Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day sale in J.Crew stores

Today, I went to one of my J.Crew's in the area and they are having an "additional 25% off sale items" sale. They had the Swiss-dot Fontana dress (Item 91241) for $59.99 plus an additional 25% off (and if you are a student, another 10% discount).

In addition to that sale, they had a rack with final final sale items. (Which means these final-priced items, with a red line on the tag, cannot be returned. Also, they don't apply student/educator's discount for final priced items.) I was able to get some really awesome deals here. For example, I got the Cashmere argyle ruffle cardigan in HONEY (Item 90566) for just $19.99 (Yes, less than $20 and in my size!) The original price was $188.00 and their website has it on sale now for $119.99.

So, chances are that the J.Crew near you is having a similar sale. I just wanted to share the following with you all in case you were thinking about stopping at a J.Crew this weekend...


  1. You are the BEST!!! Awesome site, thank you!

  2. alexis, oh my goodness, what a deal on that cashmere sweater! i've had my eye on that one for awhile! which store did you find such a deal???

  3. Hi Guys!

    Kirbydog: Thank you so much for the nice comment.

    Anonymous at 8:42PM: It was the South Windsor store in CT. They had two of those cardigans in XS. I didn't realize it was 100% cashmere until afterwards. Otherwise I would have bought them both! I did get the Striped cashmere lifesaver tee for just $19.99 too (original price $138).

    They also had the Josie dress in white (lots of sizes) for just $9.99. I wanted to get it but those style dresses just don't work for my body.

    Hopefully your local J.Crew has some deals as well. :)

  4. alexis: Thanks for the very helpful and fun blog! Like others, I've been wondering about the quality of JCrew cashmere, (but of course with deals at $19.99, I'd be more than willing to compromise a little! :) There are no JCrew stores near me, so I do have to rely on the online store.

    I ordered the cashmere bateau sweater in honey and it has yet to arrive. I'm already starting to have second thoughts though since I later read about how badly JCrew cashmere can pill. Don't know if it was worth the $80 I put down for it even though it was on sale. I'm also wondering what the 'honey' color really is like since the website seems to have different shades depending on the item. Someone told me it's basically another word for 'camel'. Does anyone own the cashmere bateau sweater? Any feedback on either the sweater quality or the honey color? Many thanks!

  5. Alexis,

    Thanks for the response! I called the store and they no longer have any of the sweaters! I am so disappointed but am not giving up! I'm going to be making some more calls tomorrow :) It'll be worth the effort if I can get a deal like yours!!! Anyway, I recall you mentioning the Lucia jacket the other day? Did it come in navy as well? If it did, I think I saw it today for $59.99 with plenty of sizes in the Las Vegas store, but with no additional markdowns though. Other than that, there were no other great deals in the store!

    To anoynomous,

    I have the cashmere bateau sweater in heather graphite. I bought it during the final sale for $70 and have only worn it a few times. It hasn't started to pill yet but I was a little disappointed with the way it fit. I always buy all my j.crew sweaters in an xs and they always fit fine with the exception of this one, which was much looser on me than I expected. It looked much more fitted (and better!) on the model online. However, it is very casual and comfortable so I'm almost certain that I'll be wearing it often in the fall.

    About the color you ordered, I like the honey very much. I'm sure it will look very pretty. I am hoping to order something in that very color once the other styles get marked down some more! And while it's true that some of the j.crew cashmere sweaters do pill, I've only had that problem with the crewneck ones and not with the argyle ones or sweater jackets like the anna and cortina. I think it all depends on the knit (and price!) of the sweater. There seems to be a big difference in quality between the sweaters that retail for $138 (like the crewnecks) and the ones that are in the $178-188 range like the bateau. Anyway, I hope this helps!

  6. Alexis, it sounds like you got lucky! I went to my local J.Crew (Lenox Mall- Atlanta, GA) and there wasn't anything close to a steal or even a good find. I saw the navy Lucia jacket as well and tried it on. I really, really didn't like it. There was nothing flattering about the fit. My biggest problem was that the arms were WAY too big, and the sleeves only come down to the elbow. It's just not a flattering look. I have a feeling the python Lucia jacket I have coming in the mail will end up back at the store.

    I'm a little disappointed with the fit of J.Crew tops in general lately. Am I the only one not jumping on the bandwagon of these huge, flowy, oversized tops? Most of them look like maternity shirts. But I do have to say, I love the fit of the pants (as always!!).

  7. Hello again everyone!

    Anonymous at 11:08PM: The cashmere bateau sweater looks very pretty, (in particular the collar of the sweater is nice.) I will definitely let you all know my experience with the two cashmere sweaters I have now (e.g. if it pills, the quality, etc.)

    Anonymous at 11:36PM:Sorry to hear the store didn't have any of those sweaters left- but maybe another will. Thanks for sharing your cashmere experience (it is useful for me too!)

    Also, thanks for the tip about the Lucia jacket in navy at the Las Vegas store! In case this helps others, the South Windsor (in CT) store had some as well (size 2, 4, 6, 8). It was priced at $59.99 (plus the 25% discount). The size 2 ended up being big on me (so I didn't get it).

