Monday, April 29, 2013

J.Crew Store News at Georgetown Park

A big "thanks!" to Rosie, who shared the following news / email from J.Crew. (She also was kind enough to share the following real life photos in this post.)

J.Crew has moved a DC store to a new (& bigger!) location offering "the very best" of J.Crew's women's and men's collection.

Plus, customers can enjoy a special gift with their purchase of $250+ or more (while supplies last). Rosie also shared a photo (& name) of that special gift (for the ladies) which is the Crystal and Cabochon Necklace (Item 68193; $45.00). DreamInOrange (in this post), let us know that the special gift (for the gentlemen) is a black umbrella.

The new location for the store is:

J.Crew at the Shops at Georgetown Park
3222 M St. NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 965-4090

Have you stopped by the new store location? Do you like the layout? :)


  1. I'm hoping to go this Sunday. Can't wait to see it.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Alexis! I'm curious to hear what you other JCAs think of the store.

    I finally found the name of the necklace, and it's the crystal and cabochon (68193). The one I got is yellow, though the color currently sold in stores is pink.

    1. Thanks Rosie for letting us know about the necklace! I updated the post with that info too. :)

  3. It certainly is more spacious than the former location. It seems as though they had to staff up a bit for the increased size and might still be ironing out some kinks of how they will operate in this space. My focus was on the men's section and they carried a better selection of suiting than the former store and much more square footage which made shopping men's a bit easier and more pleasant.

    For me a benefit of this location is being able to shop some of the items that are typically only at the bigger stores or online, so having the opportunity to inspect some of the Wallace & Barnes items in real life was nice.

    My fiance had an appointment to try on bridal options and the fitting room and attendants for that service were great. Spacious room and very pleasant sales staff.

    For men, the gift was a black umbrella.

    1. Thanks for sharing your visit to the store. It sounds like a wonderful upgrade to J.Crew's regular retail space.


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