Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Solange Knowles + Madewell {+ free shipping on all orders!}

"Thanks!" to Priview who shared the following article from Fashionista (click here to read in its entirety) with us:
Solange Knowles Is the New Face of Madewell, Watch Her Be Flawless in This Behind-the-Scenes Video
By Dhani Mau
August 7, 2012

Good call, Madewell. In what we think is one of the most awesome celeb/brand marriages in recent memory, J.Crew’s cooler sister has tapped BeyoncĂ©’s cooler sister as their new campaign star (sorry had to–but how about that’s really the last time we talk about BeyoncĂ© in a story about Solange? Deal?).

We’re obsessed with Solange and Madewell in pretty much equal measure, so we’re very excited about this news; though it’s not all that surprising. Solange, who is signed to Next, has professed her love for J.Crew on multiple occasions (even to us), and attended a few of the brand’s fashion week presentations. Oh, and she went to the CFDA Awards with Jenna Lyons, about whom she had this to say:

I mean, we’re friends first. I of course love what she does at J.Crew. I just think it embodies my style in that it has so much color and texture and character but it’s classic with great tailoring and I think if you have one you have to have the other. And she’s just so freakin’ cool. What else can I say?

Her eclectic, quirky style does make a little more sense with Madewell than J.Crew. And while we love a good Jenna Lyons doppelganger, it’s nice to see someone front the brand who looks a little different from everyone else, but who still fits the brand’s aesthetic perfectly, and happens to be super pretty. See below for a very cute behind the scenes video from the campaign shoot of her looking flawless and “mixing well” and just making us want to be her best friend.
Very cool news about Madewell's new campaign with Solange Knowles! I definitely see how her style matches Madewell's cooler, more stylish, brand.

How cute is this video?!? Love it!

On a related note, "thanks!" to emilybethzzz who let us know that Madewell is offering free shipping in all orders (no min!). No code is necessary, it is automatically applied at checkout. This offer expires Monday, August 13, 2012.

What are your thoughts on Ms. Knowles being the new face of Madewell? Do you think she is a better fit with Madewell over J.Crew?


  1. She looks very Madewell to me, but I'm sure whe could sport JCrew just as well. Thanks for sharing! Looks to be some more items to look forward to from Madewell this year!

  2. Those Knowles girls sure did hit the jackpot in the looks department! So gorgeous. I like Solange for Madewell, she looks very at home in their clothes.

  3. She's stunning - great style for Madewell.

  4. Oh, I love Solange. Like really heart her. I wish I could be her (or at least be as cool as her)! :)

    She recently was on one of their playlists, in a song done by Rewards (she was "featured" on their song Equal Dreams). It's actually a pretty cool ditty.

    I also love her appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba, but since I have rugrats, I don't expect everyone to have any idea of what I am referencing. :) But if you are curious, here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCiywlKzzSM.


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