Monday, April 21, 2014

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to sell}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves. This post is where you can mention your items and outside listing/ auction site (like eBay and eCrater & the corresponding user ID).

Please note: this posting is not for resellers, retailers or businesses. If you are a reseller, retailer, or a business, your comment gets automatically deleted & you will get publicly called out on it. :( So instead of this, simply do not post in the Weekly Exchanges. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site?

Sidenote: What's up with JCAs writing "sub" or "subscribing" as their comment? It just means they are subscribing to all the comments (which are then automatically sent to their email) in that particular thread. This way they can stay aware of all the comments posted. :)


  1. EUC (once worn) flower bud print scarf (A4499) in pozzoli pink $25

    EUC (I believe actually NWOT) tippi in midnight, size XS $25

    EUC (like new) rumpled stripe popover in radiant orchid, size 0 $25

    NWOB pearl shoe clips (a8700) $15

    NWOT tippi sweater in brilliant purple, size S $25

    NWT streetscape cape (47291), size XS $70

    NWT white toothpick ankle jeans, size 25 $30

  2. EUC J.Crew Tippi Merino Cardigan in Vintage Kelly, Sz. M (91212) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Tippi Merino Cardigan in Garland Green, Sz. M (91212) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Tippi Merino Cardigan in Byzantine Blue, Sz. M (91212) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Tippi Merino Colorblock Cardigan in Green/Navy, Sz. M (21941) - $35
    EUC J.Crew Tippi Merino Sweater in Vintage Kelly, Sz. M (46725) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Tippi Merino Sweater in Heather Dockside, Sz. M (46725) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Tippi Merino Sweater in Neon Azalea, Sz. M (46725) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Tippi Merino Sweater in Heather Turquoise, Sz. M (46725) - $38
    EUC J.Crew Merino V-neck sweater in Pack Green, Sz. M (46164) - $25
    EUC J.Crew Striped Costine V-neck sweater, Sz. M (39995) - $25
    EUC J.Crew No. 2 Double Serge Wool pencil skirt in Vivid Jade, Sz. 10 (88707) - $45
    EUC J.Crew Boy shirt in Barbados Plaid, Sz. 10 (71613) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Blush buffalo check shirt, Sz. 10 (28642) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Jacquard dot popover in naples blue, Sz. 10 (85648) - $35
    EUC J.Crew Boy shirt in dots, Sz. 10 (40818) - $35
    GUC J.Crew featherknit floral tank in carbon gray, Sz. S (49600) - $20
    EUC J.Crew Drapey sequin tank top in black, Sz. L (32360) - $25
    EUC J.Crew Katie Colorblock Cami in light blue/gray, Sz. 8 (36736) - $20
    EUC J.Crew Vintage cotton sunburst tank in grey, Sz. M (34085) - $25
    EUC J.Crew Spindrift Sweatshirt in Blue Vintage Champagne, Sz. M (67730) - $25
    EUC J.Crew wool print scarf in snakeskin - $30
    EUC J.Crew (factory) Silk blythe blouse in Casablanca Blue, Sz. M (98451) - $30
    EUC J.Crew (factory) Perfect fit shirt in faded chambray, Sz. M (21779) - $25
    EUC J.Crew (factory) Perfect fit shirt in gingham plaid aqua, Sz. M (23225) - $25
    EUC J.Crew (factory) sequin tank in heather oat, Sz. L (31849) - $15
    EUC Banana Republic Isabel tie-neck tank in black herringbone, Sz. M - $20
    EUC Ann Taylor gray/blue/navy colorblock v-neck sweater, Sz. M - $25
    EUC Talbots mini-stripe cardigan in blue ceramic combo, Sz. M - $25
    EUC Hudson bootcut jeans in Glacier, 35” inseam, Sz. 29 - $50

    Please let me know if you're interested in any items or would like to see additional pictures. I’ll be bringing most of these items to a resale shop by the end of the week. Prices above include shipping to US. Add $10 for US Priority shipping to Canada. Contact me at Feel free to make an offer on multiple items.

  3. Most prices reduced from last week! I am doing a major closet cleanout of clothing that no longer fits (or never did). The EUC items have been worn either once or twice. All prices include priority mail shipping to the U.S. or Canada. These items have been in storage for some months, but I am happy to have them dry cleaned if you are willing to endure a slight shipping delay. I accept PayPal for payment. If you are interested in any of these items, would like pictures, or have any questions, please contact me at jacinda dot lanum at gmail dot com.

