Tuesday, August 7, 2012

J.Crew's Worldwide Style {video time!}

J.Crew is showcasing their merchandise worldwide with a clever new marketing campaign called "Hello World". The project uses “style-makers” from eight different countries. (Refer to the "J.Crew Styled around the World" post for more).

Part of their campaign involves these beautifully shot videos. They definitely remind me of J.Crew's videos of seasons past.

Garance Doré and J.Crew
Paris, France. Blogger, photographer, illustrator and author Garance Doré wears J.Crew her way, captured by photographer Scott Schuman.

Charlie Siem and J.Crew
London, England. Classical violinist Charlie Siem wears J.Crew his way, captured by photographers Garance Doré and Scott Schuman.
{sigh} I want to go to there. There are more great videos over at J.Crew's very own YouTube page (click here to check them all out!)

What are your thoughts on the Hello World feature by J.Crew? Do you like how the pieces are worn? Do you think J.Crew has global appeal? :)


  1. I definitely think that the more classic aspects of the J Crew collection translate well internationally. I love the nostalgic old catalog vibe too!

  2. The *only* thing that springs to mind is how much it costs to shoot these types of videos.

    I think about that money going instead into production / quality, or better / more targeted marketing efforts, a decent loyalty program, technology that stops the crazy cross-channel price inconsistencies ...

    I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but in the face of all these challenges, the videos strike me as a little 'let-them-eat-cake.'

    No matter if a retailer is making money hand over fist -- even if they don't need my petty sale-priced orders, I want to feel valued and known as a customer. This is one area where JC consistently and spectacularly falls down. For goodness' sake, Kohl's does a better job of it and I spend like 1/10 or 1/20 of what I spend at JC there.

    So, not what you asked, but those are the feelings this gives me.

    1. I agree w/Elaine about being not valued as a customer. We get a quarterly thank you note about quality, blahblah from Dear Leader in our order boxes. Kind of a joke, although we will give him credit for responding personally or thru an assistant to emails. However, they are not upping the ante. i.e. improving card benefits. There's no transparency over there and pumping those card "benefits" feels like a lie. And now I shall stop.

      Funny comment on the FB fan page about Garance sitting on concrete in "that skirt!"

  3. I am happy that jcrew ships internationally.Yes,i pay a lot,but at least i can get it.

    I think american consumers are spoiled with prices and service,here those areas still need development.
    In comparison to service and prices in germany is jcrew very,very good.

    1. Ina you're right about service at J Crew, its incredible, that level just doesn't exist in Europe.

  4. I just received in my linkedin updates, this announcement about Marissa Webb's first collection to be shown at Fashion Week '13.


  5. I am a big fan of Garance Doré. I really love this J Crew campaign. The simple,creative and understated cool has a very lux, timeless feel. O.K...J Crew, now how about quality,lux fabrics and manufacturing to go with the campaign? PLEASE!

  6. I love the Charles Siem and J.Crew classical piece.
    I think J.Crew will be great globally. They make some amazing basic pieces and collection pieces. If they stick to good quality then they will go really far.


  7. Wow, thanks for posting these! I love them both. I'm not so sure it cost a bundle to produce these. . . Garance and Scott Schuman do their own videos regularly for Garance's web site. I'm not sure it involves more than the two of them, maybe one more . . . Charming people representing J.Crew and Madewell: Solange, Garance, and Charlie!

    1. The vids look good, but don't nesc have high production value. The Garance videos appear to be shot loose, no dollies. I recently saw a film camera lens for an iPhone. I think an entire movie was shot with a few lens options for the iPhone. *That* type of lens might cost good money, but there are still great choices at low price points. The violinist is hawt.


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