Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Looking to VENT" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to VENT with J.Crew" post, a place to share our not-so-stellar experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a frustrating situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including poor experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. I was in the Natick, MA store over the weekend - I've only been in a few times and I had never tried on anything there before - so I realized for the first time that the Crewcuts section shares the fitting room with the women's section. Big thumb's down from me! The fitting room was teeming with 10 year old's popping in and out and slamming doors while I was trying to help my mom pick out some denim. I have ZERO interest in shopping for J Crew price-level clothes with kids yelling next to me. The other local MA stores that I shop at that also have Crewcuts have separate fitting rooms.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. My daughter tried on clothes with me for years at many JCrews and we were at the crewlet this weekend. She is quieter than most adults:) Just depends on the kids....

    2. I love trying on items with my crewcut daughter at the Natick store.

    3. kms423--Yes. It is fun to be able to shop/try on together. (At Justice I just stand around and get bored;)

    4. Unfortunately, not everyone has children that know how to behave appropriately in a store. It seems to me that the store would have been better designed with cute, kid-sized dressing rooms in the Crewcuts section. Moms could always have the option of using the adult dressing room with their daughter to try on clothes together. Screaming children is just not something I'm used to in J Crew and I walked out buying nothing because I was rather frustrated.

    5. I guess I never really thought about it as I try on clothing at Nordstrom and Dillards with crazy kids in the dressing rooms with their moms all the time.

    6. I was at a Gap in NYC once and I heard a SA tell a mom that she had to have her kids (she had 3 with her) try on their stuff in the Gap Kids fitting room. She wasn't trying on anything herself. I have to admit that I was a bit relieved since they seem more than a little rowdy. I would never have gotten away with showing up my parents in a public setting. All depends on the parents I guess.

      The current Gap B&M doesn't seem to regulate where kids try on clothing though. Maybe it's not company policy? My JC B&M doesn't have Crewcuts.

    7. The world has been forced to become more kid-friendly at the expense of adults who would like to be in the company of other adults. I have nothing against kids- I was one myself once!- I have a young nephew with whom I love to spend time. But people no longer seem to tell their kids to keep it down or be respectful of others and they definitely don't seem to have bed times. Wherever my husband and I go- bars, restaurants, movies, shopping, the gym, museums...there is always at least one kid, sometimes even infants. When we saw "Sweeney Todd" the movie a few years ago, there was a baby at the 10:30 p.m. showing! In addition to the movie being extremely gory and horrifying, shouldn't the baby have been in bed? I don't question that parents have the right to bring their kids out with them but it just seems like it's for their own convenience and not what is best for the kid or other people in public places.

  2. Why is the credit card so stupid? I only see the current reward points listed and can't see how many I earned for the first quarter. Comenity Bank is behind the times!!!

    1. Agreed! They also don't seem to have the ability to set up automatic payments!

  3. After shopping in my local jcrew at least every other week for a year now, last week I was returning some items and heard the customer in front of me mention a military discount (I live in a very heavy military area). When it was my turn, I asked about it and the employee was SO rude about it and said well who has helped you in here? She did last week with a big purchase as had every other employee in the store at some point. I was very angry that I have spent thousands of dollars and never once was told there was a military discount. The employee was so condescending that the next time I go in to return some items, I will speak to a manager and tell her I don't plan on shopping there anymore. No reason to be rude and act snotty - you are just working at jcrew after all.

    1. There is no military discount unless this particular store is extending the student/educator discount to the military. Although I would watch who you're calling condescending when you pull out the "you are just working at J.Crew" line.

    2. There is no military discount.

  4. I got shipped entirely wrong items and was a bit stressed out about how to return them and get the items I actually wanted with a mismatched packing slip and two completely random items. The salespeople in my store were actually pretty great about it (and unfortunately my VPS wasn't working that day), but it could have turned out disastrously. One of the items was a repurchase-at-a-lower-price and the day the random stuff arrived was day 30 on the original receipt. Luckily, they just refunded me the difference and I didn't even have to even repurchase (which was fortunate, as the item had sold out since I had placed my order). The other item they refunded and had me red-phone reorder at the same price, and of course as I was browsing after this whole debacle was sorted, I realized they had the item in-store and I could have just grabbed it instead of having to wait another week for a new package to ship. Oh well! Too weird- I've ordered online a fair deal and never gotten wrong items before. I bet somebody else got my package and was equally dismayed!

    1. I have gotten wrong items from online ordering so many times and for YEARS now and I mean YEARS...since around 2005 to 2010 (when I stopped shopping popbacks and final sale it seemed to go away). Always a surprise in those pop backs or final sale and it got to be too much of a hassle with wrong item, dirty/worn item or totally wrong size. That is one reason I stopped shopping from J.Crew so much even though still love them.

      One time I got a wrong item sent from a store and they sent my item to another girl--so our charge/sends were mixed up!

    2. I have had wrong items in a shipment, missing items, missing shipments, worn clothing, damaged clothing. But like (original) Genny said, it seems to happen mostly with pop-backs and sale items. Still I don't learn. I have never had a problem returning bad items or getting missing ones though. I really wish they would figure out a way to avoid all these constant mistakes though.

  5. ARGH!!! Why is everything I currently want/need on backorder?? I wanted the ankle cuff pumps- backordered until June 10. I wanted the neon minaudiere- backordered until June 3. WTF?? I graduate from grad school on May 18 and I'm going to have no outfit at all if I rely on J.Crew.

  6. Comenity sucks!! I am really tempted to cancel my card. I wrote them to ask if they have automatic payments (they don't) or if you can select your due date (you can't). In other words, they are not set up at all to make it easier on the consumer. I've already written to J.Crew about this at least twice- all I got from the credit card company was an apology the last time for their ridiculousness. I don't even bother anymore but seriously- Comenity sucks. Here's the letter from one of their drones: Thank you for your recent inquiry to our Customer Care Department.
    Comenity Bank issues your account and responds to all credit related

    I apologize however at this time we do not offer automatic monthly
    payments. Besides mailing a check or money order to our payment address,
    we offer several other payment options on your account.

    ? You may access your account online and schedule a payment using your
    checking account.
    ? You may also pay by phone using your checking account by contacting
    our customer care department at 1-888-428-8810.
    ? You may also make a payment by using cash or check in a retail store
    location that accepts

    Oftentimes, customers ask if we can adjust the statement due dates on
    their bills. Because we service a large volume of accounts, we sort
    accounts by zip code and bill them depending on the geographical area in
    which you live. Due to this, we are unable to adjust due dates upon
    customer request.

    Your statement due will remain the same date each month. To make sure
    your payment reaches us on time, please mail your payment five (5) to
    seven (7) days before the payment due date. If your payment is made at
    one of our stores, we will apply it to your account the same day.

    We hope this information is helpful. For the security of your account
    information, we ask if there are any follow up questions you have
    related to this concern, that you submit them by logging into your
    account and utilize the "Contact Us" link.


    Q. Foxx
    Internet Customer Care Team


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