Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fabulous Finds (of the week!)

Here are a few fabulous items that are reduced in terms of price. Of course, there is a caveat: size and colors are limited... so you will have to act fast if you are interested in them!

New Dream striped classic crewneck sweater (Item 87128)
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Regular: $74.00
Select sizes now $29.99

This sweater is absolutely beautiful. I also think the Merino wool/ nylon/ cashmere combo makes this a more usable sweater.

Update: This item has sold out as of 5/27/08 at 4:07PM! (I should get commission from J.Crew.)

Washed favorite tank with shelf bra (Item 68135)
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Regular: $19.50
Select colors now $9.99

I love the fact J. Crew is offering tank tops that are long, including this particular style. To top it all off, this tank has a built in shelf bra for additional support. Love it!

Emily silk chiffon dress (Item 73893)
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Regular: $165.00
Now $49.99

I personally own this dress in black and I do like it! The only drawback is that there are no straps (or option to have straps). To make sure the top doesn't move from place (e.g. south), I tend to use fashion tape. Otherwise, it is a really lovely dress. Perfect for when you are attending a summer wedding!

Favorite-fit stretch vintage trouser cords (Item 86325)
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Regular: $79.50
Now $29.99

Great looking pair of pants that can be dressed up and dressed down (how many can really do that?!?) Besides a trouser leg, there is a bit of stretch in the material, which offers a really flattering fit that works well for most body types.

Do you have any Fabulous Finds at J.Crew? If yes, then please share them with us! If you can, try to include a product item number or link to the item. We love a great deal!


  1. oh this blog is bad for my budget! I went to the cords and all they have in 4T is dark truffle. Is that brown or grey? It's so hard to tell. Do they replenish those sorts of sale items as they do the sale section? I'd much rather have the dark wheat...

  2. Hi Marissa!

    I agree that the color of the dark truffle is hard to tell, but I tend to think that it is a brown.

    J. Crew sometimes replenish these sale items. (So there is some hope in getting the dark wheat.) However since this is an item from last year's fall/winter, it might be more difficult to find the size/color you are looking for.

    But I wish you luck in finding the pair you are looking for! :)

  3. Ok, random question, why are some colors/sizes/items available in the J. Crew "Women's Shop" but not available on the regular "Women's" section? Does that make sense? I feel like there are two pages for the women's department.

  4. Hi Anonymous at 10:35AM! I have noticed something similar to what you are describing as well. Some links to items have more sizes/colors than other links to the same items. I don't know why that is, considering it should be pulling from the same inventory database.

  5. I haven't noticed what you two are talking about....is there a way to better explain what you mean...sorry for being dense but I am just curious...thanks:)

  6. Hi Jagjag2! No problem. I realize I don't write as clearly as I would like.

    I noticed that sometimes a product on one page will have more sizes/colors listed than another page with that same product.

    So for example, the sale section will link to a product and show certain sizes/colors while another link from a different section (e.g. women's dress section) to the same product will say the item is "sold out".

  7. For a more concrete example, take the Mayfair Magazine Tote.

    From the sale section link, the item is available: Click Here

    From the product section link, the item is sold out: Click Here

  8. Alexis,
    Thanks for the reply. That is just plain weird!!!

  9. Jagjag2: Isn't it? You would think that the information the pages are referring to are the same database.

  10. how do you find these special deals? looks almost as if this is a secret portal to their main site. do you get an email with a special sale link?

  11. Hi Anonymous at 8:29 PM! No, I do not have any special access to J.Crew's website (although I wouldn't mind it!) I don't even have a J.Crew connection, like a friend who works there, either. I just really *love* the store and their merchandise.

    ...If J.Crew reps are monitoring this site, email me! I got lots of questions and suggestions too.

  12. I love the washed tanks with or without the self bra. What I really like about the tanks (past seasons or present) is that they don't have side seams to irritate my skin and are super comfy to wear. Plus, all the great colors....if my husband only knew how many I have....too many to count:) A lot I got on sale for around $5 each.

  13. Jagjag2: $5 per tank is a fantastic steal! Nice move finding and buying at those prices. :)


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