Friday, December 26, 2014

Post Christmas Sales at J.Crew, Factory, & Madewell

"Thanks!" to many of you, who let us know about the following post-Christmas promotions!

There are new arrivals over at J.Crew! There are some new items for men (click here) & women (click here). {wahoo!} It looks like Crewcuts (click here) has been updated, but not the J.Crew Collection (click here). J.Crew is reminding customers to take 30% off full-price styles & extra 40% off winter sale styles with promo code HOLIDAYTIME. This offer expires today, December 26, 2014.

J.Crew Factory is offering an additional 30% off clearance items with promo code HAPPYSALE. This offer expires December 28, 2014. They are also offering 30% off on select new arrivals.

Lastly, Madewell is offering an additional 30% off sale styles with promo code FORYOU. This promotion expires December 28, 2014. As always, they offer free shipping on all orders.

Will you be taking advantage of any promotion? Any items you are interested in? If so, please share!


  1. Meh. I'm completely uninspired by J.Crew right now. In all honesty, looking at their site is rather depressing.

  2. I agree, very uninspired. I get on the website and get off pretty quickly. Getting repetitive in a boring way.

  3. They can put pretty colors on weirdly shaped clothing and I'm still not going to buy it. There isn't anything at all that I want. They could mark it all down 90% and I wouldn't buy anything.

  4. A review of the Madewell Hayes Boots here HTH!

  5. what does it mean when an item in your wishlist just disappears? Not a "sorry sold out" out "out of stock" next to it, but them item is just gone, and doesn't show up in a search or anything? weird.
    And yes, agree that the mini rollout was not exciting. As cate said, no amount of percent off on weirdly shaped clothing will tempt me. I wore the boiled wool sweater in ivory (with the 2 side zips) for Christmas day, and was just looking thru photos taken that day and I look pretty awful. Very boxy and shapeless and no waist. ha.

    1. i too have noticed this! to keep an eye on items i really want, I've gone bk to simply saving the urls of the items. that way i can chk for pop backs now & then, even if the item is removed frm my wish list.

  6. Popped into the store today, with all the post Christmas sales going on, nothing in JCrew to tempt the shopper, even Tory B had sales with add'l percent off, Bloomies cashmere @70% off . JCrew rather sad... and empty.
    I think they need to figure it out

  7. I almost bought something from Madewell online today, but then I saw that it was Final Sale so I closed the window. I don't need to get stuck with something that doesn't fit, and I wasn't sure about my size. J. Crew has been pretty great about taking back Final Sale things I've made a mistake with, but I can't count on it at Madewell.

  8. Factory - review of the stripe fleece hoodie & lace-front tee in this post.

  9. I am also throwing a party for my friends this new year and that is why I was so busy with party planning and did not even think what to wear but you have sorted out my problem and thanks for that.

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