Thursday, April 18, 2013

JGIC Product Review: Show A Little Ankle

A big "thanks!" to J.Crew Guy In Canada who is graciously reviewing Men's items from J.Crew with us.
Ever notice in the style guide, aka catalog, that most times the male models aren't wearing socks?  For the past few years regardless of the season the men were sock-less. Now I try to stay current and up to date, but this whole no sock bit has gone too far.  Spring, summer and even early fall are great times to go sock-less.  But, really winter?

Admittedly I do go sans socks, but I cheat.  Shocking I know, but I do.  The no-show socks are my secret.  Okay first I did try to go truly sock-less, it wasn't pretty.  Tough on the shoes, feet and nose.  The no-show socks like #92041 for $10 a pair are fun and even colourful.  They are cut low enough to ensure your socks are flying under the radar and not detected or peeking out of the shoe.  Come Spring I go this route with all but the dressiest looks.  A suit still looks best with the ankles covered.  Just like a woman's outfit it's sometimes better to leave a little mystery; even if it's just if your ankles are tanned.

Dress up and this is where socks become fun.  Gone are the days of shoes, socks and suit must all be in the same dark colours, you know navy pants and socks and black shoes show no imagination or personality.  Personally I wear brown shoes with wool pants, chinos and the like 90% of the time.  Yes your belt and shoes need to match, but the socks have become much like a tie, a chance to show some personality and boldness, so reach for a bright pattern or colour or both.  Don't trust me? check out any GQ, they're showing it all over the pages.
Argyles are a great place to begin, not too out there yet playful enough so you don't look too serious.  Navy pants, dark brown shoes and for a little fun try #87045 in indigo for $14.50.  Want something gutsier?  Try some of the offerings from Corgi, made in Wales and they even label which one is the left foot.  I like to channel some Wicked Witch of the West vibe with bold stripes like #46485 in blue orange aqua or teal grey stripe.

There is one hard and fast rule.  Please promise you'll avoid the sock with sandals look and plastic shoes.  Yes those nasty Crocs need to go away.
Another fantastic review! "Thanks!" again to J.Crew Guy In Canada for his take on ankle-bearing for Men.

Speaking for myself, I love the look of going sock-less with shoes but know that can be kind of gross. Instead, I opt for no-show socks (when it comes to sneakers) and KushyFoot knee-high tights and foot covers (which I wear for ballet flats and heels). Plus, it helps avoids getting blisters that tends to come along with the sock-less look.
What are your thoughts on J.Crew's no-sock-look? Is there a look that you rock with going sockless style? If so, please share with us your take. :)


  1. Alexis, which style do you order for wearing with ballet flats, the Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers or Super Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers? TIA

    1. I actually use the Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers (the first choice) because there is some padding for the entire base of the foot. The Super Ultra Low for some reason has only the ball of the foot padded and I am not crazy about that padding type.

      I tend to buy the KushyFoot brand at my local super market. But I believe drugstores like CVS and Walgreens carry them too. :)

    2. Thanks. I will check my local Walgreens.

  2. Amen on those fugly crocs (let's add the uggs to that mix too for the ladies). These shoes should not be worn outside the perimeter of your property.

    Back to the question at hand. I have never actually given a thought to wearing no-show socks with heels and flats, even during the winter. I've seen them peaking out of smartly dressed peaople's shoes and it brings the whole look down a notch. But now I must consider them. No blisters you say? Of course I wear socks with my sneakers and boots. That is a must. But I only ever wear my sneakers at the gym and boots only if my feet will fall off from the cold if I'm wearing anything else. If the whole no-show socks thing doesn't work out, I can live with it. The only time my feet sweats is when I'm working out, thank goodness.

  3. These reviews are always fun to read, J.Crew Guy In Canada. I live in Oslo now, and we work a lot with Swedes. I must say the Swedes know how to have fun with their socks. Another fun brand for socks is Happy Socks ( They are desiged in Sweden. :o)


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