Sunday, April 13, 2014

25% Off Regular Merchandise at J.Crew (30% off sale)

"Thanks!" to  many of you, including Doodle Daschund and Sinead (in this post), who shared the following email & promotion from J.Crew.

J.Crew is offering 25% off regular merchandise and 30% off Spring Sale (and 50% off Final Sale) with promotional code FACEBOOK25. This offer expires April 14, 2014.

Apologies for not posting this sooner (and doing a better job keeping up with the J.Crew news in general). I am having one of those moments in life, where there are more things for me "to do" than hours in the day to complete them. ;)

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? If so, please share!


  1. It's hard to keep up with the website. There is just so much stuff! :)

  2. I got my "dressing-room-in-a-box" today, and thought I'd share a few reviews for those thinking about ordering:

    1) Patio skirt in photo floral ($88/$61 w Facebook code): Love! The print is great, and I love a fitted-waist, full-skirt silhouette. On the fence on size. Unfortunately, my bag labelled P0, was really a P6! I was comparing length for the regular 00. Thinking regular length... I'm 5'4" and it hits just at the bottom of my kneecap. Petite length (if cinching in the P6 is accurate) hits at top of my kneecap. Might order a P00, too, because could go down a touch on waist still.
    2) Drapey drawstring pant in matisse blue: Love!! I'm tricky to fit in pants because I have a small waist, no hips, but booty and athletic thighs. These are awesome for me in size 2. Fabric isn't lightweight, so it doesn't show every ripple underneath. Color is beautiful, somewhat turquoise. Will be buying other colors if they keep marking down. Workhorse pant to dress up or down.
    3) Linen drapey drawstring pant: Same great fit as above but fabric is much lighter weight, so I didn't love them. Just a like. And, I think they would wrinkle if you were sitting for a long time. Return.
    4) Campbell capri in abstract wave: Cute pant. Like that the rise is higher than the cafe capri, but gaping at waist and second skin on my thighs in a size 2. Would like to try in other fabrics before ruling out this style, but for now a "no" for my body type.
    5) Curator pant: Huge on me in a size 2. They fell to mid-hipbone with a saggy crotch. Definitely could size down to a 0, but they are not inventoried anymore. Fabric seemed lighter weight crepe than the Drapey Drawstring pant, so it could show a lot if it fit correctly. Jury is out on this one. Oh--rich poppy color is lovely: a true red but soft.
    6) Drapey swing tee: Meh.
    7) Drapey pencit skirt: Liked the fit on me in 00. Petite 0 was waayyyy too short! Didn't like fabric, wished it were heavier weight, and I thought the slit was too high. Hit me way above mid-thigh (fixable). Return.
    8) Liberty mixed-floral pleated top: I've had my eye on this for a while. I ordered a size bigger than I usually wear, based on JCA reviews. That was the right call. Fabric lighter weight than I expected and colors more muted. Liked but not for the price. Return.
    9) Collection cropped pant in photo lace: beautiful pants. I have lots of patterns JC pants, so these would have to be pretty special to keep. They almost are. The gaping waist (a normal problem, so I'd have to pay for tailoring) and I worried they'd wrinkle a bit if I was at a sit-down event. If they keep marking down, I'll definitely re-order.
    10) Collection cafe capri in metallic: On fence. Might keep. Fit like all my other cafe capris. Love the quality, they're lined, and I can imagine outfits I can make. Do I need another pair???....hmm

  3. Thanks so much for posting this promo! I have been buying so much off the sale section, it was nice to score some new items with this promo. Just ordered the Ratti Floral Board Short and Nautical Stripe Board Shorts for the hub.


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