    J.Crew items:
    EUC silk butterfly blouse in academic green, size 6, $50
    EUC silk secretary blouse in hummingbird floral, size 6, $75
    EUC cap sleeve dress in navy tonal tweed, size 6, $75

    EUC embroidered halycon dress in red motif, size 10, $125
    EUC embroidered plume dress in yellow, size 10, $75
    EUC lace fable pencil skirt in mint, size 8, $50
    EUC greener gardens buttondown in green motif, size 6, $50
    EUC shade garden dress in navy, size 10, $75
    EUC dogflora midi dress in red, size M, $50
    EUC Byron Lars lasercut shirtdress in black motif, size 4, $75

    Diane von Furstenberg:
    EUC New Jeanne 2 wrap dress in graphic petals black, size 8, $125
    EUC New Julian 2 wrap dress in teal leaves, size 8, $125
    EUC New Jeanne 2 wrap dress in coral confetti, size 8, $125
    EUC New Julian 2 wrap dress in corn weave pink, size 8, $125

    NWOT Sheath dress in slate, size 6, $100
    NWOT Piped sheath black and white, size 6, $150
    EUC Stirrup print belted dress, black and ivory, size S (2-4), $125
    EUC Maggie ruffled wrap dress, black, size S (2-4), $100
    EUC Jane office dress in link print, navy, size S (2-4), $100
    Raw edge sheath dress in black and white confetti tweed, size 12, $150

    Yoana Baraschi
    NWT Murano lace jacket in black, size 10, $100
    NWT Murano lace jacket in chalk (white), size 10, $100

    Karen Millen
    NWT oversize Oriental print dress, size 10, $125

    1. The DVF coral confetti dress is sold!

    2. The secretary blouse in hummingbird floral is also sold!

  4. Prices reduced from last week; ready to sell these things :) Some hard-to-find items are listed.

    Several J Crew items on ebay here:
    Auctions ending between Monday and Friday. Items are:

    EUC M Banana Republic Pink Strip Sweater $10
    EUC 10 Leo Scarlet Liberty Shirt $36
    NWT 10 Golden Burgandy Cotton No 2 Pencil Skirt $35
    EUC 10 Trouser Jeans $8
    EUC 31 Land's End Canvas Jeans $12
    NWT Anthro Tolani Tithal Silk Poncho M $50
    NWT 12 Silk Twill Wide Leg Collection Pant (Golden Paisley)-$62
    EUC Anthro Heyhoe Silk Graphic Flutters Dress Sz 8 $59.99
    EUC 10 Sailor Stripe Boy Shirt $20
    EUC L BR Organic Cotton Cardigan $16.99

    Thanks for looking-have a great week :)

  5. PayPal only; US shipping included in prices. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Contact me at susan (dot) vandenbergh (at) gmail (dot) com


    NWB 26321 Kerrington leather ballet flats / 10 / chocolate / $100
    NWB 28711 Flannery ballet flats / 9.5 / hthr carbon / $70
    EUC 37224 Lucca suede sandals / 9.5 / dusty cedar / $60

    NWT 31935 Sunnie pencil skirt (wool) / 10 / gold multi / $70
    NWT 28387 Corduroy pencil skirt / 10 / golden wood / $40
    NWT 28387 Corduroy pencil skirt / 10 / rich brown / $40
    NWT 39548 Heirloom lace pencil skirt / 12 / faded black / $70

    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / sweet almond / $50
    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / hthr caramel / $50
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / orchid shadow / $40
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / navy / $40

    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / olive moss / $50
    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / dark slate / $50
    NWT 12072 Stripe three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / rose / $30
    NWT 11454 Solid three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / bright hydrangea / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / bold peri / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / warm burgundy / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / dragonfly blue / $30


    NWOT 38635 Coliseum chain necklace / brass ox / $35
    NWT 39261 Wayward jean shirt in desert willow wash / XL / desert willow / $60


    NWT WBRU3087 "A feather in your cap" idiom bangle bracelet / multi / $50
    NWT WBRU3085 "A shining light" idiom bangle bracelet / aqua / $50
    NWT WBRU1300 "A penny for your thoughts" idiom bangle bracelet / cream / $45
    NWT WBRU1957 "Draw the line" idiom bangle bracelet / black / $25


    NWB 79446 Boushi sandal (3" heel) / EU size 40 / grey / $275
    NWB 80148 Ramsita oxford (2" heel) / EU size 40 / navy / $275


    NWB D32895 Air Talia mid-heel pump / 9.5 B / black leather / $150
    NWB D32899 Air Talia mid-heel pump / 9.5 B / ironstone grey suede / $150

  6. Good morning! All prices are firm and include the cost of shipping. Please email trestippy(at) if you are seriously interested and provide your paypal email address for an invoice.

    Photos at *If you see an item listed, it is still available!

