    In the meantime, if anyone has questions about my lot of clothes (almost all smalls and mediums in tees, mediums in sweaters), please email me at

    This is the vaguest post ever but y'all are WAY more internet saavy than I!

  37. All prices include shipping!

    NWT Jules Dress in Wool, sz 2, brilliant flame, $80

    NWT Collection Cashmere long sleeve tee, sz s, pale turquoise, $85

    NWT Collection Cashmere V neck sweater, sz xs, navy, $85

    NWT Black Wool Swing Jacket, Factory, Size 10, $35

    Worn Once Twyla Gold Metallic Midheels, sz 9-$35

    Worn once Avery Silk Halter Dress (knee length version), sz 4, espresso- $30

    Cashmere "sample"ivory long sleeve popover,deep V with ribbed collar size is like a medium, $30

    NWT Caroline Silk Halter Dress (also knee length), sz 2, kelly green color-$30

    Like new, Citizens of Humanity Faye Wide Leg Trouser jeans, size 31, hemmed to a 30" inseam, $20

    Hudson Flap Pocket Boot Cut Jeans size 27, excellent used condition, $40

    Nine West Black Peep Toe Pumps/Stilettos, sz 9, $18

    Women's North Face Khumbu Fleece Jacket, sz Small, Black, about 3 years old. Needs a good cleaning to get pilling off, but otherwise lots of life and wear left to it! Retails for $89, selling $30.

    Will also consider trades for all types of cute jewelry, or J. Crew boots sz 10. Thanks!!

    sallynicol at gmail dot com

  38. All items are NWT/NWOT

    Come from a pet free/smoke free home

    Items are from B&M as well as samples

    Orange polka dot dress (size 4/5?)
    Collection Georgia jacket 4/5
    Tulle ballet skirt size small
    Swimsuit 4/5
    Shorts 5
    Tee shirt 4/5

    J. Crew pink bubble necklace NWT

    If interested please email me at

  39. Hi ladies! I'm selling a few old school JCrew items on Ebay, sizes 0-2. The link is here:

    Also have the following for sale not listed on Ebay:
    -EUC (worn once) Minnie Pants in Charcoal size 0, $45 shipped

    -EUC J.Crew MacAlister metallic boots, unisex size 8 (women's size 10). There is a bit of wear on the soles, but the top of the shoes look nearly new. $50 shipped.

    -EUC J.Crew Factory City Tee in the Honey Glaze color size Small. $15 shipped.

    -NWT Wool Herringbone Portman Pant in Citron size 0, $45 shipped. These are the retail pants from 2008, fully lined and beautiful.

    -Noel Leather and Canvas lace up ankle boots, my size 8 for your 7.5

    My pair is in excellent condition. There is one small mark on the leather on one of the shoes, but overall the top of the shoes look great.

  40. J Crew Collection Haya Sequin Sweatshirt Small EUC only worn a couple of times, I love it but it's just too big for me. It fits a small-medium. It has the sequins and beads. Asking $70 shipped.

    J Crew polka dot popover, size 4, asking $35

    Kate Spade Red and White Stripe flats, new without box, asking $70 shipped

    J Crew Factory Denim Button up (snap buttons) size small. Asking $40 shipped, brand new.

    Banana Republic Silk blouse 3/4 sleeves with gold buttons on the shoulders. Asking $35 shipped

    Banana Republic Cardigans-$30 a piece or $50 for both. One is grey wool with gold buttons, small. The second is gold, knitted wool, and an xs. These were purchased last winter.

    I have a camel bella size 4 and a factory camel bella with ruffle sleeves size 6, they are too much alike and I never wear either so if anyone is interested in either let me know :)

    1. Lowering prices.
      $30 shipped for chambray/denim factory button up
      55 shipped for haya sequin sweatshirt
      $50 shipped for kate spade flats
      $90 a piece for Bella's

    2. Emailed you about the size 4 bella!

  41. EUC J. Crew Nicolette Black Suede Heels, size 9 1/2. Nearly mint condition. $40 shipped.

    EUC Anthropologie Follow Along Satchel, Black Leather. Used only a few times. $55 shipped.

    Please email me for pics or with any questions!

  42. Factory Puffin Sweater in M NWT $65 shipped OBO
    Dolores Dress in Peacock Paisley 0 NWOT $40 shipped

    staceyt168 at gmail!