    Hi Lynn: I can understand and appreciate what you are saying. When I tried it on I noticed that this particular version of the Lucia jacket had pleats in the front (which I didn't realize it had). It made me a little boxy on top. Now I am not sure if it was because I tried on the size 2 and needed the size 0.

    I still think you will really like the Python Lucia more than the navy. The python version doesn't appear to have those pleats, making it a more flattering style.

    I am also with you: not a fan of huge flowy tops (unless there is a belt to cinch it). I like a more fitted look. I have three versions of the Phoebe blouse (black and red silk, plus the Bahia cotton print) and they are impossible to wear because the fit is so loose.

  8. FYI: Living in the UK and traveling around Europe...the flowy tops are all the rage....people still wear form fitting tees....but loose flowy ones are the most popular.

    Thanks for the cashmere info. I feel better about my cashmere sweater jackets styles now--that I bought on sale this fall--hopefully they won't pill.....or at least not very much......

    I have to shop online only too so dirt cheap store prices are a thing of the past for me....However, I will be hitting MOA in MN this July.....

  9. Hi Jagjag2: I find that Europe tends to be ahead of the trends in the states. Is the "flowy" that is popular like the Phoebe blouse (all over looseness) or is it flowy like the tissue tank (where it is fitted at the bust). Because I really like the second type of flowy.

  10. I can't seem to find a picture of the Phoebe blouse to compare and let you know...but as for tees and tanks....there are 4 JCrew tanks in the slub cotton fabric pictures that show the kind of looseness I have seen (and bought) but with cap or short sleeves mainly...lots of empire waist flowy tees with ties in the back too. I figure I'll be in style in the US or on the cutting edge by the time I move back in a year or so:)

  11. Hi Jagjag2! Thanks for letting me know. It is good to see what is going to be coming to the stores in the US (fashion-wise) in a couple of months.

    I looked at the cotton slub tanks you are referring to. They are pretty flowy on the bottom.

    The phoebe blouse is all over loose. I like the u-neck ruffles (which is why I bought 3 versions of it) but it is both short and impossible to wear alone. I always end up wearing it underneath something with the ruffles sticking out. I provided a link so you can see the blouse (I am sure you have seen it before). :)
    Click here or:

  12. Yes, I have seen it before...thanks for the link. No, the tops I see here aren't like that......more empire waist flowy knits or rayon/spandex soft knits with lots of loose flow from below the bustline to the bottom section but fitted in the bustline. When I first moved here 10 months ago I was wearing a light supportive backbrace and loved having the extra fabric! I bought a ton of new tops...

  13. Alexis,
    I love your blog. And thanks for all the information.
    If you click "please click here if you can't see the game." after playing "honeymoon-at-the-beach", you will find a new code of "HONEYMOON" good at 175+ until 5/31.

  14. Thank you!! I wasn't planning on going til later in the week, but instead I went this AM and got the BEST deal!! I got the canvas san telmo jacket for $53. It's still listed on the site as $158!! I was so thrilled I even bought my beau some buttercream yellow broken in chinos ($23!!) You're the best : )

  15. Thanks Anonymous at 6:36PM! I will definitely update the coupon code.

    Cape Cod Betty: Congrats! That is a really great bargain.

  16. to Anonymous at 11:36PM: Thank you very much for kindly giving your feedback on JCrew cashmere and the bateau sweater! I'm also an xs so I hope the sweater won't be too loose on me (it did look quite fitted on the model, wonder if it was gathered round the back for the photo, I notice they do that with store displays sometimes...) thanks again!

    alexis: thanks for keeping us posted!

  17. Maybe everyone already knows this but certain JCrew stores are designated as Clearance Centers. So some stores will have much better deals than associate told me this once as they were packing up a lot of their sale stuff and either sending it back to JCrew to put online "b/c stuff sells better online" or to one of the clearance centers. Every look at the tags from the stuff you order online??? some has obviously been in stores with sale stickers, etc. on them...others are just plain.....

  18. Hi Jagjag2: I didn't know that. But it makes sense now that you mentioned it. :)

  19. Thank you thank you! I live where there is no JCrew, so I just called my mom to ask her to go for me... I sent her off with my sizes, hopefully there are some great scores in Toledo too!

  20. I just got my bateau sweater in honey and unfortunately, it was really different from what I expected. To Anonymous who responded to my query, it definitely is a great neutral color, but maybe just not with my skin tone! And I think the sweater would look prettier in the grey. And indeed as already mentioned, not as fitted than as shown on the model. For me, I'll be sending this one back for something else I think.

    I've found most of the colors on the website to be relatively close/true to the actual item, but so far this honey color is the most different, seems like two different colors really compared to the website.

    For anyone whose thinking about getting something in that color and hasn't seen it in person, it really is more of a light camel/tan (compared to the website which shows more of a soft nude-almond shade with peach-ish tones). I don't know, maybe depending on the style the color comes off different. Sorry for the strange description, it's one of those 'in-between' colors. Anyways, that's just my experience.

  21. Thanks Anonymous at 10:40 PM for sharing your thoughts on the sweater. I know it will help a lot of people (including me actually!) who were thinking about getting the sweater.

    I hate it when a clothing item in the picture looks more fitted/tailored than it really is. It seems misleading.

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  23. Thanks Anonymous at 2:34 PM! I really appreciate the nice comment. :)

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