Monday, April 21, 2014

J.Crew Factory: 50% Off Everything

"Thanks!" to many of you, who shared the following promotion for J.Crew Factory.

J.Crew is offering Factory Store shoppers a special treat. Customers can take 50% off purchases in stores. This offer is good through today.

These promotions over at Factory are the best! (Customers get the best prices at brick and mortar stores. Better than the "Factory First" promotions too!)

Will you be stopping at a J.Crew Factory Store? Will you be taking advantage of this offer? If so, please share! :)


  1. Awesome. I'm headed to NYC on vacation today and I already planned on stopping by an outlet mall during our road trip. This is perfect timing.

  2. I've reviewed a ton of the new Factory items. Just put up the punk floral top & skimmers.

    1. Great reviews, Gigi! I was considering the factory punk floral top but I just can't do poly. I wore a poly top last summer and the static was horrible. And it doesn't breathe at all!

    2. Thanks for the reviews. I don't mind poly at all. Easy wear around kids and I don't worry about dry cleaning bills. Ordered a lot from this sale to try as did not feel like driving the hour to the outlet mall.

  3. I finally broke down and picked up some shorts for my boys and the seahorse tshirt. Trying to save some money for Weds. site update but failing!


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