Friday, April 5, 2013

What's Your J.Crew Bag?

J.Crew sent out an email featuring four different bags from J.Crew asking customers what their "purse-onality" is. (Oh J.Crew, you got me there!) ;)

Honestly, I really like this email as each bag is given a brief style list of what is loved for, carried by, and paired with. It doesn't hurt that every single bag is lovely in its own way! The bags featured include:
  • Teeny Edie Purse (item 53108; $128.00)
  • Invitation Clutch in Cork (item 72402; $98.00)
  • Tartine Satchel (item 21986; $325.00)
  • Biennial Cutout Hobo (Item 31145; $335.00)
It is worth nothing that Biennial Cutout Hobo is already sold-out. That was fast (and pretty impressive for the new arrival handbag!) I love the look of the new Biennial Hobo- it screams Spring thanks to its lighter shade and the half-moon cutouts. However, my concern is whether or not it will get dirty quickly. It just looks like it would require more maintenance than I care to give.

What are your thoughts on the latest email ? Do you like the latest handbag styles from J.Crew? Do you own any of the pieces featured above? If so, please share your review!

Quick Poll: Which J.Crew bag would you purchase?


  1. The Tartine Satchel got my vote because I fell hard for the currenly-out-of-my-reach Celine Trapeze bag and this one looks to be a beautifully made, sincere form of flattery.

  2. I like hobo bags usually, so easy to guess which one is my favourite. I have the Exhibitor Tote from a couple (or 3) years ago that I got on ebay and is a similar colour.

  3. I agree with you, Alexis, about the cutout hobo. LONG ago, JC had an adorable cutout black leather bag with off white canvas lining that showed through the black. I bought it, of course, and actually, I still love it, but the canvas is stained in areas and is impossible to clean. Still, I love the look.

    1. Oh that sounds terrible! I can't imagine how difficult it was to clean that bag. (Although it sounds gorgeous!)

  4. Hi Everybody! I haven't posted in a while and I haven't been buying much lately either. This year my money all goes into my house. Anyway, I don't like any of these purses from the email....but I have my eye on the Biennial Linen-leather satchel item 42494. Love it! Maybe I can catch it on sale!

  5. I'm obsessed with perforated and lasercut leather but I ordered the Biennial Cutout Hobo and sadly, I hated it. The leather felt high quality but the bag was huge and bulky. The beauty of this style of leather (perforated or lasercut) is how minimalist and modern it can look. To me, putting it on a large and slouchy bag just defeats the purpose. I thought maybe it would be an interesting juxtaposition but I just didn't like it and didn't want a summer bag that was so large.

  6. I love all small bags, so my pick was the "teeny edie" purse.

  7. I bought the Biennial in Fall 2011 and have been carrying it and receiving compliments ever since. I do switch it out in the summer or when I don't need it but it's a hard worker so I'm not sure why I would need another large, expensive bag anytime soon. That said, the Invitation Clutch is quite cute. I already have a shimmery Invitation that I bought for my wedding, also in 2011. Basically, I have not been as excited about J.Crew as I used to be and I guess the excitement started winding down in 2012.

  8. I like all of these bags, but the Hobo Cutout is my favorite. I won't buy any of them, though. The first is too small, the clutch has gold running through it which isn't really me, the Tartine is impractical for me, and the Hobo Cutout is too expensive (and probably also too big). I'd love a smaller version of the cutout, though. They are all really pretty to look at!


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