  43. Tory Burch - $40 for a $50 gift card value. To be used online.

  44. NWOT (still has magnetic tag) navy chino Adelaide jacket from fall 2007, size 12: $50

    NWT retail tri-buckle waist belt, size M: $30

    NWOT wide leather Gatsby belts, size S, in English saddle (tan) and green: $20 each

    NWOT gray city-fit stretch wool bistro pants, size 6: $40

    EUC black double-serge wool pencil skirt from fall 2008, size 6: $50

    EUC purple silk taffeta Belle skirt, size 6: $40
    EUC navy Nicky skirt, size 10: $25
    NWOT (with magnetic tag) retail wallpaper mini, size 8: $45

    NWT retail double-serge cotton pencil skirt, size 6, in golden sunflower (but I think this one might be mistagged—fit is more like an 8 in the hips): $45

    And please feel free to make me an offer, too!

    caralynnlewis at

  45. New in the box.
    J Crew Collection Leopard calf hair Valentina pumps size 7.5 never worn.

    Photos and listing on ebay

    Will cancel ebay sale and sell here for $160 Shipped in US. Paypal only.

    contact me at daciotti (at) gmail (dot) com

  46. I just listed an Excursion Vest, Small, Getaway Green on eBay if anyone is interested. Item number: 261144509295. Auction starts at 4:30 PST. Added a buy it now price so you can have it in time for Christmas. Contact me if you have questions.

  47. I have a Collection Italian Wool Dress 98802 size 2 new with tags. It is green with 100% wool 100% poly lining. It has been sold out a long time ago. It is big on my usual size 0. I thought I offer it here before I bring it back to my local store.

  48. NWT collection cashmere colorblock sweater (#96163), XS, black and camel, $145 shipped

    Sorry for the additional post, but I recently received this sweater, and it doesn't suit my short frame. I plan to return it in a few days, but I thought I'd offer it for sale here first, since it's now sold out.

  49. NWT Chiffon Stripe Tier Tank - White - size XS - $29 shipped

    NWT Deco Patent Leather Belt - Black - size XS/S - $15 shipped

    NWT Victoria Ruffles Cami - Melon - size 0 - $38 shipped

    NWT Silk Derby Clutch - Warm Wisteria - $23 shipped

    NWOT Satin Limelight Clutch - Maroon - $26 shipped

    NWOT Glen Plaid Ruffles Skirt - size 0 - $20 shipped

    NWOT Brynn Poplin Dress - Warm Wisteria - size 0P - $36 shipped

    Check out here for pictures & more items -

    Open to offers! Email -

  50. Looking for the J Crew Collection Waterfall Gown in a size 12. If anyone at ALL can help, please email me at THANK YOU!!!!

  51. Hi all,
    NWT J Crew Jules Dress in Italian Paisley, size 2 $100 shipped.

    EUC J Crew Collection Crepe Shawl Blazer in Vintage Berry, size 6 $125 shipped. This blazer has been worn once.

    EUC J Crew 769 Madison Collection Mongolian Lamb Fur vest in a light pink color, size small. Worn once. There is a mark through the tag. $375 shipped.

    Shipping prices are for the US. For shipping quotes to other countries or questions, please email me at debifortin at hotmail dot com. I can ship right away!

  52. Hi JCAs ~

    NWT JCrew Factory B&W polka dot boatneck blouse (identical to JCrew's Talitha), Size Small, $65 shipped. Bought from another JCA ~ sadly it's too bug.

    NIB Ann Taylor Glitter Perfect Block Heels with calf hair, Size 7, $200 shipped. Sold out online. Beautiful shoes, but they were too small so I'm offering here returning to the store.

    NWOT JCrew Sequin Tank in mint (2011 season), $12 shipped.

    Please email me at with interest. US only. Thanks!

  53. Kate spade blouse nwt, sleeveless with multi polka dots and ruffled collar. Retails $150
    Email me an offer or for pics!

  54. JCrew Collection Martha Bracelet - Swarovski Crystals
    Perfect for the Holidays!
    Purchased in November, gently used.
    $80.00 shipped
    Payment through paypal.

  55. Hi Everyone!

    One last big sale from my J Crew "archives" before the holidays.

    I have cashmere and merino sweaters from 2004-2008 as well as a never worn Lieutenant jacket in camo-print and some lovely ralph lauren cashmere pieces.

    Please take a look! I love a lot of these sweaters but having a baby changed my figure and I am forced to part with things I will never be able to wear again.

    xo How Cute Is She

  56. NWT size 6 madewell silk checker dress
    just got it in the mail and it is too short for my 5'10" self!
    otherwise, it fits TTS.

    1. oops, it is $65 with only 24 hours to bid or 'buy it now' for $85. i got it on sale for $109.99.

  57. Hey all. I have a few items that didn't work out for me, my mum or sis from our last few orders. I'm putting them up here for the purchase price (+8.875 % NY tax) before I bring them back to the store since they are now sold out. Please add $4.99 for priority flat rate shipping.

