Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve! {celebrating with J.Crew?}

Happy New Year J.Crew Aficionadas & Aficionados!

I want to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful new year! {yey!} I look forward to celebrating the up-coming 2013 J.Crew collections with you all. :)

As usual, this post is to find out what everyone is planning to wear tonight. I know I have mentioned this before, but I also really enjoy these posts. I find it interesting to see how other Aficionadas and Aficionados style certain pieces, providing me wonderful ideas for future outfits. :) So for this post, what we are planning to wear during New Years Eve and/or New Years Day? :)

As for me, I am going for comfort (since I have no plans to step outside my house!) I am going to pair the Loomknit Sweatshirt in Stripe with the Saturday Pant (both from J.Crew of course!). The plan: watch a bunch of movies, eat some good food, take an afternoon nap, and watch one of the count-down shows around 11:30PM.

What are you planning to wear this New Year (Eve or Day)? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. I'm planning to wear the black and white sequin polka dot top (I snagged it on final sale with 30 percent off in store this weekend). Haven't decided if I'm keeping it casual with a pair of matchsticks or dressier with one of my city minis in red or hot pink with some knee high boots. Happy New Year!

  2. STYLE2013 for 30% off final sale items thru Jan 4. 30% off final sale continues in-store. Shop with the Irl Pic Guide.

  3. FYI: J.Crew is having an extra 30% sale items that will end on January 4.

    Happy New Year fellow JCAs and Alexis! I wish everyone good health, prosperity and happiness in 2013. And looking forward to what J.Crew will have in store for us come Spring!

    I'm probably going wear something casual - J.Crew Western Denim Shirt, JBrand dark rinse jeans, Midnight Tweed Jacket and white converse. My Daughter, Hubby and I are going to my sister's for lunch to celebrate my nephew's birthday. Will be going home before sundown and will not be ringing in the New Year at her place since I don't want to be on the road with all the revelers, its not safe for my 4 year old.

    So no party outfit for me.
    Be safe and enjoy everyone! xo

  4. No heating and no hot water and it's freezing, I'm wearing so many sweatshirts/fleeces pairs of sweatpants I don't know where to begin.

    1. That is terrible :-( I hope you'll get heat back soon.

  5. That J. Crew catalog picture cracks me up! Are those cuffed shorts worn over tights? lol! I think I love her coat, though, and I totally love the playfulness of the photo.

  6. I'll be home, cozy in sweats, watching revelers freeze their bums off.
    Had I gone out as originally planned, I would have worn a billowy RL silk shirt with the reverse tuxedo pant and fuchsia heels with lips to match. Oh well.

    OT: I have been pining for that coat for la very ong time. Missed out on it when it came out and can't even remember why now.
    If anyone has one laying around in a size 0 or 2 that's not feeling the love, I have a closet that would welcome it with open arms.

  7. Having some neighbors over so no one has to drive. Planning on wearing my Hothouse Floral Top with Toothpick cords in Cabernet. Most probably ballet flats or slippers. Happy New Year, let's hope that 2013 is a wonderful, happy, and healthy year for everyone.

  8. I checked my liver into the Betty Ford Clinic a few days ago, so it's a quiet booze free night for me tonight. I'll be making a pizza and watching movies in snuggly sweats. Today I'm doing errands and I'm wearing a black/cream striped J. Crew thermal from last year along with an Excursion vest under my puffy Columbia Sportswear coat. It's freezing in Portland! Happy New Year to you all!

  9. Happy New Year everyone! We are celebrating at home this year, and I am wearing Hue leggings, an Eileen Fisher turtleneck tunic, Vince stripe blanket sweater, and La Canadienne knee boots.

    Tomorrow's outfit will probably be my J.Crew vintage slim jeans, ivory Vince turtleneck sweater, J.Crew Excursion vest in Warm Bisque, J.Crew pave link bracelet, and J.Crew driving

  10. After being all decked out in JC for Christmas I'll be in pj's tonight and tomorrow. Hubby and I are celebrating with a quiet night in - movies, good food and champagne, and a day on the couch tomorrow watching college football. Wishing you all a fabulous New Year full of happiness!

  11. Wearing the sequin Etta pumps, black wool minnie's, take a vow bow sweater in dusk black, new black schoolboy blazer, classic link bracelet! Happy New Year everyone!

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  13. Happy New Year, JCAs!

    Wearing Minnie pants &. Funnelneck hoodie.

  14. Happy new year JCAs- I loved reading everyone's outfits. So many good ideas!!! :)

  15. Happy new year Alexis and JCAs! I'm wearing some J.Crew flannel pjs right now, preparing for a night of takeout and movies.

  16. Happy New Year, Alexis, and thanks for all of your hard work with JCA!

  17. Big party at our neighborhood club house with DJ dancing and lots of fun will be wearing black jeans black J Crew turtleneck and some sparkly red flats


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