Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sneak Peek: More to Come this Summer {thanks Rose & Slastena!}

"Thanks!" to both  Rose (of the fantastic "1 More Shopping Blog" blog) and Slastena (of the amazing About All and Nothing at All blog), who shared the above sneak peek (and related product info) from the upcoming May catalog with us. {yey!}
(Model on the left)
1. Linen Eyelet Top (Item 51243; $98.00)
2. Crystal Compilation Necklace
(Item 02226; $165.00)
3. Midrise Toothpick Jean in White
(Item 80225; $125.00)
4. Pilar Glitter Sandal
(Item 68735; $118.00)

(Model on the right)
1. Jeweled Medallion Sweater
(Item 76408; $138.00)
2. Pleated Short in Seersucker
(Item 48972; $69.50)
Another big "thanks!" to Rose, who shared the additional photos below as well as the product information for each photo. Click on any image to view larger.
1. Panama Hat (Item 23793; $58.00)
2. Stitch-work Stripe Top
(Item 59784; $78.00)
3. Thistle-Print Popover
(Item 43484; $88.00)
4. 9” Chino Short
(Item 35755; $48.00)
1. Ray-Ban® Original Aviator (Item 40770; $145.00)
2. Marled Linen V-Neck
(Item 85507; $69.50)
3. Classic Pave Link Bracelet
(Item 48738; $125.00)
4. Timex® Vintage Field Army Watch
(Item 27460; $150.00)
5. Golden Charm Bracelet
(Item 01772; $118.00)
6. Biennial Hobo Bag
(Item 89715; $325.00)
7. Postage Stamp Mini Skirt in Embroidered Neon Floral
(Item 24102; $148.00) 
All these pictures make me ready for Summer! I am not sure when the latest collection from J.Crew is expected to arrive online and in-stores, but I am guessing it will be soon. (Do we think next week or next month?) 

What are your thoughts? Do you know when the newest arrivals are expected to be available? Are you looking forward to the upcoming new arrivals?


  1. Love the white outfit! Interested in the eyelet top and the pilar glitter sandals (part of last roll-out). Thinking the eyelet top isn't too special since it's *only* debuting at $98. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Stitch-work Stripe Top (Item 59784; $78.00) was already in my local B&M store. It also comes in Navy. Both options are really nice. The Linen Eyelet Top (Item 51243; $98.00) also comes in navy. New items are going to hit online on the 24th.

  3. I would love to try the Marled Linen V Neck styled above. it looks like the summer version of the Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater. If anyone has tried it I would love to know how it fits!

    1. I tried it yesterday. It is very lightweight and sheer so you would need a cami under. It's a bit boxy and I took the smaller of my jcrew sizes. Being linen it will probably stretch too. I wear a 4 in boyshirts, 6 in perfect shirt, s in tippis for reference and the s was huge. I tried on the xxs since that was all they had left and ordered the xs to make my final decision. I love the marled sand color. HTH

  4. Is that a mint biennial hobo? I could be tempted by that. Less so if it's light turquoise. The color could go either way on my monitor :P

  5. Thanks for the double mention, Alexis!

  6. Oh I LOVE the Linen Eyelet Top!! That's a summer must have!

  7. "Postage Stamp Miniskirt?" Seriously, J. Crew? As if "Toothpick jeans" isn't bad enough. I love 'ya, Crew...I really do. But not everyone has a Jenna Lyons body. How about coming up with some better names that don't glorify the XXS or Double 0 bodies.

  8. OT and someone else may have posted but j.crew - Jenna Lyons are the cover story on Fast Company this month.

  9. Yay for mid-rise anything city fit and I have difficult relationship.

  10. i was thinking postage stamp is the print.


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