Thursday, December 6, 2012

JGIC Product Review: Dear Santa {Top 10 List!}

A big "thanks!" to J.Crew Guy In Canada who is graciously reviewing Men's items from J.Crew with us. In this review, he looks at his top picks for for men:
Well ladies, you asked for it and here it is, my version of a top ten list.  No it's not ten items and no it's no in any particular order.   But for those of you interested these are items I have or would enjoy getting..  Hint, hint, wink, wink.

  1. J.Crew makes some wonderful ties and most guys have some decent silk ones, but how about wool or a wool/silk blend? My personal favorites are the ones that match so many different things and work with suits, chinos and even denim.  Try the Shadow-Stripe Tie in Charcoal (#39962).  Made in the USA allowing you to feel good about spending money and helping the economy.

    Pindots have been featured and recommended by GQ, the style bible for many of us.  Why not try one in academy purple?  Item #51133 will work nicely.  And purple looks great with grey suits or trousers.  White shirt and you're good to go.

    Last tie suggestion, Macartney Stripe in Wool-Silk (#15037).  A grey field with a pop of bright colour, in golden mustard, aka yellow, or felt green or bright pomegranate.  And by the way who names these colours?
  2. A good tie needs some bling, a silver tie clip works.  Not some diamond studded piece, we all know that diamonds are for the ladies.  Try one of the silver J.Crew ones like the Rounded Sterling-Silver Clip (#11327), or the Bobby Pin Sterling-Silver Tie Clip (#11323).  Both of these are slimmer, smaller ones so if your guys wears wide ties buy him a tie from the above list or get him #21821 which will work well on a wider tie.
  3. The Classic Roll Neck Sweater.  I remember seeing these way back in the nineties, and this new one is updated with a slimmer cut.  I have one from last year and it's works great with a tee underneath or a button down.  My personal favorite is the Heather Indigo (#33108).  And don't all guys look good in blue?
  4. Another cozy option is the Marled Lambswool Shawl Collar Sweater (#49202).  Again an easy option, go with a tee under it or a button down shirt.  In my opinion the hot colour is heather cognac.  Perfect for going out for dinner or a movie, or just hanging out.
  5. Love me some good fleece and J.Crew makes some study, comfortable ones.  My go to uniform for watching TV in the evening is a fleece crewneck and pants.  Warm, comfortable and easy to wash.  Try the Utility Fleece Pant (#34194).  I wear a medium in the fleece utilty fleece and in dress pants and jeans take a 33" so hope that helps you find the right size.

    Throw a crewneck in there and you're good to go.  Try #96270.  Size wise a medium is somewhat fitted, but not tight or cheesey looking, so if you're wanting a more relaxed loose look size up.

    If fleece can be dressed up it's the Shawl-Collar Sweatshirt (#51890).  No one will think you're ready for a job interview, but the collar moves you past the usual sweatshirt look.
  6. Bright colourful socks or strongly patterned ones are another thing the GQ boys endorse.  While Corgi makes some wonderful ones I'm unable to get behind $38 (Canadian price) socks.  Try #76803 in Blue Teal red or for the more conservative fellow #19320 in Heather Charcoal Stripe.  I'd list more options but you get the picture.
  7. Every Christmas list needs some cashmere and here it is, in a one size fits all scarfTry a plaid like #54175 or a solid such as #54104.  I can't speak for the wear or piling as I have wool ones from BR, sorry J.Crew but they offered a better deal and the colour I was after.
  8. For guys with a sense of humour or someone who has everything try "How to be a Man" by Glenn O'Brien.  He writes a monthly column for GQ titled "The Style Guy" and if the book is like his column it'll be fun and worth a read.  It's #73047 and for $34 for us Canucks it should be worthwhile.
  9. Every list needs some ridiculous item and here's mine, a chrome plated, made in Spain stapler for his desk.  It's just under $400 (#23891).  And seriously if a guy could afford a $400 stapler he should have staff to do that sort of thing for him.
  10. If your guy swims or you have a hot holiday planned get him some good board shorts.  Now these are unlined meaning there's no mesh underwear deal inside, but they fit great, wear well and will help him look cool.  I have a couple pairs and they worked so well in Maui last year I'm going there again in 2013.  Trunks/board shorts with an elastic waist band make you look more 'muffin top'-ish and who needs that so go with ones like a 7" or 9" inseam one.  Check out #82845 in Chilmark Plaid or a Solid Cargo Board Short (#56558).  These fit just like other J.Crew pants so take a peek in his waist band and get him some that fit.
I tried to keep the list as easy to get right as possible.  If you're more flush with cash get him a Ludlow Blazer and for those of us on a budget try a Croc- Embossed Leather Flask (#38773) for about $40.  And like the old cliche says it's the thought that counts.
What a great "top ten" list for gentleman this holiday season! "Thanks!" again to J.Crew Guy In Canada for his in-depth look at the classic gifts that every man should get!

By the way, how crazy is the price of that stapler!? Is it meant to be used? And if so, who is buying and using this? I can kind of understand expensive pens. But an expensive stapler?! J.Crew Guy In Canada is right: if you can afford that stapler you can afford to not staple (oh the catch!)

What are your thoughts on any of the J.Crew pieces for Men discussed in this post? Do you own any of these pieces? If so, please share with us your review. :)


  1. Nice list, your posts are always a good read.

    That stapler is something else. My husband has an Bostich electric stapler on his desk. You just stick the corner or edge of the papers in and it staples them perfectly in a flash and it's kind of fun too.

  2. Love your reviews just for the great writing and therefore great reading.

  3. Awesome post! I'm interested in getting my husband either of the two flasks offered (he loves his whiskey!) and I'm wondering if anyone has bought this item. How is the quality? Thanks!

  4. I really love the heather cognac color in that shawl collar sweater. Once again j crew guy, a fun read! Some great suggestions in here!

  5. Thank you J.Crew Guy! My fiancé was just bemoaning his lack of tops and sweaters so this list is perfect and timely. :)


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