Wednesday, April 2, 2014

J.Crew's Jenna Lyons Spotted!

The following is from the Daily Mail (click here to read in its entirety):
Who's the model here? J.Crew's Jenna Lyons holds her own beside super-sleek Karlie Kloss at fashion launch
By Danielle Gusmaroli
March 27, 2014

She's the creative director for popular clothing brand J.Crew and on Wednesday Jenna Lyons encapsulated everything the brand stands for when she paraded her own unique style.

The 44-year-old president of the American retailer took centrestage in her signature thick-rimmed glasses and mix-and-match preppy attire that has helped skyrocket the brand to international fashion success.

She held her own beside towering Victoria Secrets beauty Karlie Kloss at a New York bash celebrating the brand's new travel suit on Wednesday.

Jenna rocked a simple white T-Shirt and loose ankle swingers which she teamed with a pair of scarlet suede heels and paraded a customary parted hairstyle. ...

The glittering party saw filmmaker Casey Neistat's short commercial showcasing the new travel suit for J.Crew's Ludlow collection. The award-winning filmmaker created a first person piece called 'Travel With Style,' an original video that highlights how the Ludlow Traveler breaks the mould of the typical buttoned-up look.

Inspired by his adventures, Casey is seen boarding nine flights to eight cities and portrays what travelling in style means to him whilst showcasing the crease-resistant suit. From Ixtapa to Big Bear, snowboarding to surfing, Casey wears the specially woven, three-ply Italian wool suit throughout his journeys covering 11,000 miles. The commercial's manly chunky knit and plaid outfits leave viewers with a warm and fuzzy holiday feeling.

J Crew, which is worn often by Michelle Obama and her daughters, has about 450 stores throughout the U.S. and is run by industry executive Mickey Drexler. Jenna has been creative director since 2008 and is often credited with revamping the retailer, which reported about $2.4billion in annual sales last year.

First and foremost, I always forget that Jenna Lyons is 44 years old. I never associate an age with her, so I was surprised to read it in the article. ;) She looks amazing and can hold her own with any model in the room!

With that said, I am kind over her signature "Jenna" look with the glasses and pulled back hair. But if she loves it, than good for her!

What are your thoughts on Jenna's outfit? Do you like her style? Do you think Jenna should keep or update her look?


  1. I like the contrast between the red suede pumps and her jean wash; agreed that the "Jenna" look needs an update but she certainly made a statement.

  2. I'm not sure what look I'd like better on her, so maybe she should keep this one. She could mix it up with some different glasses without drastically changing her look. That outfit looks a bit 1980s, though :)

  3. The fit on her jeans is just awful.

  4. ... or she could stay in the office and work on editing the line?

  5. Maybe it's an Iris Apfel thing and we'll see it for years and years. Perhaps she figured someone has to take over the look, so start now! I just ignore the glasses at this point. I like the pulled back hair. I also like it down. I like it most when she smiles. Many people don't like their own smiles, which is too bad because a smile generally looks good on anyone. I am loving the denim/tee/jacket/pumps. I might not be able to wear it myself, but I can get behind that look for sure.

    1. Gigi, I thought the same thing about Iris Apfel - Jenna's glasses/pulled back hair is up there with Anna Wintour's bob and sunglasses. I had Jenna fatigue for a while but I liked her better after seeing her on Girls. I just think she needs to get a better team in women's design.

    2. Agreed. This is her signature look. Her branding, so to speak. Most times it works for her. That said, her style is definitely not to my taste. Not to mention, heavy rimmed glasses would overwhelm my features.
      I do admire her for finding her own eccentric style and sticking to it. I have yet to find a style that is so completely me that becomes part of my persona.

  6. Love the red shoes, but can't believe the model is so much taller than Jenna. Jenna s about 6 ft tall, isn't she?

  7. Her look is very original...up until it's her only look for about two years now? Part of the fun of being a girl is that you get to change you hair, clothes, accessories, etc. So when you see Jenna stick and stick to her signature style, it kind of gets boring after a while.


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