    -cafe capri in geranium lace size 0 $75 shipped

    -lucia suede ruffle front ballet flats in black size 7.5GUC $25 shipped

    -Patent leather Iris tortoise T strap gladiator sandals sz 8 $35 shipped

    -Two tone denim Cece ballet flats sz 7.5 $45 shipped

    -super 120s pinstripe trousers (navy) size 2 (see blog posting for measurements) $25 shipped

    -pearl cluster necklace (authentic) $55 shipped

    -Twisted stitch sweater in cream, XS $15 shipped

    -fairgame rugby striped top XS $20 shipped

    -sheer silk velvet dot button down size S $80 shipped

    -letterman varsity sweater jacket XS $110 shipped

    -Marled Cloudcover sweatshirt top size XS $15 shipped

    -Chevron v neck sweater size XS $20 shipped

    -Paisley blue pencil skirt size 2 $20 shipped

    -Cotswold vest charcoal grey S $35 shipped

    Zara floral print shift dress from last summer size S $81 shipped

    AG jeans for Anthropologie knit tees in berry & orange size XS (and including a striped tee by iris & navy for free) $56 shipped

    NWOT Theory Spotted print blouse size S & NWOT Theory Spotted print pants size 2 $85 shipped for both (originally $385)

    Anthropologie Spiral Bands sandals by Megumi Ochi sz 37.5 $35 shipped

    Anthropologie grey faux fur lined hoodie by Saturday Sunday size S $35 shipped

    Anthropologie Karen Nicol laced dots sweater size S. Had tiny moth hole in back. $20 shipped

  7. EUC Jericho hobo in deep atlantic—blue, $65 shipped
    EUC Madewell Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans in Canister Wash / 25 / $40 shipped
    EUC Hugo Guinness for J.Crew cashmere terrier sweater, XS, $90 shipped
    EUC Collection Bead-embellished Merino Wool Sweater, navy, XS, $40 shipped
    NWT Madewell-- [BlankNYC] Vegan Leather Pants / 26 / TRUE BLACK/ item 04146/ $60 shipped
    EUC Kate Spade olsen dress, size 2, $135 shipped
    NWOB Kate Spade kiki wedge, navy and silver, size 7, $120 shipped
    EUC Kate Spade gold Wrightsville Stevie bag, $60 shipped
    US ship only, paypal
    Condupuy at Verizon dot net

  8. Hi All-Selling the following and all items include shipping:

    Ponte Peplum Top in White , S: $30

    Painter Boatneck Tee in Cabernet, M: $15

    Painter Boatneck Tee in strip, M: $15

    Factory Tiered Lace Tank, BNWT, Size S, Color Navy: $15

    Provence Dress, BNWT, White , EUC, Sz 8: $30

    Steve Madden Ranchh Boots, Sz 9: $30:

    Naughty Monkey Black Domination Boots, size 9: $25

    Lucky Brand Ivory Knit Leggings, NIB: $15

    David Khan Nikki Bootcut Jeans, Sz 30: $35

    Madewell: Linen V-Neck in Palm: Size M: $15:

    Anthro Country Quarters Tank, Size S: $30

    Anthro Gossamar Waves Dress, BNWT, Navy $20

    Anthro Lunner Tank, yellows, M: $15

    Alex & Ani Letter K bracelet: $10

    Alex & Ani Letter G bracelet: $10

    Clarks Indigo Finch Wedge Sandal in Chocolate: Sz 9: $25

    Sperry Angelfish Rose Gold Metallic: Size 9 $25

    Other items:

    Please email if interested or would like IRL pictures.

  9. FOR SALE: Olde school J. Crew Items:

    $25 each for cardigans
    $35 each for skirts
    Shipping and tracking included

    Ski Motif Cardigan Size Medium
    Sailboat Motif Cardigan Size Medium
    Fresco Floral Cardigan Size Medium
    Jardin Jacquard Pencil Skirt Size 2
    Floating Roses Flair Skirt Size 4 (New with Tags)
    Watercolor Leopard Pencil Skirt Size 2

    All items in excellent used condition and worn only 1 or 2 times. US Shipping Only. PayPal Only. For questions or photos please email me at

  10. Hi there, I am selling a Moonglow paisley silk tee! item 07929. New without tags and unworn. Purchased for me as a gift but it is too small. I do not have the store tags so I cannot return it. I would also swap for a size 12. Contact me cdsutton at bellaliant dot net if interested. Thank you!

