Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First Time: Jenna Lyons Meeting Anna Wintour

A big "thanks!" to Raina (check out her great blog "If The Lamp Shade Fits") who let us know that J.Crew's Jenna Lyons made a stop last week at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to screen the documentary In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye. She also let us know about a fun story/ quote from Jenna in NYMag (click here):
Do you remember the first time you met Anna Wintour?
I almost knocked her over. I was going to be shot for Vogue. And she came in to say hello, to see what they were picking as an outfit and I had on these wedge, wooden Chloe shoes and I took a step forward and they didn’t bend and I wasn’t used to them and I seriously – I am not kidding you – I almost planted my face onto her forehead. It was the worst experience. How did she react? Like nothing ever happened.  
That is a cute story. And bravo to Jenna for not falling, where I would have and it would have been quite the spectacle with me making odd sounds pre, during, and post fall.

Now let's talk about this outfit. In yesterday's "Jenna Lyons Is Lucky's Queen" post, it seemed like the consensus was the outfit worked. What about this one? Is it just me, or does it all work (minus the graphic jacket and the high waisted bag)? Am I getting use to Jenna's style now, after all these years?

What are your thoughts on the article & photos? Do you enjoy seeing her at non-J.Crew related events? How much do you love or question her fashion sense? ;)


  1. Thanks so much for the link love, Babe!

    (That ensemble is worth the price of admission.)

  2. The bag and top look too short for her. She really seems to like shiny pants. I dislike this outfit more than yesterday's onesie like getup.

  3. The short chain on the bag was the first thing I noticed.
    What does she feed that coat?

  4. I think the flash glare ends up in an "unfortunate" place on those pants. Glowing crotch!

    I think that the bag hangs on a weird place on her. Maybe because of the way the coat is draped?

    Frankly, she is super tall and skinny, right? Nothing could look that terrible on her. I just think she often looks like she got dressed in the dark, or just threw on whatever she could find to make a grocery store run, instead of dressing for an event.

  5. Meh, I didn't like yesterday's outfit (looked too much like pajamas) and I don't like this one either. I'm probably in the minority, but I think Jenna has become kind of boring she has a uniform of sorts...glasses, bright lipstick, skinny pant, bright shoe. I guess I have a work day uniform too, but I expect more from a fashion icon.

  6. Was in the store tonight at closing time and heard tomorrow will be 30% off all store. FYI.

    1. Hi St Germain - Ooh, do you know how long the 30% run till, and will it only be applied to sale items, excluding full price items? TIA.

  7. I see these pants don't look any better on her than they did on me. Those visible front pockets just ruin them.

  8. I like the shoes.

    Now we see why capris are about all J Crew keeps pushing. I'm thinking of you JCAs who want more full length pant options.

  9. Agree Gigi, her shoes are nice. :) Speaking of full length pants, I do like the stovepipe pants this season, as an alternative to all the cropped styles.

  10. Is that bag just hanging on her neck? Ow! I don't mind the outfit, it's cute, minus the coat. And I hate hemming so I'm a fan of the capri-length pants style.

  11. Eh, I have to admit I hate Jenna's styling. Sometimes she has pieces that work but I can't think of an entire outfit that I've seen her in recently that I actually liked. And those oversized glasses have got to go!

  12. The strap on that bag is too short.

    That is all.

  13. I love Jenna. She can do no wrong in my eyes. Even if I don't necessarily think her outfit is necessarily wearable, I feel she always looks so fresh and like she's being true to herself and her own sense of style. And in interviews she always comes across as the exact opposite of a high fashion snob.

  14. It's sooo Jenna meets Steve Urcle


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