Thursday, February 25, 2010

Product Review of J.Crew's Helmet Bag

"Thanks!" to Trip who let us know about his review on J.Crew's exclusive Helmet Bag (read his "J. Crew Helmet Bag" post for his review).

J.Crew has described these types of bags as the following:
This bag is derived from the military pilot bag used to carry helmets worn on the head during flight. Perfect to carry your laptop around in the city or just as a day bag.
Trip provides several real-life images, including an interior shot. The most amazing part of his post... he scored this bag for $50! I know, what an amazing deal! Now I am searching for this bag at this price too. :)

What are your thoughts on the Helmet Bag? Are you a fan of the style and/or design? Do you currently own this bag? If so, please share! :)


  1. Thanks for the review Trip...looks like a great bag and a great deal, too. :)

  2. Oh that's why I've never seen it before; only a few select stores carried it. I like alot of the men's bags (and belts too). Thanks for the post/review!

  3. Thanks for linking my post! It's an honor to be on here.

  4. Bought the same bag in Dallas for $20 a few weeks ago. They seemed to be at most stores in the Dallas area over the holidays. Now they are scarce, but if you do spot one it is a great bag.

  5. Nice looking bag, great price as well. If you like these, but can't find any check out LE Canvas.

  6. I bought a similar bag from the GT JCrew for $50 before Christmas - it's perfect for work-to-gym. However, I took it on a trip and clipped my blackberry to one of the outside end pockets and was a little dismayed the dull plastic teeth tore the fabric. But having said that, I still love this bag.

  7. Thanks for the post! Like the blogger, I too happened upon the Bowery Tote in the sale section at $30/pc. I loved it so much that I bought three: one for me, one to gift, and one to spare. I don't mind the longer "purse-like" handles which are sort of offset by the masculine color and waxy look IMHO. I use it everyday to hold my stuff, my lunch, a book and sometimes an extra pair of shoes for when I have to wear snow boots to work. 8^)

  8. Any idea where I could find one? Online?
    Thanks for your help!


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