  11. Happy Monday! I added a bunch of new items to my ebay page including:

    Linen Bermudas Sz 2
    Fiji print Zoey Dress, Sz 0
    Navy and Yellow argyle cardi, Sz S
    Kate Spade oversize bow cocktail ring

    Plus I have lots of classic JC pieces like:
    Merino Confetti Sequin Stripe Sweater, XS
    Mixed Stitch Cardi in White, Sz XS
    Sanur Dress, Sz S
    Teagan Top, Sz 0
    Boathouse Shirtdress, Sz 0
    Metallic Beach Cardi, Sz XS
    Travestere Silk Dress, Sz. 4

    And a bunch of white denim, embellished tees and silk camis. Check it out!

  12. EUC/NWOT w/dust storage bag, Hughes Satchel, Brigade Blue, $70 shipped
    (only used when I transferred my belongings to bag, then took them out)

    NWOT w/dust/storage bag, Edie Tri Color Purse/Neutral Vachetta, $80 shipped

    Will consider reasonable offers.

    Email me at

  13. I have a lot of J. Crew on eBay in sz 4/6/S/M. Please take a look and feel free to make an offer on items with no bids!

  14. All prices include shipping w/i the USA! Happy to send pictures upon request, too. Please email me: mere_taylor (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    NWT Tweed Flare Dress, Sz 10, $60
    NWOT Collection Peplum floral top, Sz 6, $50
    EUC Boathouse Shirtdress, Sz 2, $28
    EUC Navy Metallic Vita cami, Sz 6, $20
    EUC Embellished Chambray shirt, Sz 4, $35
    EUC Convertible Jewel-Collar Linen sweater, Sz M, $55
    EUC Stripe Saturday sweater, Sz XS, $25
    EUC Vintage Cotton Baseball Tee, Sz M, $25
    EUC Silver Mirror Metallic Oxfords, Sz 7.5, $65
    EUC Pink Retro Shell, Sz 10, $25
    EUC Schoolboy in chambray, Sz 8, $55
    EUC Grey Captain cardigan, Sz S, $25
    EUC Sunwashed Pink Citrus Jackie Cardigan in stripe, Sz M, $25
    EUC Collection Sequin tank top, Sz S, $35
    EUC High Tide dress, Sz S, $35
    EUC Orange Basketweave Portico dress, Sz 4, $35
    EUC Sailor tee in engineered strip, Sz M, $20
    NWOT silk Tipped Boy shirt in navy, Sz 10, $45
    NWOT lavender Tippi, Sz XS, $20
    EUC denim Workwear Shirtdress, Sz 12, $35

  15. All prices below include US shipping. Please contact me at vonnatellah (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested or would like pictures of any of the items. I provided links to stock photos where available.

    EUC Twist Neck Steel Grey Silk Tank (Fall 10), Style Number 23233, Size 6 - $20

    NWOT Navy City Fit Wool Trousers (Spring 10) Size 12 -$40

    EUC Ginger Double Breasted Merino Cardigan (Spring 10) Style Number 23062, Size M -$30

    EUC Mens Secret Wash Button Down Shirt in Vens Tartan (Fall 10) Size S (Cute on women!) - $25

    EUC Steel Grey Perfect Shirt with Embellished Placket, Size 10 -$30

    NWOT Montreaux zip v-neck cardigan; black; Large, style 35347; HO'10 - $35
    Photo in grey -

    EUC Double Serge Wool Pencil Skirt, Mustard Yellow, Style number 28360, FA'10, Size 10 - $40

    EUC Mirabel Pencil Skirt, item number 42825, faded black sand, size 12 - $45

    EUC No. 2 Pencil Skirt in double-serge cotton, Citron, Size 10 style number 35582 (SU'11) - $40
    This is the one that read more lime green then yellow:

    EUC No. 2 Pencil Skirt in double-serge cotton, Mauve Morning, Size 10 style number 35582 (SU'11) -$40


    VEUC Black Lexington blazer size 10 for same in a size 4, 6 or 8

    NWOB Cristobal heels, blueish-purple, size 8.5 (would fit 7.5 to 8), $25
    EUC Valentina pumps, apricot mist, size 9.5, worn twice, $35
    NWOB Jolie peep-toe pumps, burgundy, size 9.5, $40
    NIB Superga for J Crew. navy with white shoes, size 9.5, $40
    EUC Batik Turtle Clea tank, orange, size 4, $30
    NWT Velvet Toothpicks, navy, size 28, $40
    VEUC Chambray blazer, size 6, $40 or trade for size 2 or 4
    EUC Factory Gladiola pencil skirt, size 2, $25
    EUC Lexington blazer, Iris, size 8P, make me an offer

    Shipping costs would be in addition to above price.

