Monday, December 29, 2014

Cece is Back at J.Crew! Well, is it?

Many of us were bummed out this year when we heard that J.Crew planned to discontinue the Cece Ballet Flat (refer to January's "J.Crew Dumps Cece for Emma!" post, April's "J.Crew Listens To Customer To Bring Back A Favorite" post). JCAs rejoiced when J.Crew decided to bring back the amazing ballet flats this Fall (refer to August's "J.Crew Realizes Love For Cece {it's coming back!}" and September's "J.Crew's Cece Ballet Flat Now Available {for pre-order}"posts).

J.Crew finally decided to send an email announcing the re-introduction of their Cece Leather Ballet Flats (item 64408; $125.00), as well as the Cece Suede Ballet Flats (item 46198, $125.00), today.

I saw a few pairs at my local store and immediately ran over to them. I didn't have time to try them on, but something looked a little different about them. Nothing major, but slightly different.

A fellow JCA reported that the Cece's are no longer made in Italy. The following is a comparison of their old and new descriptions and sure enough, she was right!
New: We resurrected one of our most popular ballet flats from the J.Crew archives—and for good reason. With a cushioned insole for maximum comfort, a rubber sole for maximum flexibility and an elasticized topline so they hug your feet just so, they feel as good as they look. Suede upper. Elasticized topline. Cushioned insole, slight interior wedge. Rubber sole. Import.

Old: Beautifully styled in sumptuous suede (from Italy, of course). Our designers deliberated over every detail to ensure our ballets are the most comfortable you'll ever wear, adding more padding, removing the shank and finishing them with an arch-hugging wedge. We think they've nailed it. Elasticized topline. Cushioned insole.Italian suede upper. Made in Italy.
I am still thrilled to see that the Cece's have returned at J.Crew. Although I am sad to hear they are no longer made in Italy.

I do hope the quality is the same as their older counterparts and look forward to having them stay around!

Have you purchased (or tried on) the newest version of the Cece flats? Do you find the new Cece's to be the same as its predecessors? If so, please share! :)


  1. I'd be interested in hearing what some of the other JCAs say about the new Ceces. I have several pairs of Cleo loafers and noticed the ones I've purchased earlier on were all Made in Italy with my latest pair (purchases a few months ago) was noted as Made in Brazil with a much thicker and stiffer sole. The quality IMO had def gone down - though the retail price had not!

  2. I tried the new Ceces and was very disappointed :( I sent them back. They were very wide and floppy in my usual size (and my feet are on the wide side).

  3. Looking forward to try them on... I had tried the older version in the past and did not find them a good fit for my feet. I am curious how much cushion they put on the insoles this time. In my opinion Banana Republic and Ann Taylor have more comfortable (less stylish and colorful though) flats for work.

    Julia || Closet de Jules
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  4. I thought the new ones fit the same as the old ones but I only did a quick try on, haven't worn them around as I purchased backups for my existing pairs. I'm mostly disappointed that there is not a Navy colorway of the leather one! I have worn holes through my old ones.

  5. They are a bit wider in the middle. I only noticed the difference on the foot that is a tiny bit smaller. It's not enough to get me to send them back, but it took a few days of wearing around my carpet only office to decide.

  6. I am super bummed that the quality has fallen by the wayside, yet the price doesn't reflect that - no surprise there. In my quest to find a better ballet flat, I have fallen in love with Tieks. They're much more comfortable and in more colors than you can shake a stick at. They're gorgeous italian leather and more comfortable than anything I've ever worn.
    Sorry J.Crew, you've lost me.

  7. Ladies, the price finally dropped. They are on 50% additional sale where it ends up being about $35 plus tax. It's final sale. I'm disappointed to hear it's no longer man in Italy as my old Cece is my beloved pair of flats. But at $35, I think it's worth giving them another try if you've been waiting for the CeCe to come back. Hope this helps.


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