Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Rock the Bangles {do tell!}

"Thanks!" to Lisa, who raised a great style related question:
I love all the stacking bracelets in the jcrew catalog but I'm curious how many people stack, how many is too much and do they only stack the same brand?
The trend of multiple bracelets is one that J.Crew truly embraces. They even had a post on their blog called "Wristy Business" awhile back, that features their employees take on it.

Layering bracelets and watches together is an art. But the question is how to do it properly, without looking crazy.

Personally, I like wearing 2 {small} bracelets with a watch on my left wrist. It is just enough bracelets to look like some stacking going on, without going overboard. I honestly don't know how some ladies wear more than 4 bracelets without it interfering (like typing on a laptop).

How do you layer jewels on your wrists? Is there a technique you employ? If so, please share! :)


  1. I saw this practice of stacking a bajillion bracelets referred to as an "arm party" once online somewhere, so that's what I've been calling it :) It looks cool, but like you mentioned above, Alexis, it's not very practical if you have to type on a keyboard or work with your hands. when I see it done on fashion blogs I think one of the following things:

    1) She probably took most of those off right after she took the picture.
    2) She must work in some artistic/fashion job where nobody cares if all you hear all day long is the "clack-jangle-clack" of your bracelets hitting your keyboard/desk.
    3) She must be going out for drinks - the perfect venue for others to admire one's arm party. Lots of reaching and whatnot.
    4) She must not do anything. At all. All day.

    From my own observations, stacking looks best when you don't stick to one type of bracelet or one uniform size. Two stacked leather cuffs and a watch look clunky, but a watch combined with a gold chain, an enamel bangle, and a leather or braided fabric bracelet are visually interesting. As for the number, personally I think every wrist in the image above could stand to lose at least one bracelet. To use one of my favorite quotes from 1995's "Sabrina" remake: "More isn't always better, sometimes it's just MORE".

    1. Whitney: I can't stop laughing at your list, especially no. 4!!!!

    2. I am laughing along with Rynetta at your list, esp. #4 as well! Probably true - free clothes and advertising $$ from ads on blog = take pictures and then what? lol

      I love lots of necklaces, bracelets - always have - since the wearing of numerous gold chains around the neck in the late 70's, early 80's (until mine were stolen in a robbery). But I do not wear as many in the summer - too hot!

    3. Well said (& funny too!) The "arm party list" is dead on accurate.

  2. I love a good arm party, but lately, I've been keeping mine lighter... a couple of Costa Rican string bracelets, two friendship bracelets I made, and a small teal-colored cuff.

    It just seemed less weighty for the summer, and I don't have to take them off when I go for a run at lunchtime.

  3. Love the comments! I always want to stack when I'm going out...but never know how. I need to buy some fill-in pieces!

  4. I like this look, but it's just ridiculously impractical. If I put on so much as one bangle, it clanks on my desk all day long and drives me insane. More power to you if your job (or lack thereof) is "arm party" friendly, but mine is not! I tend to think the same way as Whitney!

  5. I love to stack my bangles,bracelets and stretch bracelets.
    Since i have plenty(and i do mean plenty!)i choose them by feeling.
    When my outfit is more girly,i try to toughen it up with chains and studs and pearls.When i lack color,i choose colorful bracelets.
    I have gotten used to the noise the bracelets make and enjoy it and often people comment.

  6. I'm pretty sure "arm party" was from that Man Repeller girl, Leandra Medine, who I think might have even tried to trademark the phrase....(yes I remember random things I read, even though I don't read her blog)

  7. Thanks, @Sydneygirl! I don't read the Man Repeller blog either...I clicked on a link once and saw her dancing around in what looked to be a bra and floral diaper and thought, "Nope, nothing for me to see here." However, if she did come up with "arm party", I'd like to give her two thumbs up b/c it rolls off the tongue so pleasantly.

  8. Whitney- yes it's definitely a cute phrase. As for MR, she is definitely a bit 'out there', but more power to her for all the cool designer collaborations and free clothes she's gotten :)

  9. Being a long life jool "ho" I've stacked bracelets for years. JC didn't invent this. They thing they did, but they didn't. One time my nephew counted the bakalite bracelets I was wearing on both arms and was delighted he could count all the way up to 38. I always wear bracelets (usually all on one arm with my watch) and small earrings. If I wear a necklace, I'll still wear my watch and a fewer amount of bracelets. I feel nekkid with bracelets.

  10. I can just hear the casting call to all J.Crew employees for the coming "arm party" blog post at one of their morning meetings.

    Of course they brought in a special guest motivator, Bill Lumbergh from the Initech Corporation to help rally the J.Crew troops for this challenge.

    Bill: "Oh, and remember, next Friday is arm party day. So, y'know, if you want to, go ahead and uh, wear some arm party and jeans."

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