Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Would you wear it? The Angler-print Tank Dress

Angler-print tank dress
(Item 93617)
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Regular: $135.00
Now: $89.99

Uh... really J.Crew? This is one of the best prints you could find for a $135 (now $90) dress?

Forgive me if you own this dress, but it looks awful. First, I do not think it is very flattering- both in terms of style and print. Even the model can not carry off the style of this dress without wearing a belt to make it more flattering. (By the way the model is super thin & gorgeous... imagine how the rest of us, who have a little bit of curves here and there, would look in this dress?!?).

As for the print, it looks a bit ridiculous unless (1) you are a six-year old girl [because let's face it, little girls make any print look cute because they are so cute to begin with] or (2) you are going to a fishing-themed party [which would explain why J.Crew used the term "Super-fun" in their description of this dress].

What do you think? Are you a fan of this dress & print? Do you own this dress and why? (Was it for a fishing-themed party?)


  1. I really don't like it either. Haha they even called the color "trout"... wow. I really can't stand the shapeless dresses in style right now. The prices stores are charging for these dresses are outrageous too. That dress is probably worth about $20. Really how much work goes into making a shapeless dress like this? It's not like a fitted dress with a lot of seaming and workmanship.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Lynn! Especially the comment about the workmanship (or lack there of) that was involved for this dress. I mean, I could understand the price tag if there was some intricate sewing or bead work, but it doesn't appear to have any!

    You are also too kind suggesting $20 for that dress. :) Because I would not even pay that much for it.

  3. Not everything J Crew does is to die for, this is one of those BOMBS they have every so often. I'd like the print for curtains and pillows eeat a vacation lake house.

  4. Kirbydog, I totally agree with you. Nice pattern for a throw pillow at a lake house.

    J.Crew has been trying so hard to showcase their new fashion forward style. It just seems so odd that they would introduce this print in their collection that seems so fashion backwards.

  5. I looked at this dress and then I looked again online last week. I kept thinking...What were THEY thinking??? WERE THEY THINKING?? (I guess they weren't.) This is one really weird print to put on a dress!

    On the other fish, I mean hand, What does everyone think of the kelly green fish dress? I think that print is much better...cute dress to wear to dinner out at a beach side restaurant, etc.

    JCrew seems to be having a few more BOMBS lately...has anyone else noticed this?? Used to be maybe one or two it seem like 4-6 each month.

  6. PS. The kelly green dress is called the Zoey school of fish dress item #93512. Looks like it is sold out tonight but who knows there could me more in stock later......

  7. Hi Jagjag2! I know what you mean: I was looking at the Angler dress in the sale section and kept thinking, "what is the print? and for what price?"

    I found a link to the dress you are referring to so others can see and comment. Click here

    Although it is better than the Angler print, I am not a big fan of it either. If you look at the zoom in picture of the fabric, the fish are pretty weird. But that is just my opinion. Also, I haven't seen the prints in person. They might be better looking in person than in print. [Just like the Lucia jacket is better looking in the catalog than in person. :) ]

  8. I agree, it doesn't look good and probably won't flatter 99% of women.

  9. HAHAHA! Oh, this is ridiculous! I think my father has a button-up shirt in a similar print that he wears with his "captain's hat" and gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses when he goes fishing.

  10. weeeeell if i may dissent

    i actually dont have that much of a problem with the print. but i do, however, understand why so many of you dislike it.

    conceptually, i like the color blocks that are in the dress and how they fit together as a whole. up close, the graphics aren't very appealing but from a distance, i could appreciate the color scheme. by the way, i think with the help of the belt and the yellow shoes, the model pulled off the look.

    but this is all just a gay man's perspective.

  11. Thanks for you perspective, Anonymous....I like to hear all sides to any fashion issue! Obviously, there are people out there who like it too b/c it is selling out in some sizes. I did decide to try the green fish dress before it sold out....we shall see...I don't plan on wearing it other than in a "beachy" (or pool) setting/climate.

  12. Hi Anonymous at 1:35AM! I agree with Jagjag2, it is great to hear all opinions on this.

    Sometimes I see someone wearing something fabulous on them that I thought looked awful on the rack. That is why you just need to see the items in person.

    (Yet, I still don't like the dress. :) Maybe it is the price tag for this simple dress that bothers me most.)

  13. I must say that I personally do NOT like this dress...are they intentionally trying to see how much people are willing to pay for something ridiculous, merely because it is J.Crew? I cannot believe the original price on this one, either. I agree with Alexis in that $20 is even too kind of a price tag to put on this one. Maybe a high schooler could pull this one off, but I think that an adult woman would just be laughed at...even at a seaside restaurant. I live in Florida, and would not dare be seen in either of the dresses, especially at a seafood restaurant...might be mistaken for the waitstaff. :)

  14. My sister just told me she saw this dress in person on a lady walking down the street in Chicago and it actually looked good! Amazing........

    Also,she owns the fish dress in green and loves it. I can't wait to get mine. She said the fabric is very high quality.

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  16. Neither the shape nor the pattern is something I would wear. Same with the green fish dress. I wouldn't mock anyone else wearing it -- some people definitely could pull it off, but they are probably few in number. I know for a fact that no loose shift dress, regardless of pattern, would work on my frame. I have a small waist but a bit of a stomach pouch and a rather large behind, and my dresses need structure.

  17. I don't personally like this dress at all...wouldn't spend any amount of money on it...especially $135. It reminds me of curtains at a lodge, or something you would find at GYMBOREE.

  18. Fun comment about the seafood restaurant! I wouldn't wear it to one either! Poor fish might get a complex!

  19. Chini: it sounds like you and I share the same figure!!! :)

    This dress would not fit our body type at all. :)


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