Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Looking to VENT" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to VENT with J.Crew" post, a place to share our not-so-stellar experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a frustrating situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including poor experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. Good news comrades -

    The Hawaiian tie and the "Amour & Jolie" t shirt are both on sale! If I were deciders at JC I would have made both of these items quietly disappear.

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  3. Signs that Spring has not yet sprung: 1. It's snowing where I am! 2. Final sale is still going strong.

  4. Am I imagining this or do orders that include crewcuts items take a million times longer to ship? My orders for women's clothing sometimes reach my house within 48 hours, or close to that (lucky geography for me!), but any time I order something for my son, add at least a week. I placed an order Sunday with things for him and two items for me, and it's still "open," hasn't shipped in four days! Maybe I'll get it sometime next week? Sigh.

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  6. This is just a little vent, but I put my Barbour jacket in the washing machine (yes that took me a while, oops...), and when I took it out, I thought maybe I should have read the washing instructions. Do not machine wash. Do not wash with detergent, solvents, hot water. Do not tumble dry. I'm supposed to re-waterproof the fabric. What?! Well it's done now, although I did hang it up to dry. I am not sorry, that is all too high-maintenance for me. If I can't wash it, I shouldn't own it. There were a lot more instructions than that, but I didn't have a magnifying glass handy to read them (white printed on a black background). I thought this was all kind of fussy for a jacket that has a reputation for being tough.

  7. I placed an accessory request over a month ago for a replacement button for my icon trench and was led on a wild goose chase by several S.A.'s over the phone. The first promised it would be shipped later that week, the second couldn't find the record of my first request said that requests take two weeks to process, and the third told me earlier this week that I would receive it in a few days, but after the fact had to clarify that I needed a button and not a belt for the trench. So after all of that, I was really annoyed to receive a vague email the other day saying that my request could not be processed! Why does it take so long to confirm that they do not have any extra buttons for a piece that is currently in stock?! I am really quite annoyed.

  8. I still haven't received my catalog in the mail, and this is the one I have really been looking forward to. Very frustrating!

  9. I know this topic has been covered ad nauseum before, but I wanted to add my voice to the chorus. J.Crew's size charts are not based in reality. According to my measurements, I should be a size 12 or 14 in bottoms and a size 12 in tops. My most recent purchases were a telegraph pencil skirt in a size 8, the butterfly blouse in a size 6, and the hummingbird secretary blouse in a size 6, all of which fit perfectly. I buy enough clothes to know when something fits or not. I've found J.Crew's sizing to be all over the map lately, so it's frustrating to not be able to rely on the size charts.

    1. Totally agree. I'm from Chile, and I used the size charts in centimeters, and according to it, I was a size 10 for dresses. Well, as it turns out, the dress I bought was huge on me. I discovered I'm actually a size 4...Why do they have size charts if they are completely inaccurate? Specially complicated for international costumers.


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