    Tippi sweater (#46725) in Dark Poppy, XXS, $30.50
    Tippi sweater (#46725) in Brocade Blue, XXS, $30.50
    Tippi sweater (#46725) in Marled caramel, XXS, $30.50
    Tippi sweater (#46725) in Marled caramel, XL, $30.50

    Tux boyshirt in Pure White, XS, (#29989), $59
    Apres-Ski dress in ecru, XS, (#32425), $90
    Easygoing tee in stripe, Heather Cloud, XS, (#33519), $37.75
    Silk Doublet top in Bright Lemon, XS, (#11794), $57.25
    True Love Shrunken Oxford in Neon Orange, XS, (#85090), $32.75

  58. Hi there!

    I am selling 2 beautiful, highly sought after items from J.Crew of 'Yore':

    NWT,size 2,Collection Vintage Violet Silk Shirtdress

    New, Vintage Violet Silk Matching Clutch

    Make me an offer at:

  59. Selling some ebay purchases that didn't work out!

    EUC Lexington jacket, cream w/ citron trim, size 0 $140 shipped

    EUC Ryder jacket, red, size 2P $49 shipped

    EUC Factory Ecole Jacket (closes with a button rather than a hook), pumpkin tweed, size 2 $49 shipped

    email me with questions at

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  61. it's nowhere near new, though in great condition: marled, charcoal grey wrap sweater with hood; size small. SUPER warm. would be amazingly cute if i were actually a size small. so cute for winter. even on top of this mountain in santa fe, where it's 18 degrees and snowy, I can throw this sweater on over a t-shirt and be warm enough to brave the chill. comes to mid-thigh. excellent used condition. $20 including shipping would be delightful. email me at katzdanikatz AT gmail DOT com

  62. is the ann taylor shoe still available? Is it all black or in the bronze colour? Tks!

  63. Does anyone have the Jcrew Britten boot (2010) black in size 7.5 that you are looking to sell???? Please let me know! Thanks!

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  65. NWOT Jules Dress in Wildcat, size 2, Style 61368, $85 shipped

    NWT Blythe Shirtdress, Navy, size 4, Style 47714, $85 shipped

    NWT Bonnie Blouse, Purple Dawn, size 4, Style 49361, $38 shipped

    Thank you!

  66. Jules dress in wool, 00, Black

    Listed on ebay


  67. Collection haya sequin sweatshirt small (fits small to medium) $50 shipped
    Polka dot popover black with tan dots retail 4 $35 shipped
    Factory denim button up (current at factory online) nwot small $35 shipped

    Great pieces up for sale(reduced pricing) over at E-Bay...fabulous LOTS (clothing and shoes). Check it out and make me an offer.....I'm totally willing to make a deal!

  69. Happy holidays all. Late to post but here goes anyhow. All items retail and prices include shipping.

    Honeycomb cable sweater, #54466, bright dahlia, small, euc, worn once, $25

    Cotton waffle pullover, #70246, color is a burnt orange (not sure of exact name), small, NWOT, $20

    Cotton waffle pullover, #70346, navy, euc, worn once, small, $17

    Boy shirt in quincy tartan, #49044, size 2, NWOT, $25

    Short sleeve sweatershirt, gray, Size xs, EUC, $15

    Silk polka dot tee, navy/white, #53293, NWOT, size 2, $30

    Heart me sweater, wool/cashmere, navy/green, medium, EUC, $35

    Blythe silk blouse, #35871, black, NWT, size 4, $30

    Jackie cardigan, olive, #29350, size xs, EUC (worn twice), $18

    Stripe back-zip long sleeve pullover, black/ivory, #70115, xs, NWOT, $20

    Always wrap cardigan, black, #57955, euc (worn twice), small, $15

    Lot of 3 tissue turtenecks all NWT, #17656, mint green, royal blue, rust color, size xs, $25

    No. 2 eyelet pencil skirt, chili, #69832, size 0, NWT, $40

    Double serge wool pencil skirt, ivory, size 0, euc, bought from another jca'er but it didn't work for me, EUC (like new), $35

    Double serge wool pencil skirt, pearl gray, this is nwot but was professionally hemmed to 21 inches, size 0, $35

    Double serge cotton pencil skirt, bright dahlia, size 0, euc, $25

    Double serge cotton pencil skirt, dark slate, NWT, size 0, $25

    No. 2 pencil skirt in basketweave tweed, grass green, #63598, NWT, size 0, $35

    High waisted skinny cords from last winter, not sure of exact color but a dark tan, NWOT, size 26, $24

    Classic flare jeans, #51329, NWT, size 25, $25

    Joni jeans, white, size 25, professionally hemmed to 31 inch inseam, washed but never worn, $25

    Double cloth lady day coat, chocolate, worn once, size 6, $60

    Also have a banana republic navy/white polka dot pencil skirt (similar to jc navy/ivory polka dot skirt from last season.) Size 0, NWT, $20

    email mclaughlin_bonnie at yahoo if interested.

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. EUC Linen Tie-back Sweater (short sleeve) size L in Cloudy Grey $20 shipped! Happy Holidays!

    email me at


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