    Thanks so much!
    bobster33 [at] shaw [dot] ca

  17. Hi! Selling a J.Crew Cowl Neck Sweater. Black. Size XL. NWT. From 2011. Buttons on the bottom right side. Can provide photos. Selling for $45. My email is

  18. Selling the gold Nora perforated flats in size 6
    Never worn outside, comes with box and dust storage bag
    Selling these because I usually wear 6.5 and realized I can't make the final sale size 6 work :(.

    $65 shipped with box and dust bag

    alsun2 at

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I have several items on eBay:

    NWT DVF Emilia Sequin Top, size L
    NWT DVF Maryse Sequin Cardigan, size L
    NWT DVF Cholula Ivory Lace Top, size L
    NWT Vera Wang black/navy floral brocade cocktail dress, size 14

  21. On my Ebay account: tons of J. Crew from old school to current, sizes 4-6-8, S/M, and toddler girl Crewcuts. JCAs can buy directly from me and save 10%. Please feel free to make offers on multiple items! Ebay user name: lyuli

    Link to Ebay profile

    Contact me for more info, photos, and offers at:
    stylishchemist at gmail

  22. Prices include U.S. shipping.

    Dorrie Skirt (retail) in modern red, size 0 - EUC $25

    Boy Shirt in Colorblock Oxford (30084) in blue, size 0 – EUC $25

    Dream Crewneck Cardigan (17841, 2009) in black, size small – EUC $38

    Wool Perfect Pencil Skirt from 2009 (fresh plum, size 2) - EUC $50

    Drawstring Tunic (navy, XS) – NWOT $25

    Vintage Cotton Cap Sleeve Tee, white, XS - NWT $18

    Vintage Cotton Cap Sleeve Tee, turquoise, XS - NWT $18

    Factory Convertible Leather Clutch (03838) in blue - NWT $65

    Madewell Vintage Low Flare Jeans (quartzite wash), size 26/32 – NWT $45

  23. J. Crew Toothpick Jeans in Basket Weave Print / EUC / 26R / $20 shipped

    J. Crew Dizzy Anchors Dress / EUC / 00 / $30 shipped

    J. Crew Tippi Sweater in Multistripe / EUC / XS / $20 shipped

    hollyerichsen (at) hotmail (dot) com

  24. Hello! Prices include shipping, domestic. Email me for info
    (alicia) (and) (ava) @

    #93308 Retail Midnight Floral Tee-S- New $30

    #96809 Old School Retail Wool Jersey Stephanie Dress-GUC-S-$25

    #96879 Factory Merino Cardigan-Orange Zebra Print-EUC-S-$34

    #26510 Retail Flower Cluster Henley (Peach color)-VGUC-S-$18

    Retail Lucca Skirt in the ditsy floral print-GUC-S-$18

    #93722 Factory (unsure of name) mustard polka dot shorts, 3" inseam-VGUC-Size 2-$30

    #84791 Factory (unsure of name) nautical striped seersucker shorts-5" inseam-VGUC-Size 2-$30

    Retail Critter? shorts-embroidered whales-I think the color is called heather chartreuse-broken in-EUC-Size 2-$28

    # 82398 Retail (unsure of name) chambray striped bermuda shorts-12.5" inseam-EUC-Size 2-$30

    #04644 Factory Tweed Gold Zip Mini Skirt-New-Size 2-$32

    #27112 Factory Cotton Sateen Printed Mini-minty green/pink floral print-VGUC-2-$22

    #15022 Linen Beach shorts (I think the color is ochre?)-GUC, need wrinkle removal-Size 2-$20

    Factory Solid Tank Dress, melon color-Size 2-$22

    #23363 Retail Printed Palmera Ruffle Cami-New-2-$23

    #12305 Retail Colored Chambray Cocktail Capri-EUC-$20

    #19969 Retail Ikat Bow Monde Dress-EUC-2-$60

    Madewell Shapesketch Silk Shorts-GUC-4-$22

    Madewell Roseblossom Carousel Shorts-GUC-4-$22

    Madewell Chambray Coaster Cargo Shorts-Gently Used-4-$18

    Will take $50 for all 3 pairs of Madewell shorts!

    #21760 Factory broken in chino shorts-periwinkle blue color-VGUC-4-$35

    #29561 Retail Goldenrod Jacquard Mini Skirt-EUC-4-$25

    #29290 Retail Crinkled Silk Tempest Skirt-New-4-$30

    Retail Coppelle Paisley Skirt, GENTLY Used-4-$22

    Retail Trastevere Paisley Skirt-GENTLY Used-4-$25

    Retail Pink & Brown Floral printed skirt (unsure of name) from 2009-VGUC-4-$22

    #93403 Collection Whisper Lame Tiered Skirt-GUC-4-$25

    These items are all preowned, unless otherwise stated-I will gladly answer questions via email regarding condition. Pics also. These items are from my daughter's closet/friend's closet. I will list items from my closet separately since it's a lot. Thanks!

