Monday, February 8, 2010

J.Crew's Jenna Lyons Partners with "Fashion for Haiti" Campaign

"Thanks!" to Jennifer & Lauren who shared the following news.

Over at J.Crew's Facebook page, it was announced that J.Crew and Madewell are teaming up with the "Fashion for Haiti" campaign. They share the following:
Check out Jenna modeling a limited-edition “Fashion for Haiti” tee during the taping of a PSA for the “Fashion for Haiti” campaign of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). We’re so happy to announce that we’ll be selling the tees in all J.Crew and Madewell stores in a few weeks, and the CFDA will be donating net proceeds to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.
The tee will retail for $25. As for Ms. Lyons, she looks good! :) If only I could work the skinny jeans trend too. ;)

What are your thoughts on the tee? Do you think you will pick one up at your local J.Crew & Madewell stores?


  1. Apologies for sounding sanctimonious here, but why not donate without having to get in return a disposable piece of clothing? I hate those yellow (& other colors, too) rubber bracelets, too - the world will still be seeing those in garbage piles a thousand years from now. Just because one is not wearing one doesn't mean one is in favor of cancer. Millions already have donated to Haitian relief - who needs a t-shirt to proclaim it?

  2. I do admire the efforts of the Fashion Industry to make a difference but have to agree that direct cash donations to aid efforts are the best way to go. Those who want to help can visit USAID's website at:

  3. ^^, ^ - ITA. Seems like people/cos are just trying to get attention with this type of schtick. And they are catering to individuals with the same desire.

    I definitely will not buy one of these t-shirts. Cheapens the whole idea of charity, which should be anonymous, IMO.

  4. I agree with some of the other comments. Also, one, just donate money. Two, I would never buy this tee. Flashdance anyone? No thanks....

  5. It feels like the effort is a day late and a dollar short. I'd rather just see ol' Mick cut out the middleman and make a hefty donation to the Red Cross on behalf of the company.

    Or, if it had to be tied in to the brand better, they could do something that would actually generate some funds for the cause, like proclaim an across-the-board 25% discount on everything in stores and online, including sale merch, for X# of days with 100% of proceeds from those days benefiting organizations doing recovery and restoration work in Haiti. Now there's an idea I could get behind!

    I don't mean to sound snotty, but it's an ugly t-shirt and it seems wrong for the company to spend money to make money for the cause. JMO.

  6. To add to Elaine's idea, how about just a "Fashion for Haiti" Week with a % of proceeds going to the Clinton-Bush Fund?

    I would rally & pay full price for the items in my shopping bag for this cause. J. Crew chips in the shipping (on any amount)?

    Thanks to everyone for giving everything they are able to help our neighbors in the south in dire need.

  7. I agree with the comments here and I left a similar comment on the JCrew facebook page and got slaughtered. ha. oh well. I just don't understand why donating has to be made such a circus. If JCrew wants to donate...then donate. And if people want to donate, why does JCrew think that we need to get some (cheap) shirt in return. I think retailers and many other "donation" ideas and sites sell the general public short. Most people want to give and want nothing in return and we don't need to have carrots dangled. We can make these heartfelt decisions on our own.

  8. I have a slightly different take (although I agree that it is better to donate $$$ directly).

    These tees offer a visual reminder about the need in Haiti. The tragedy there ( as with others) drops out of the headlines and then naturally falls out of peoples minds. If the tee, even an ugly one ( oh my yes that's a flashdance flashback! ) reminds or inspires one person to donate directly, I think it's great.

    And then if they are able to raise additional funds through it's sale, great. They are really under no obligation to do anything so it's certainly better than doing nothing.

  9. I'm not crazy about the design, so I'll just send more money directly to another service organization.

  10. Having volunteered in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch hit in 1998, I know the Haitians will need help long after the t-shirt ends up in the junk drawer or used as a dust rag.

    I agree with the others to donate to organizations that are giving direct aid or support Haiti once the journalists have descended upon a new story.

  11. Thanks for your comments Netdeva-

    I feel so strongly about this! I loved your point about committing to the long term, in whichever way we can help.

  12. If you like the shirt, get the shirt. If you want to donate to Haiti, donate to Haiti. I think the shirt will raise awareness so that is good, although I'm not crazy about the off the shoulder style, so I will probably pass on the shirt.

  13. I feel like this type of fundraising is on the tacky side. Very much a "bumper sticker politics" move, and Elaine & Crew Cricket's idea would generate more money and be more sensible. Seriously, why quickly produce more junk in the name of a people who have lost almost everything? Why not say donate the money, and we'll send them money AND a shirt, like matching donations?

    La Belle Helene, yeah, those Live Strong things will live strong forever!


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