Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get Sun Ready: Madewell New Arrivals Are Here

Madewell sent out an email this morning announcing there are new arrivals on their website (click here to shop online).

I am definitely a J.Crew-shopper. But an item or two from Madewell always catches my eye with each roll out. As mentioned in previous posts, I am avid fan of the their Skimmers and Storybook Scarves.

One of my recent purchases from Madewell is the Biltmore® for Madewell Baseball Hat in Sungarden (Item 01410; $24.00). Even though this is not a new arrival item, it is totes adorbs! (Check out AppGal's great review with real life photos of this perfect Spring topper in her "Madewell Review: Biltmore baseball hat in sungarden" post.)

Will you be checking out Madewell? Did you already pick up an item or two? If so, please share!


  1. Thanks for the link, Alexis! I love that hat :)

  2. I took a look this a.m., but the tops I liked were made of polyester, so nothing for me. :(

    They added a new skimmer style, the 'city' skimmer, w/a pointier toe. I'll be sticking to the sidewalk skimmers, since I think the shape of the toe is just about perfect.

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  4. I checked Madewell out last weekend.

    The 'sungarden' print is adorable. You can also find it on a tank top, a dress, pants and Keds.

  5. I grabbed the hat as well. I don't wear baseball hats very often, but sometimes they're needed, and this one is just cute. Love the print. The Sidewalk Skimmers in this print are really pretty as well!

  6. Madewell is still running the extra 20% off sale items in-store! (At least, at the 5th ave nyc location). They also have a promotion on v-neck pocket tees, two for $30. These are a staple of my casual wardrobe, so I was happy. The tees have a slightly longer than average sleeve and a relaxed fit. I also got a pair of black leather Zipcode boots on sale for $156 before the promotion. I was able to use my student discount as well. I love Madewell!


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