Tuesday, May 20, 2008

J. Crew Sizing: Do you have it down?

One of the topics that a commenter wanted to discuss on this blog relates to J.Crew sizes. I am fortunate enough to know (after all these years) which size I am, depending on the clothing item (top versus bottom, shirt versus dress). Which makes ordering online a lot easier for me.

I have come across a few personal observations, which I have listed below. These are just my opinions when it comes to sizes and should not be taken for actual measurement specifications! Obviously, if you are unsure about sizing, you should try on the clothes to see how they actually fit.
  1. SHOES: The flats tend to run true to size. However, sandals, peep toe shoes, and wedges run 1/2 size too big.

  2. TOPS: The t-shirts tend to run true to American measurements. [Which basically means that American size charts are "bigger" than its European or Asian counterparts. If you don't understand what I mean, then I refer to H&M clothes. Haven't you ever notice that if you are a "extra small" with J. Crew (which is a 0-2 in size), you are a "small" with H&M (which is a 4-6 in size).]

    However, when it comes to button down work shirts and blouses, the shirts run a 1/2 to a whole size bigger. (For example, I am a size 2 in tops, but I order a size 0 when it comes to button down shirts.)

  3. PANTS: Again, these run true to American size for the most part. (I have found it is similar to GAP's sizing.) However, when ordering matchstick jeans or capris (in other words, tight/ fitted pants), then order a size up (as they tend to run a bit small).

  4. DRESSES: For the most part, the size chart is true to their sizing. However, once in awhile I will notice that some dresses run either too big or too small. I blame those hiccups in sizing on the different manufacturer of clothes that J. Crew relies on.

  5. JACKETS & OUTTERWEAR: My mother use to tell me to order a size up when it comes to jackets. This is not true when it comes to J.Crew. Whatever size top you normally are (again, for me it is a size 2), then that is most likely the size you should get for your jacket.
What are some of your own personal experiences with sizes? Do you disagree with me on any of the points I listed above? Do you have any of your own that you would like to share?

P.S. If you were curious about the item in the picture, that is J. Crew's Jelly Ballet Flats (Item 91531). I actually own the black pair. They are very nice to wear when its raining, but have absolutely no support for your feet (I mean none!) I ended up having to purchase an insole to make these shoes comfortable to walk in.


  1. I still find jackets are a size bigger for me. I hope that still holds true, as I just ordered the tulip jacket a couple of days ago. Everything else seems to be fairly true to size, I think.

  2. Lou thanks for sharing your experience with fit/size! :)

    I have to admit that sometimes the jackets also run a size big on me as well. But more often than not, I find it is true to my top size.

  3. any thoughts on swimsuit sizing? while i own tons and tons of j.crew clothes, i don't have any j.crew swimsuits! there is one i'm interested in ordering online, but i'm not sure if they're true to size. i may just order 2 sizes and return one :P
    love your blog by the way!

  4. I wear a size 8 top and bottoms at JCrew. I have probably 20 of their swimsuits in many different styles from many different years and they are all 8's.

  5. Jackets: I wear an 8 in tops and bottoms at JCrew but I own most of my jackets in a size 10--wool or cotton or linen. I have one jacket in an 8 and that was a linen one from last season. I was surpised that the 10 was too big in the body but I definitely needed an 8 in it. The other 2 cotton jackets I bought last spring were 10's though.

  6. Thanks Allie for the comment! :)

    I actually own several pieces from J.Crew swimwear collection- I find some of the bottoms tend to run small. Although I am a medium in bottoms, I have found that sometimes the large fits better. On top, I am normally an extra small, but for swimwear I am a small.

    I don't have a one piece from them (although I love the look of them!) because of my pear shaped body.

  7. I generally know my size in JCrew, but it is in no way fail proof. I recently ordered an XS top online that looked more like an XL to me. Shoes I find to be all over the place. I had to size way down in the zebra flats a couple of seasons ago. And the "FINAL SALE" leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. It really stops me from ordering much of the time.

  8. Anonymous at 9:05: I know about the Zebra flats you are talking about!!!

    I ordered them at around $140 and they were ridiculously large on me (I ordered my normal size of 9 too!) I ended up being stuck with them because they were final sale- I was so mad about it.

  9. Alexis, sorry to hear about your shoe experience. I didn't realize there was an issue with shoe sizing. I ordered 2 pair on final sale. I don't have them yet. My sister is keeping them for me and bringing them when she comes to visit.....depending on how big they are can you put a Dr. Scholls white foam insole (or two) to take up some room?

  10. Jagjag2, thanks for the suggestion. I actually tried every insert and cushion in the shoe to make it wearable (but because it is the d'orsay style, it keeps falling off!) :)

    I would say out of my 50 pairs of J.Crew shoes, I only had two that has not fit me well.

  11. Call JCrew customer service and tell them about the shoe being marked too big; how many of their shoes you do have, etc. They may let you return them even though they are final sale. Worth a shot! I got a silk top that came with a stain on the strap and I called and was able to return it final sale and all. Big disappointment. Tell them you'd even settle for store credit.

  12. I would add that for 2 piece swimsuits the sizes are pretty true to size except with the bikini style bottom. That one bottom runs one size small. I learned this from trying on a zillion swimsuits about a month ago!

  13. One question I had about sizing is petite versus short. I am 5'3" and their regular inseam is too long for me. I can never decide on which one to do, especially for pants. I wish they had stores that sold petite sizes too, so I could at least try them on!

  14. Their sizing baffles me. I feel as though it's designed only for pear-shape woman (and since I'm top-heavy, it's the exact opposite). Size 0p pants need to be taken in at the waist by 4 inches. size 0p tops are often too small through the bust. I love their halter dresses (such as their postcard linen dress last summer, or their halter beach cotton dresses)...but what seems cute and elegant on the (flat) model ends up looking risque on me. I really, really wish that j.crew made clothes with various body types in min.

  15. Hi Auyrane! You bring up an excellent point- That they should keep all body types in mind with their designs.

    Hopefully the New Arrivals have taken that point into account. :)

  16. I popped into a J.Crew factory store last weekend and tried on a wool schoolboy blazer in a 6 and found it too big. I tried on a 4 which fits and buttons up perfectly. The SA even gave me a 2 to try on for the unbutton look. Clearly a 2 would be a tad too small if I was meant to wear that unbutton. Anyways, I came home and tried on my velvet Eden blazer that I got from J.Crew last year which was a 6 for comparison and found that fits me fine. I also tried on a couple of strapless style dresses when I was in the factory store and again a 6 was too big and had to size down to a 4. Does the factory store sizing run big compared to the actual J.Crew store? Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated.


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