Sunday, April 27, 2014

J.Crew May Catalog is Up (& free shipping)

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Slastena, who shared with us that the latest MAY catalog (click here to view) is finally up for customers to page through. Many of you already picked up a paper copy at a B&M store or via snail mail. Yey!

"Thanks!" to GigisGoneShopping (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew is offering free shipping on all orders. No promotional code needed as it is automatically applied at checkout. (Or at least it did for me when I did a mock checkout right now.) It is not clear how long this offer will be running for.

Did you notice free shipping when you checked out today? If so, please share! :)


  1. Thanks for the mention, Alexis :)

    I'm going to get the campbell capris in black, which get 30% off. The solid colors haven't gone on promo + an addtl % off. I think they're worth the current promo price. I love the fabric & fit. I reviewed the campbells in lattice medallion and the campbells in abstract wave. I settled on an 8P in the abstract wave.

  2. Interesting that they'd update the promo on a Sunday - it's probably not doing as well as they hoped. Maybe the global 25% should have been left intact!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I just ordered the linen v-neck sweater in yarn dye in english saddle. I have been eyeing that color for a while but it was sold out. Hurra to pop-back and 30% off!

    1. How is the sizing on that? I never know what to get when it says "relaxed fit". Thanks!


    2. Hi Kimi,

      This is actually my first time ordering the linen v-neck sweater, so I am not sure how the sizing is just yet.

      I usually stick to my regular size when I order from J Crew, regardless of the fit. I am hoping this rule works this time, too!

      sorry that I don't have much info. :(

    3. Hi Kimi - they way I look at it, it will be "relaxed" (slouchy) in your normal size, so if you want it to be more fitted, size down. Reverse that if the item has a "slim" fit. HTH!

    4. I reviewed the linen v-neck on my blog,in a metallic color and in navy.
      One time i tried the smaller size and one time TTS. Both worked,depending on the look you want.
      If you want pics,you can check it out on my blog,a few posts down.

  4. I just ordered the Lillian metallic wedge on pop-back in 5.5, yay! I've been stalking it every morning 2am PST, (i know obsessed much) hoping it pops back in my size.

    I'm so indecisive with shoes--I can't decide between the Callie metallic or the Lillian metallic. I know I will wear the Lillian more because of its low height...but I love the cross straps on the Callie, and I've seen similar metallic silver heels from Prada this season...

    I also ordered the rectangular necklace in sea mist. I saw it at a B&M, and it was instant love. The photo does not do the necklace justice; you can't tell that its a mint color.

  5. old navy has an amazing knockoff of the lilian wedge sandal:

  6. The Skinny Washed Twill Utility Pants (item a6527) were added to the sale. I'm not sure why they weren't added sooner, as they don't seem to be selling well. I'll put in a good word for these pants again, if anyone is considering them. They fit nicely and the back pockets are plain patch pockets (no flaps and no buttons).

  7. I am so bothered by this cover page in the style guide. What is the model chewing on and why is she chewing on it?


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