Wednesday, December 3, 2014

J.Crew Factory Exclusive Early Access: Shop new arrivals before everyone else

"Thanks!" to many of you, who shared the following news/email from J.Crew Factory with us.

J.Crew Factory is offering a sneak peek at the latest arrivals with prices up to 40% off! They are also throwing in free shipping (no min!). Both these offers are just for today! So check your email to see if you got the invite and code.

There are a lot of cute things over at Factory. Just nothing I am overwhelming excited about. Surprising for the holiday rollout. On a different note, I am surprised by the number of tee shirts for Winter. (Although, I do think the Factory merry cheers collector tee is super cute!)

Have you received this email? Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? Any items you are interested in? If so, please share!


  1. Hi, can someone please be so kind as to share the link? Thanks in advance!!

  2. I think the fox sweater is so freakin' cute but I'm not jumping because - how much longer are critter sweaters going to be "in"? I had the fox in glasses sweater that everyone else had last year from ON & have donated it already. They just don't seem to have much of a shelf life & I am not willing to pay even $53 for a sweater that I might not wear past this season. Everything else: meh. Was hoping for a new Winnie colorway!

  3. Thanks for the link, Taylor! I like the ruffle hem tanks for work.

    My retail concept store was getting in spring stuff yesterday -- so crazy to even think about warm clothes yet! Lots of emerald green, navy, and geometric patterns. Nothing caught my eye.

    Hosting a monogram giveaway at the blog today, if anyone is interested.

    Partial to Pink

  4. Hi ladies - just wanted to give a grateful shout out to silver_lining and several other ladies that posted about the possible Madewell Ames boot appearing on the factory site. I couldn't pass on it when I saw that the price went down today. With the cardshop promo, it's a great deal. In my invoice it shows up as the factory Ames boot....I am optimistic that it really is the madewell one (fingers crossed)! Thanks for mentioning it, otherwise I would have totally missed it!

    1. I went back and forth yesterday since I have not had much luck with Madewell boots for sizing and fit. But today for $63 I figured why not, I placed an order for two sizes and got free shipping and 25% off. Let's see what we all get, I did notice that they changed the name of the boot.

    2. Has anyone that ordered the Ames/Factory boot gotten a shipping notice or even better received theirs? I am thinking they are having an 'oh s**t' moment and running to the Madewell warehouse to fill these orders.

    3. Hi JRSConifer - mine shipped, but it definitely too longer than my orders usually do. I had the same thought as you! Will post in the Reviews thread Tuesday when they get here.

    4. Thanks silver_lining. I had ordered a tee on the same order and that shipped but the boots are still 'open'. I saw the boots in a Madewell store and wanted to try them on but they did not have my size. Can't wait for your review and fingers crossed, we got the 'Ames' and they work out for everyone.

  5. OT: Check out my "I'm Pushing it Real Good" review of the J. Crew Toothpick Jeans in this post


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