    1. Madewell Carousel Shorts sold, Factory solid tank dress sold,

  25. Selling the following:
    -NWOT Bettina Cami's size 0 in Rust Orange and Olive, $20 shipped each.
    -EUC Ruffled Celosia Cardigan size XS in Gray, $15 shipped.
    -EUC Shawl-Collar Fleece Popover size XS in Red, $15 shipped
    -EUC Haberdashery Shirt size XS in Sandstone, $15 shipped.
    -EUC Haberdashery Shirt size XS in Light Pewter, $15 shipped
    -NWT Factory Victoria long sleeve button up size XS in black, $20 shipped.
    -EUC Frances Cami in Olive size 0, selling $15 shipped.
    -EUC Jackie Cardigan size S in Light Pewter, $15 shipped.

    --EUC Bootcut Corduroy size 00S in Glazed Pecan, $15 shipped.
    -EUC Bootcut Corduroy size 00S in Black, $15 shipped
    -EUC Bootcut Corduroy size 25 in Golden Ochre, $15 shipped.
    -NWT Fatigue Skirt size 00, $25 shipped
    -EUC Silk Taffeta A-Line Skirt from Fall 08 in Burnished Olive size 2, $15 shipped.
    -NWOT Painted Brushstroke Floral Belle Skirt size 0, $35 shipped.
    -NWT Factory No. 2 Cotton Pencil Skirt size 00 in Vibrant Flame, $35 shipped.
    -EUC Toothpick Jeans size 24R in deep indigo, $15 shipped.

    -EUC Solstice Dress size 0, selling for $35 shipped.

    -EUC Lime Green Fireball Necklace from 2008, $35 shipped.

    -EUC Merona Suede Wedge size 7.5 in Taupe, $15 shipped.
    -EUC Merona Suede Wedge size 7.5 in Black, $15 shipped
    -EUC Merona Suede Wedge size 7.5 in Gray, $15 shipped.
    -EUC Steve Madden Trouser Oxford size 7.5 in Silver Metallic, $25 shipped.
    (These look amazing and are very in-style right now. I just can't figure out what to wear with them).


    1. Adding:
      -EUC J.Crew Merino Michelle Cardigan size XS in avocado green, $15 shipped.
      -EUC J.Crew Tissue Sequin Placket Henley tees size XS in black, navy, and light pewter selling for $15 each.

      -GUC J.Crew Lulu Silver Metallic flats size 8, selling for $15 shipped.
      -GUC J.Crew Driving Mocs in brown leather size 8, $15 shipped.

      -VGUC J.Crew Teardrop Fireball necklace from 2009. Has a few stones missing but not very noticeable. Selling for $15 shipped.
      -EUC Pearl and Fireball ribbon necklace in taupe, $15 shipped.

      -EUC Merona Suede Wedges size 7.5 in chestnut brown, $15 shipped. These are real suede.

  26. Price includes domestic shipping. Email for info/pics, etc.
    (alicia) (and) (ava) @

    These items are sizes 10, M/L-from my own closet

    Factory Gigi Pants-Navy-GUC-10-$38

    Collection Legion Stripe Jacket-GUC-10-$50

    #64544 Retail Fanfare Jacket-EUC-10-$60

    #20312 Retail Merino Scalinata Henley-Light Amethyst-VGUC-L-$25

    Collection Silk Georgette Odessa Dress in Navy-NEW-12-$80

    Factory Feather Tissue Tipped Cardigan (Neon peach?)-VGUC-M-$30


  27. BNIB Quorra Ballet Flats, Haven Blue (this season's navy), Sz 8. Asking $90 shipped. Going back to the store next weekend if no bites!

    NWOT retail paisley pencil skirt in dark pumpkin as seen here, size 2. Hang tag cut off but security tag still attached, runs slightly snug. Asking $65 shipped.

    Contact with questions, or for pics or measurements. Thanks!
    aly2004aly (at) yahoo [dot] com.

  28. EUC - each item worn less than 5 times
    1. Long merino cardigan in iced lilac, $30, XS
    2. Jackie cardigan in lemon pulp, $25, S
    3. Merino colourblock cardigan in grey/mint/navy, $35, XS
    4. Stripe necklace tee in provence pink, $30, M (item 03924) (only worn once!)

