Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fabulous Finds (of the week!)

Every week I plan to list a few fabulous items that are (drastically) reduced in terms of price. Of course, there is a caveat: size and colors are limited... so you will have to act fast!

York leather driving mocs (Item 85512)
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Regular: $128.00
Select colors now $39.99 - $59.99

I personally own these in both brown and black. They are ridiculously comfortable and stylish too! T
hey look great with jeans or with shorts. These are also the perfect shoes to wear on an airplane ride to some fabulous destination for holiday...

Betsey printed calf-hair wedges (Item 86222)
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Regular: $275.00
Select colors now $69.99 - $129.99

I don't own these shoes. But, I totally would in a heartbeat if I didn't look like a giraffe on skates when walking around in 3 1/4" heels. However, I do own the "spotted cat" ballet flats, Collection purse, and headband. What can I say, I just love the design!

Cambridge cable turtleneck sweater (Item 86480)
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Regular: $78.00
Now $29.99

I know it's Spring, but the weather is not 100% warm yet. There are still a lot of miserably cold days left. So why not get this little turtleneck as a "just in case it's a bit cold outside" for your wardrobe?

Silk taffeta doll dress (Item 86647)
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Regular: $250.00
Now $99.99

This gorgeous dress looks fabulous on all body types. (How many dresses can do that!) It is great for hiding tummies, hips, and other problem areas. Did I point out it has straps too! This is the perfect dress for special occasions where you want to actually eat food without having it show up immediately on your body!

Do you have any "Fabulous Finds" at J.Crew? If yes, then please share them with us! If you can, try to include a product item number or link to the item. We love a great deal!


  1. I love this section about the fabulous finds. I had thought about ordering those driving mocs last fall but never did. I am glad to hear they are as great as they are, but unfortunately I arrived at this site too late for either those brown mocs or the turtleneck sweater. I am looking forward to seeing more great finds in the future!! Thanks for the website.

  2. Thanks tiredoftyping! I will definitely keep it up.

    The driving mocs are nice. I am sure you will see them in the sale section (in the size/color you want) at some point or another. I found a lot of stuff I thought "gone forever" pop back up for sale.

  3. My sister found Jcrew driving mocs at a second hand store in Chicago. I wore them when she visited and I didn't want to take them off. They were in like new condition and she paid $10 for them! I would like to get a pair someday:)

  4. This may be a crazy request... but is there any way that you would be willing to sell this dress (Silk taffeta doll dress (Item 86647)? Did you say that you own it in black? What size? I'm asking because I'm in a wedding in November and the bride said that we can wear any black dress that we want. However, her sister found this one at a second-hand store and I would love to wear the same one. I've called J.Crew but because it's from 2007 they can't help. Any help that you can provide would be great! My email address is: Thanks for your consideration. Sincerely, Heather


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