Monday, December 1, 2014

Surprise! J.Crew Sends Their Love

"Thanks!" to Happylittlewitch (in this post), who shared the following delightful surprise/ news with us:
OT - Check your mail for a nice surprise from JCrew! I just received a nice sized box with a lovely candle (carriere freres). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
"Thanks!" also to Marie (in this post), who confirmed the gift with us:
I am happy with anything J.crew sends over for Christmas but this year is particularly lovely: a Carriere Freres candle in Lavender. In his note, Mickey asked how they can improve next year to make the cardmember experience better.
As JCAs already know, J.Crew sends Holiday presents to lucky JCAs every year. In the past it has been day planners and notebooks, as well as fruits and luggage (yes, luggage!) J.Crew even sends their male customers a different, more gender appropriate gift (like a silk pocket square).

I should also add, I do not really know how J.Crew determines which customers receive what gifts. I believe it has to do with your spending level over the year. But I could be wrong. Their selection criteria is a mystery to me, even though I am sure J.Crew has it down to a science! 

Lastly, this is wonderful gesture for loyal customers! It is a great gift and more importantly, a touching offer for those who receive it. :)

So check your mailbox in the next few days to see if you got something extra special from J.Crew. :)


  1. To anyone who has received J. Crew's gift, keep an eye out for the white card that came with it that says "FREE KARMA" at the top of it. If you go to the website and enter the Gift Code on the card, it seems that J. Crew is making a $50 donation to the project of your choice. They all seem to be public school projects for classrooms around the United States (not sure about other countries). You can add your own donation on top of that if you want to. I really love that J. Crew is doing this :)

    1. Wow, I am so impressed with this. I'm never one of the lucky ones that get the gift because I am on a student budget, but I so appreciate J. Crew for giving their top customers a token of their appreciation and a charitable donation. *Claps* Bravo J Crew!

  2. Greetings JCAs - Like cate, I also received the Free Karma card to make a donation of $50 to a public school project. As someone who has donated to the American Red Cross for the past few years on behalf of my work teammates for the holidays (they get some really good chocolate too!), I think this is a great idea. I'm really impressed. Cheers - Jennifer

  3. I just received my Frolic candle by Austin Press for J.Crew. I am completely blown away to receive a gift from such a huge store!


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