Sunday, May 25, 2008

Darlings, is it time for a J.Crew coupon code?

Yey! It's time for another coupon code... (A big "thank you!" to Anonymous at 6:36PM who pointed this out in the "Memorial Day sale in J.Crew stores" post.)

J.Crew is offering free shipping on orders of $175+ with promo code HONEYMOON. This offer expires 5/31/08.



    Answer me this.. what does the J in J Crew stand for?

    I say Jesus in my head.... but I have no clue. And its no where to be found.

  2. Hi Danielhowell01! From the Jezebel site, href="">HTML J. Jill Vs. J. Crew: It's A Fashion Showcase Showdown, they wrote:

    "What does the J stand for?" The J. Crew customer service rep said, "We get asked a lot. The man who started the company liked to row, so he chose 'crew' and a letter that looked good in front of it."

  3. I was really bummed that I couldn't combine my 20% off with free shipping, so I figured I'd call customer service and see how far my sweetness could get me. Turns out it still works pretty well ... The customer service rep offered me a "one time" combined coupon order. So I got the 20% and saved on shipping!

    I had thought about travelling to the store again to get the free shipping, but didn't want to waste the gas. Turns out they even have a new policy for free shipping in the store: full price items are still free shipping in the store, but sale items get charged shipping.

    Anyway, hopefully someone else can try this and get both coupons. Sorry for rambling on! ;)

  4. Hi Cape Cod Beauty! Unfortunately they have been charging shipping on sale items ordered through the red phone for awhile now.

    However someone pointed out if you order one regular priced item, the order will have free shipping.

    This got me thinking: as long as you order one regular cheap priced item (e.g. a hair clip for $5) you get free shipping on the entire order. This way you get something that costs less than the shipping fee.

  5. I bought a few items yesterday using the 20% off coupon at the store and was wondering if anyone knows what would happen if I decided to return one of the items-how does this affect the price of the other items I bought at 20% off since the total will no longer be over $175? Will this be reflected somehow in the credit I receive for the return item?

  6. J.Crew Aficionada--

    I JUST stumbled across this site, and I am in love! I'm constantly trolling their website for new items, and to exemplify my J.Crew love--not only am I a J.Crew bride (my bridesmaids and myself will be outfitted in the silk tricotine line!), but I actually convinced a good friend to go J.Crew for her bridesmaid dresses as well!

    As to the J in the J.Crew question--there was an amusing episode of Just Shoot Me that explored this aspect...I'm sure it's on You Tube somewhere if you're curious.

    Fabulous blog! :-)

  7. Hi Elizabeth- Welcome!

    Also congrats on your wedding!

    I think I remember the episode, wasn't Nina dating "J.Crew"?

  8. Wow, whoever got the free shipping and extra 20% off sure got lucky. I was offered free shipping for my very messed up-- very screwed--order but there was no way they were giving me the extra 20% off. I even stated that I lived in the UK and had no close stores nearby, told them how much my last two credit card bills were, etc. etc etc. to no avail.......

  9. P.S. Customer service rep also said that the extra 20% off was for store or online only. That she could loose her job for not following the coupon requirements. (I was ordering 8 items as well but that didn't seem to matter.....)You probably got somebody new who didn't know any better.

  10. In regards to the customer reps, I think some are more "empowered" than others.

    I have found on many occasions that certain reps are willing to be more accommodating than others.

    I don't know why, it could be because they know more or they have been there longer...


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