    1. Bar stripe tee in gold stripe, $30, S
    2. Linen postcard tee (Phuket), $15, S

    1. Silk tipped boy shirt in alabaster/black, $40, 2
    2. Merino silk panel sweater in antique floral, $70, XS

    1. I also have a Banana Republic NWT Ponte v-neck sheath with leather trim in black, $50, 6P

  29. Retail silk butterfly shirt (size 14). Just back from cleaners after two wears. Looks new. $40 shipped.

    Madewell skimmers in porchstripe, size 8 (could fit 7.5), EUC. $40 shipped.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Selling Alice and Olivia navy peplum dress size 4, NWT, $100 (still full price in stores!)

    Please e-mail!

  32. Euc side zip sweatshirt xs dark grey $20
    Lilly pulitzer hearts a flutter murfee scarf $55

    I also have a jcrew bracelet, constellation maybe? And a necklace that has drop stones. $30 set. Email for pictures!

  33. This is in addition to the multiple items I've already listed. These are non J.Crew items.

    Prices include shipping, domestic. Email me at:
    (alicia) (and) (ava)


    New Banana Republic Milly Collection Medallion Print Dress, Size 6-$40

    Banana 2012 Tipo Gray Hannah Dress-GUC-Size M $28

    Charlie Jade Traci Dress-VGUC-M $30

    Elie Tahari Ponte Patricia Blazer in Teal-VGUC-6-$40

    J.Crew Factory Winnie Pants in Vibrant Flame -Stretch Twill-EUC-6-$40

    Madewell Rail Straight Dark Wash Jeans-VGUC-6/28-$35

  34. Hi!

    If you're a size 10-14 or m-l in clothes, or a size 8 or 8.5 in shoes, please consider subscribing to my sale blog Kater's Closet Clearance. I'm in the midst of making a career change, and have TONS to sell, including lots of items from the very popular 2007-2009 J. Crew seasons! If there is something specific you are looking for in a size 10-14, m-l, or 8-8.5 in shoes that is not listed below, please do get in touch - I might have it and be willing to part with it!

    I'm happy to offer a discount for the purchase of multiple items and am also happy to consider reasonable offers on items posted before March 2014. I've also lowered prices on the majority of items recently, so please take a second look if you've visited before!

    - J. Crew CeCe Ballet Flats, in burnt sienna, sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Valentina Slignbacks in heritage green (almost a robin's egg blue), sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Coralie heels in eucalyptus, sz 8.5
    - Anthropologie Slinking Frills pumps, sz 8
    - Kate Spade Karolina pumps in aqua patent, sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Pia Calf Hair pumps in vintage sand nut (classic leopard print), sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Valentina pumps in rooftop red (leather, not patent), sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Satin Rosette Metallic Capri sandals, sz 9
    - J. Crew Abby Cap Toe Ballet Flats, sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Mona Printed Pumps (pretty purple paisley), sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Molly Printed Platform Peep (paisley) sz 8
    - J.Crew Juliet Pumps in dusty rose, sz 8.5

    - J. Crew Metallic Linen Holly Jacket, sz 12

    - J. Crew Paley Pants in Super 120s, black, sz 12
    - J. Crew Broken-in Scout Chinos, sz 10

    - J. Crew Dream Tie Cardigans in dark eggplant and navy, sz M
    - J. Crew Dream Taffeta Sash Cardigan in black, sz L
    - Anthropologie Cabled Cowl Pullover, sz XL
    - J. Crew Wynter Sweater in Sequin Stripe, sz L
    - J. Crew Cashmere Shawl-Collar Sweater in dark peony, sz M
    - J. Crew Sunshine Peonies Cardigan, sz L
    - J. Crew Evening Primrose Cardigan, sz L
    - J. Crew Merino Crosshatch Cardigan in dusty rose, sz L
    - J. Crew Ruffled Celosia Cardigan, sz L
    - J. Crew Tartine Ruffled Cardigan in ivory, sz M
    - J. Crew Ribbed Ruffle Vest, sz L
    - Anthropologie Daydream and Fancy cardigan, sz xl
    - Anthropologie Imelda Cardigan (print is shoes!), sz xl

    - J. Crew Cotton Belle Skirt (from Fall 2008) in gray, sz 12
    - J. Crew Turkish Delight Pencil Skirt, sz 12
    - J. Crew Island Paisley Bubble Skirt, sz L

