Thursday, August 23, 2012

J.Crew Store Location Series {Salt Lake City}

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A big "thanks!" to GigiOfCa {of the delightful Gigi's Gone Shopping blog} who came up with a brilliant suggestion for a series of post: a city guide where JCAs can suggest which J.Crews to shop at.

This post will focus on Salt Lake City, Utah! With so many stores in the area, it might be too much to visit them all. So if you are a local, or a knowledgeable tourist, please share what stores a fellow JCA has to visit!

Feel free to share other tidbits of advice. For example... What are your top three spots? Are there certain stores that should be avoided at certain times of the day/ week? Are there stores that have a better selection than others? Which stores have the best sale offerings?

Which J.Crew brick & mortar (B&M) stores {in the Salt Lake City area} should an out-of-towner shop at? Which stores should be avoided? Please share! :)


  1. I'm a local, and I have to say our JC situation has improved dramatically in the past year or so.

    The Fashion Place store was remodeled a while back, and the merchandise mix is much better now -- the store has more accessories and Crewcuts now.

    I've only been to City Creek once, but it's brand new (the store relocated from the Gateway along with half of that mall), and they have more shoes and accessories available there.

    Personally, I prefer the Fashion Place store even though it doesn't have all of the shoes and accessories, just because it's closer to my house, parking isn't as obnoxious, and City Creek is closed on Sundays.

    City Creek is much easier if you're visiting and don't have a rental car -- it's accessible by the light rail system -- but if you have a car, Fashion Place is located right off the freeway so it's easy to get to.

    Also, the Crewlet just outside of Park City is pretty good -- I've gotten some really great deals there over the years.

  2. Ditto Disco George. I prefer the FP mall too, but CC is a great if you're indulging your accessory addiction.

  3. We live in the midwest but have a place in Park City UT. We visit several times a year. There is a Factory store in the outlet mall there, right off of 80 near Kimball Junction.

    It's an "average" factory location. They have men's and crewcuts. I always take a stroll through when we are there and have picked up a few retail pieces in the sale section.

  4. City Creek now has shoes, cashmere, and suiting. It usually has more of the new rollouts but much busier than Fashion Place resulting in a lackluster sale section. I also prefer Fashion Place for a quick run in and locating a hard to find sale item. Fashion Place is also carrying some shoes now - mostly ballet flats.

    The Outlet in Park City has a large selection and also carries crewcuts. They receive new shipments weekly and everything is always an additional percent off.

  5. I just wish we could get a J Crew down in Utah county. I have visited the Fashion Place store--but I'd probably shop a lot more if it were nearer, because I can get 15% off as an educator at the B&M.


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