Wednesday, February 24, 2010

J.Crew Spotted in Self Magazine

A big "thanks!" to Laura, who not only let us know about several J.Crew {new arrival} items being spotted in the March 2010 issue of Self Magazine, but also scanned the images for us to view! (Click on the images above to see them larger.)

The first image features a khaki military-inspired vest ($98.00) from J.Crew. The second image features the Merino Larkspur Cardigan (Item 23171; $98.00) in Pale Blossom.

I am "meh" on the vest. It's no J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket (Item 19034; $148.00) from last year. However, I am liking the Merino Larkspur Cardigan. What can I say, I find the "embroidered with a spray of silk habotai and crinkled chiffon flowers " cardigan enchanting. :)

What are your thoughts on the various J.Crew items? Do you like (or dislike) the flowers/ style for the cardigan? Are you a fan of the military vest for Spring? :)


  1. I think the flowers in the Larkspur cardigan is lovely though I haven't seen it in person and I hope they are not raw edges. I am staying away from chiffon raw edges since they fray after couple wearings. After owning several pieces from last year I have learned my lesson to stay away from them.

    I kind of like the military vest though it's not my style and I'd prefer the actual jacket that's new in the catalog (not the camo one).

  2. Surprisingly, I like the outfit w/the vest alot! I never wear a favorite fit tank alone (except around the house). The vest seems to be a great idea to throw over tanks on the warmer spring/cooler summer days. (Maybe the outfit needs a bigger, sparklier, blingarific necklace to look a bit more like a JC outfit. lol)

    Thanks for sharing the pic's and for the post!! :)

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  4. I ordered the honey and the edges on mine were unfinished.

    It was a beautiful sweater, but I think it may run a bit big or just have a boxy shape. I ordered my usual size small and just did not find it flattering compared to the celocia (the new colors in this are great) or the marzipan.
    It went back already. On a good note, the honey color was very pretty and rich.

  5. Ha! When I saw this post I zoomed in on the pretty pink dress hoping that was a J.Crew offering to come later this spring. Nothing too exciting here. DH has a very similar vest to the one shown so it made me crinkle my nose at the thought of being samesies.

  6. I'm not too keen on the vest, but I like the look of the cardi. It seems like there's more contrast in the flowers on the pink and yellow, and the mint looks tone on tone, at least going by the catalog and online pics. If that's how it is IRL, plus if it's raw edged, that will sadly be a pass for me, too, since I'm only drawn to the mint.

  7. Okay, and this will show my age, but back in 1993, as a high school student, I would have BEEN ALL OVER that first look. The sunglasses, the sort of slouchy cool factor, etc.

    I can see why people would gravitate to that look, but since I have already been there, I just don't envision revisiting it for me! :)

    Thank you for the post and the scans (Laura, very sweet)...

  8. Hey all:

    Just wanted to let you know about a great experience I had at BR last night.

    BR was having its once-a-season "After 5" sale (this time around: 30% off purchases of $100 or more after 5pm). The sales associates were walking around with sparkling grape juice and cheese/crackers and were super helpful in finding me sizes and such. I know BR has totally oversaturated the market, but the event made it feel almost boutique! The prices were great, the atmosphere was stellar...I wish J. Crew would try something like this....

  9. I dunno about that fanny pack in the left photo. Yeesh. Please somebody tell me those aren't coming back.

  10. I'm with you, DinaG -- in fact I believe I had a similar 80s outfit with an Esprit vest :D

  11. I initially liked the first outfit, but when I took a closer look at the individual items, I don't like them. However, the overall casual look is appealing and the vest is interesting.

    I like the cardi in the second outfit, but I already own several similar embellished cardis, so I don't really need this one. The outfit does give me ideas on how to wear the ones in my closet though.

  12. hi ladies,
    just wanted to report that i visited paramus store today and they have huge new rollout on the floor. I actually got a call about it over the weekend...
    so dear JCAs, there is a lot of cute things coming: new pencil skirts in floral boom (like the sold out scarf), another one in purple and green flowery print ($110), matching cardis, quite a few new buttondowns, including rose vines, silk liberty like (pink silk floral scarf print), checked ones in grape, other flower prints and checks, tons of new camis, including really cute matching green/grape flower print in pencil skir for $150 (ouch), plenty of tshirts, liberty like print jacket with small gray/smoke eafy print with tiny orange/red flower buds on white background and last but not least the cutest ever thin tweed, chanel like, collection jaket. There are new dresses, minis, shorts, shoes, jewerly and scarfs, I liked almost everything I tried on and that has not been the case for quite some time.
    I am not sure this will be online tomorrow since Paramus is usually one rollout ahead with some items but it is all very pretty and, get this, colorful.
    I put the collection jacket on hold and this will be it for now cause it is (gasp!) $350. But I am planning to bring $300 worth of store credit of yet to be worn past seasons stuff so I don't fell so bad about it.

  13. Oh, ugh. I do not like the vest and fanny pack!

    And just how many embellished cardigans can they come up with? Really? Ready for some new ideas!

    My heart still belongs to J.Crew though.

  14. yeah.. you know the concept of Jcrew is just that. Art tees, ruffled and sequined tees. Jackets, vests, cardigans for layering over and maybe something else too over that like chunky jewelry . Boyfriend/vintage/ distressed jeans .. and can go on. The question is .. Will they ever reinvent again ? If yes, what?

  15. I like the vest, but I don't think I could wear it with jeans very easily. I'd end up looking too safari with my khaki shorts, too. I like the idea of throwing it over a solid perfect fit shirt and adding a string of bling, though. I wouldn't shell out $98 for it, though.


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