Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another J.Crew Sample Sale {coming soon!}

A big "thanks!" to Stacey who let us know about a post over at Mizhattan (click here to read in its entirety) about J.Crew's latest Sample Sale.

ClothingLine (click here) is not hosting it this time around. J.Crew is changing venue and going with Misorena!

This sale starts next week. For the event's days/hours:
Tuesday, June 14th (10am - 8pm)
Wednesday, June 15th (10am - 8pm)
Thursday, June 16th (10am - 8pm)
Friday, June 17th (10am - 8pm)
Saturday, June 18th (10am - 4pm)

As with all their sample sales, all sales are final. The location for the event is:
260 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
nr. 29th St.

Will you be attending this latest sample sale? If you are, please let us know! If you could also share any information (e.g. merchandise selection, quantity, prices), it would be greatly appreciated. :)


  1. I am excited -- this location is much better! (Although less convenient for me.) Crossing my fingers for some good shoe deals.

  2. Insanely, insanely crowded. Shoe selection is okay, clothing selection is decent (if crazy disorganized). Found stuff currently in stores, like the Cecilia dress or plaid boy cut buttondowns, on top of other stuff. Definitely had to sort through to get rid of dresses or clothes with extensive marker and pins through it.

    Got two V-neck Super 120 shift dresses in a style not on the website, one in teal and one in gray; a faille beltless trench coat in navy; a black tuxedoish ruffle-front buttondown; perfect fit sailor stripe 3/4 sleeve shirt, and a BEAUTIFUL cuff from I think spring or winter. Dresses were $60, trench was $50, buttondown was $35, tee was $20, and cuff was $15.

    Hope this is helpful!

  3. Links to items, since my descriptions are inadequate:
    Trench is the trolley trench: http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/outerwear/cottonandlinen/PRDOVR~38342/38342.jsp

    Both dresses are the super 120 banquette dress: http://www.jcrew.com/womens_feature/catalogjcrewcomexclusives/suiting/PRDOVR~28871/28871.jsp?srcCode=AFFI00001&siteId=J84DHJLQkR4-aiqZRwVZvji44dIK5Csjtw

    Here's the tee, perfect fit boatneck: http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/knitstees/perfectfittees/PRDOVR~36545/99102231622/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~~~17~15~all~mode+matchallany~~~~~perfect+fit/36545.jsp

    Can't find the cuff or the buttondown!

    And as for the shoe selection, roxy, it was decent depending on size. I'm unfortunately an 8, so I only got half a row. But even within that there was a good variety of flats, regular heels, and wedding-appropriate heeled sandals.

  4. Thank you Alexis for sharing the link for the new venue, I was actually on the look out for a clothingline SS.

    Included a link below for a Polyvore set of my finds... May return on Friday to browse and pick up a bathing suit if there are any left. They were priced at $25.
    Went around noon,had about a 30 min. wait to get in then another 20 mins. on line to check out.Crowded and barely enough elbow room to maneuver between racks.Never the less I'm still happy with my finds.


  5. Also here's another polyvore link for my finds at the Arden NC Clearance sale from Memorial weekend...:)


  6. Hey JCAs! Although this is an old post, there is another sample sale coming up from 11/29 to 12/1 in NYC and I was wondering whether JC restocks each day. This is my first time attending a sale and I'm wondering if everything in M/S (6-8) sizing will be gone if I wait until the last day of the sale.

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Spring 2011: Thanks for letting us know about the upcoming Sample Sale in NYC. Do you happen to know where it is being held?

    I have been to three sample sales in NYC (two with Clothing Line and the last one, hosted by someone else). In the past, they put out the merchandise on the first day. Then they would restock one or two more times after that (like after 3 days passed), but it didn't occur everyday.

    I also found out that the best merchandise was never sold to the public. Each time, they allowed certain people to shop before the sample sale even opened to the public. I remember being third in line for their first sample sale in NYC and waiting for the doors to open. Then I saw all these people walking out (15 minutes before the doors would open to us) with bags in their hands, full of J.Crew stuff. (This part really bothered me.)

    Hope this helps! :)

  8. Spring 2011: I just found out more about that sample sale (and will have a post about it for tomorrow morning). I read that they will be restocking daily. :)


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