Wednesday, February 3, 2010

J.Crew Makes It To GQ's Best New Menswear Designers

A big "thanks!" to Audrey, who let us know some exciting news for J.Crew over at GQ (click here).

J.Crew's Frank Muytjens has been nominated as one of "GQ's Best New Menswear Designers in America". Sometime this week, GQ will also be providing a behind-the-scenes video with Frank Muytjens too.

I personally love J.Crew's menswear line. "Phenomenal styling" comes to mind as they bring their "a-game" to the fashion field each season. So if it is not obvious yet, my vote for best Menswear Designer in America goes to Mr. Muytjens. ;)

What do you think of J.Crew's Frank Muytjens inclusion in this award? Do you think J.Crew's menswear line should be celebrated or critiqued?


  1. i remember when i first started collecting jcrew catalogs the models were so MANLY! i crushed on one after another LOL... and now like the rest of the fashion world the male models are a whisper of their predecessors... all so willowy thin, better to fit in those straight leg pants I guess... meh...

  2. Frank Muytjens was also just featured in this month's Free & Easy magazine (from Japan) - the article showed items from his personal wardrobe.

  3. Hey Robin, saw and read the same article.

    Frank's on a roll, the line jsut gets stronger and better each season. Theya re aright on trnd without being too trendy. Still with the classic look that drew us to J.Crew orginally.

  4. Sandy is right in that the models, and even some of the cuts are a litte on the dainty side. However, Frank definitely has a good eye for modern mens' design without being too trendy. However, they should probably stick to the continuous improvement of their own designs and product rather than the constant influx of other, trendy brands like Rogues Gallery, Mister Freedom, and Barbour to name just a few. It's cool stuff, sure. But J.Crew has enough of its own identity that they can sell their own clothing designs exclusively. The shoes are another story...

  5. Cool! I think J.Crew men's has been exceptionally good for the last year or so. Go Frank!

  6. in case you didn't know, a few looks from the fall/winter 2010 men's collection have been revealed.


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