    - J. Crew Scoopneck blouse in wildcat, sz 12
    - J. Crew Raindrop Lace top in pink (looks like azalea!), sz 12
    - J. Crew Colorblock Sequin tank, sz L
    - J. Crew Antique Ruffle Top, sz 12
    - J. Crew Stretch Perfect Shirt in pink stripe, sz L
    - J. Crew Drapey Sequin Tee (from, not the outlet!), sz L
    - J. Crew Farrow Bow Blouse, sz 12
    - J. Crew Maisie Cotton Buttondown, sz 12 (in mineral gray and white)
    - J. Crew Slub Cotton Perfect Shirt, sz 14
    - J. Crew Tango Tank, light pink, sz L
    - J. Crew Silk Frances Cami (deep rose), sz 12
    - J. Crew Liberty Springlily Perfect Shirt, sz 14
    - J. Crew Silk Frances Cami (dusty sage), sz 12
    - J. Crew Long-sleeved Striped Frances Shirt, sz 12
    - J. Crew Silk Evening Primrose Cami, sz 12
    - J. Crew Silk Victoria Cami (ivory), sz 10
    - Anthropologie Vanilla Bean blouse, sz 14
    - Anthropologie Field of Fancy blouse, sz 12

    - J. Crew Collection Glen Plaid Trench, sz 12
    - J. Crew Twisted Cotton Ruffle Trench, sz 12

    - J. Crew Crosshatch Cotton Blaine Suit, jacket and skirt sz 12

    - J. Crew Heidi Dress in Prince of Wales Wool, sz 12
    - J. Crew Madeline dress in eggplant (retail not factory version), sz 10
    - J. Crew Hammered silk Laura dress in bright peacock, sz 10

    - J. Crew Sun-Stripe Railroad Shorts, sz 12

    Details are on my blog. Please email me at if you're interested. I'm always happy to provide IRL photos as well. If I don't get in touch within 48 hours, please try again - sometimes the messages do end up in junk mail!

  35. a few more:

    NWT pattern stitch belt (a6597) in cedar shore, size S $20

    NWT drapey tee (a4314) in cobalt floral, size XS $24

    NWOT 3" chino shorts (61456) in white, size 0 $30

    EUC (like new) merino texture-panel sweater (A2109) in dove sandstone pink, size xxs $30

  36. Madewell leather t strap sandal 11 36771 $30 shipped

    Jcrew ruffle zip moto cardi xs 30249 $20 shipped

    Jcrew heel espadrilles brown w cream polka dots pink tie 11 $15 shipped

    Jcrew lt blue shift 0

    Jcrew neon ankle stretch denim 26tall zipper $20 shipped

    BR off white blazer crumpled cotton blend 4 $25 shipped

    Jcrew wool cafe capris in bright dahlia 2-these have some serious fading from what looks to be display windows. They are in like new condition and came to me this way :( If anyone can salvage them I will sell for shipping.

    marisal_99 at yahoo for pictures and details.

  37. FYI that shift dress is ancient, maybe 15 years old so def. before vanity sizing and it's my absolutely favorite piece ever I just can't zip it up any more. I'll send pics to anyone curious.

    And the zip ankle skimmers are these:

  38. J Crew Classic Double Serge Mini, Brilliant Blue, Size 5, $25 shipped,

    1. Sorry it is supposed to be Size 6!

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. NWT Madewell Montmartre Tote - got caught with final sale on this one, too big for me, asking $120 shipped. if interested, thanks!

  41. Adding a few more items to

    B/W Striped drop waist dress size S $30 shipped

    Crepe baseball top size 0 $30 shipped

    Plaid maxi dress size 2 $87 shipped

    B/W Silk Picket Stripe tee XS $50 shipped

    Tux skirt, black size 6 $50 shipped

  42. EUC-- worn once long sleeve cashmere tee, snow, XS, $75 shipped
    EUC -- worn once long sleeve cashmere, tee, navy, XS, $75 shipped
    US ship only paypal -- condupuy at verizon dot net

  43. EUC - worn only for friends wedding jcrew spiced wine silk chiffon twist tank dress size 8 for $40. If interested email c g r nickell @ gmail .com

  44. NWOT Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals in Neon Coral/Tan combo, leather straps, new without box
    selling for $36 shipped - see photos here:

    Like New Auth. Tiffany & Co Two Hearts Sterling Silver Pendant, selling for $160 shipped
    see photos here:


  45. I'm extremely interested in purchasing the J Crew Metallic Beacon Purse.
    If anyone is interested in selling; kindly contact me at bluelotusssp at gmail dot com. Thank you.

  46. Spring closet clean out!
    J Crew Cashmere Harper Sweater {Ivory Size XS} Good used condition $30 USA Shipped
    * J Crew Stripe Button Back Tee {Gray/White Stripe Size XXS} Good used condition $25 USA Shipped
    * Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2014) Petite Double Crepe Slim Ankle Pants in Marisa Fit {Shore Gray - Size 10P} $30 USA Priority Mail Shipped, Never worn $30 USA Shipped
    For photos and details please visit my sale blog - if interested, thanks!


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