Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tips on having a great J.Crew shopping day!

I have come across, through my many years of purchasing at J.Crew, that there are a few tips that all J.Crew (devoted) shoppers should know about!
  1. First and foremost: J.Crew's customer service is one of the best in the business. So never hesitate to give them a call (800-562-0258) about any issues you might be having. (I have their phone number stored on my cell-phone for easy dialing access!)

  2. If you are a student, show your student ID and J.Crew will give you a student discount of 15% in their stores. That discount applies to just regular items. (It use to apply to sale items too, but those days are over.)

  3. If you are a teacher, show them some form of proof and J.Crew will give you an educator's discount of 15%! (I just found out about this juicy tidbit this weekend!)

  4. Don't hesitate to return "final sales" items if the merchandise is defective. I ordered the beautiful Jeweled-buckle grosgrain belt in black (Item No. 90865) to find one of the jeweled pieces missing and the other one completely off. I called J.Crew immediately and they mailed me a new one.

  5. There is a red-phone in all stores that allows customers to place store & catalog orders for regular priced items. This is especially great for items not available in the stores since J.Crew provides free shipping. Alas, the free shipping offer via red phone offer does not apply to sale merchandise. (Again, I know this for sure because I tried). HOWEVER, your student and educators discounts do apply over the red phone (so do not forget to mention them when placing an order!)

  6. If you are looking for a regular priced item and it's out of stock online, call J.Crew and ask to perform a "store search". Essentially, J.Crew associates will check the stock of that item in all of their stores. When they find the product you want (both size & color), they will mail it to you. Sadly, this service is not applicable to sales items. (They use to offer it for sale items and it was great too! But J.Crew probably recognized it wasn't cost effective for them.)

  7. UPDATE: I completely forgot to include something about "waitlisted" items. If you are waitlisted for a particular item and that item goes on sale for a lesser amount (this includes the item being a part of the 20-30% off temporary sale section), make sure you call J.Crew for a price adjustment. They will always honor the lowest price before the item is shipped out. Unfortunately, they don't update the lowest price automatically- so you do have to keep track of prices. (I have called about price adjustments numerous times in the past and J.Crew has always been accommodating. It has saved me a bunch of money that I used towards other purchases too!)

  8. If you "sign up" your email for new arrivals and promotions (through the website,) J.Crew will email you a welcome offer that usually consists of a free shipping code. (Gotta love that!)
What are some of your "tips" for J.Crew shoppers? I would love to hear what you have found with your experiences with the store.


  1. I have found that J.Crew will do price adjustments. Even though they say they can't adjust for sale items, sometimes the associate is kind enough to do so anyways!

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  2. Very cool blog. Thank you for doing this!


  3. I have a comment about waitlisted items. Some times J. Crew cancels your waitlisted item order without letting you know about it. (This has happened to me in the past.) This of course, is a crappy practice on their part, which will hopefully change.

  4. Thanks Muffy (and to the other posters as well). Hopefully this site will be useful!

  5. Thanks for the blog and the coupon codes. Also, thanks a ton for the tip about the educators discount as I am a teacher. I am one of the people "hopping mad" at JCrew for removing their coupon codes but I guess it is their right. However, I have seriously cut back on buying about 10-15 items lately. Oh well, ultimately, this will save me money but I doubt my next rewards card will be as high as this one:)I may even cancel my card all together. So many other cards offer free shipping and it's easier to get rewards $; love JCrew but they need to have additional perks for card holders......

  6. P.S. I have had JCrew cancel backordered items on me for years without notifying me....had one in 2005 and again in 2006 and now in 2008. Doesn't seem like issue is anything they are in a hurry to address. Very poor but otherwise they have great customer service....

  7. Hey guys! It is weird that a company known for great customer service seems to fall behind when it comes to "waitlisted items".

    Recently J.Crew cancelled an item that was backordered for me. After sending them a "strongly worded" email, they did offer me free overnight shipping for another purchase. Something is something. (But I did have to speak up about it.)

  8. Wow, I had no idea about the student discount! And for the red phones... does this mean that I could order a catalog/online only item without having to pay for shipping? How does that work? Does JCrew ship that item to the store and hold it for me? Thanks so much for this post! ^^

  9. Hi Amy! J. Crew has been giving student discounts for years. (Which I am uber-grateful for.) You do have to give them your student email address for "verification" purposes though.

    As for the red phones- yes you can order online/catalog only items and avoid the shipping fees. Also, the item will be shipped to your home (it doesn't have to go to the store for you to pick up). There is a red phone in every store (the actual location of the red phone differs). If you can't find it easily, just ask an associate who will be more than happy to point it out to you.

  10. Wow, thanks so much for your help! I can't wait to get shopping... burn through my latest paycheck. XD

  11. My little sister insists that I ask: does the student discount apply to high school students too? Thanks guys!

    xoxo, Molly

  12. If you are looking for a regular priced item and it's out of stock online, call J.Crew and ask to perform a "store search". Essentially, J.Crew associates will check the stock of that item in all of their stores. When they find the product you want (both size & color), they will mail it to you. Sadly, this service is not applicable to sales items. (They use to offer it for sale items and it was great too! But J.Crew probably recognized it wasn't cost effective for them.)


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  13. When is the next JCrew Warehouse Sale. I am new in Charlotte and want to go. Do they have a sidewalk sale every month?

  14. Actually, I have had a few items waitlisted and then suddenly sent to me at a reduced price, WITHOUT my having to ask! So, I guess in some cases, they do automatically reduce the price.

  15. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a JCrew suit in the near future, and I was just wondering if there were any site-wide sale coming up that I would be able to take advantage of?

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