Wednesday, April 16, 2014

J.Crew Stylists Lose Their Minds

"Thanks!" to Rashawnda (in this post), who shared the following:
I am sure that this is out of place for today's topic but am I wrong to think that JCrew really passed off the striped PJ short set with the white linen blazer (in the One Piece/2 ways feature)? Is that really an outfit that one would wear outside the house? JCrew couldn't find real shorts cute enough to display the jacket with? Or is the PJs set that cute that it is wearable outside the house as loungewear? I was just a little perplexed by that display and thought that maybe I missed the boat on the concept...
Yes, I think you are right to question this look. No, this is not really an outfit one would wear outside the home. Do I think the model looks cute in her outfit, sure does. But is that an outfit that someone, anyone, could legitimately wear? Oh no.

What is even funnier is the tag line: "Dressed up. A no-brainer with polished pearls and stripes." First, the pj set is not dressed up because J.Crew slapped on some pearls and covered it with a jacket. Second, the no-brainer comment is ironically spot on. People will think you have lost your mind trying to dress up what is clearly an "around-the-house" top and bottom. Especially, for a "dressed up" event.

What are your thoughts on the style? Do you think I am being overly harsh? Is this a look you think "rocks" or is "rock bottom"? Share your thoughts!


  1. Replies
    1. wellfedfred, are you calling on the Gayle Spannaus signature?

      “There are certain steadfast rules with me: It’s either an eye or a lip. Never both. Ever,”

    2. Lol. You guys have me cracking up.

  2. Lol, no. Just no. Unless my home is on fire, God forbid, I am not venturing out in my pjs. I don't even make it outside in my sweats even though I think they are cute.

    By the way the offending pjs in question are a little sheer for outdoor use and come with a "Keep away from fire" label. I returned them because for some reason that warning label disturbed me.

  3. The scalloped pajama short set came with the same warning label. It freaked me out, too! I promptly sent them back.

  4. I think J. Crew has jumped the shark. Seems like they believe we will blindly follow anything they deem as fashionable. I think it started with those Jenna glasses.

  5. The warning label is actually a good thing; it means the pajamas were NOT treated with a potentially toxic flame retardant chemical, as most children's pajamas are. The requirement says that pajamas up to child size 14 need either to be treated or pass a flame resistance test or have a warning label. I imagine J. Crew's legal team was covering their bases, in case Tweens purchases the women's sleepwear.

  6. Tells you how observant I am, I thought it was actual white linen shorts and shirt... Apparently you can put anything with a white linen blazer in my min. I was trying to figure out if I would wear the blazer with sweatpants!

  7. Honestly, that beautiful blazer paired with the tapered sweatpants in the second look is not much better. I don't know that I would wear those out of the house either.

  8. wow, i would never wear that sweatpants + blazer combo.


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