Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Weekly Share: Other JCrew-like Retailers

  This is the weekly "Other JCrew-like Retailers" post (similar to the "Off On A Tangent" posts), where we can share our finds from other retailers that have offerings similar to J.Crew (like Anthropologie, LE Canvas, Gap, BR, Talbots, Ann Taylor, and the like.)

If you have recently encountered items that are similar to J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including experiences with certain merchandise pieces, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


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  2. I received Everlanes new Way high jean with the wider leg, not the skinny, in two colors, the coal and the lighter blue. I really like the coal but it’s basically black and not sure they’re a need for me, but if you feel a wide leg is too wide but want a different look they’re really nice. I do find the blue ran a bit looser and if one has a smaller waist you might need to size down. I compared the size chart with the measurements from the wide leg crop which I have and found the fit TTS.
    I really like the raw hem on these so I decided to let down the hem on my black wide leg crops. The silhouette of them is a little more of a statement but I find the material very casual so I think this will be a fun change without spending any money. 😜

    1. Thanks for the reviews. Everlane has some of the best jeans. IMO.

    2. Agreed, especially in comparison to designer jean prices, and even jcrew and Madewell retail. I don’t love ALL other Everlane jeans I’ve tried but do find overall the proportions work better.
      These way high jeans are really nice, I saved my pics and might regret returning at some point, And I probably mentioned the super soft summer jean in the relaxed fit with the ripped knees. I have tried a million jcrew boyfriend jeans and I put these on and fell in love. A size up they are perfectly slouchy.
      I’m finally breaking in my super straight jean with the big cuffs. I was between sizes and didn’t want the larger size so I’ve needed to wear these around the house but I think my dedication has finally paid off. 😆
      Oh the way high skinny Jean is also on my mind but it will be hard to justify another pair of blue denim skinnies even if I did get rid of all my lower rise ones.

    3. Yes agree. For the price everlane is better but not all styles. I have their skinny and straight. I recall seeing those cuffed ones on you when I was on IG. I have since left due to the open communication with what’s app and IG. Don’t want advertisers getting my phone number. Back to everlane wish we could post pics here. 😀

    4. I tried to do a blog for awhile but the interface with the iPad was not ideal. I love writing honest reviews which is why I’m so active here. I’m critical and I’m picky about fit. I see pics on IG of people recommending clothes that don’t fit them well and I don’t get it. I understand wanting something pretty and new but it should be more about the person inside reflected in the clothing than the label or designer (or just something new in!) being the focus on ill fitting clothing. Oops, rant over.


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