Sunday, May 11, 2008

J.Crew does "downward dog"?

I received an email from J.Crew announcing their new line of yoga wear. At first, I was confused... Yoga and J. Crew are not synonymous in my J.Crew retail textbook. I know J. Crew has lounge wear (and it's pretty good too!), but not sportswear (which I associate with the Nike's and Reebok's of the world.) By the looks of it, the collection is limited to a few items which closely resembles their lounge wear items. (I guess J. Crew is testing out the water before they dive in.)

So what do you think about this new collection? Do you think it was a good product-extension for J. Crew? Have you purchased any items in the collection already? Let us know what you think!


  1. A few years ago JCrew had a line out called JCrew Gym. I have several pieces from the line that are still going strong and look great so going into a fitness line is not new to them. I personally prefer high performance/moisture wicking workout wear to all cotton so I won't be buying anything from this line.

  2. Hey JagJag2: I didn't know they had a J.Crew gym collection. It is amazing how long (for the most part) J.Crew pieces last. They do have great quality!


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