Friday, January 14, 2011

J.Crew Regional Warehouse Sale in Chapel Hill {going strong!}

As mentioned in the January 4th "J.Crew Regional Warehouse Sale {in Chapel Hill!}" post, there is a Warehouse Sale going on now at Chapel Hill.

A big "thanks!" to Katherine (in this post) who shared several images (shown in this post) of the location & merchandise with us. (Just click on any image to view larger.)

Customers can expect to see J.Crew items from "current and past season sample-quality clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and kids".

also offers some good advice: "If you're still planning to visit, I would recommend wearing leggings and a T shirt or tank top to make try-ons easy. There is no dressing room, and only one mirror, so if you want to try something on, you do it in the aisle."

The warehouse sale is currently running until January 23rd. As shown in the image below, hours are 10AM -8PM. Plenty of time to attend after work. ;) Unfortunately, J.Crew's credit card is not accepted. However, they will accept all other major credit cards, cash, checks, and even J.Crew gift cards.

The location for this shopping event is:
University Mall
201 S Estes Drive
Space #400
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)


  1. Final sale is now extra 40% off.

  2. Hubby and I went and found some deals. We used to go together several year ago to JCrew warehouse sales....getting too old to dig through boxes but fun for one last hurrah!

  3. Looks like the same boxes of the satin shoes they've been trying to hawk at the Asheville warehouse sales for $30 a pop. I hope those who go find some good stuff! It is so fun to dig through the boxes to find the good stuff!

  4. Hi Alexis, I just emailed you a bunch more photos of what I found.

    Also: the sale has been cutting prices. All shoes are down to $20 a pop.

  5. I'd love to go but last time I went to antoerh sample sale in NC, we got there by 10:05 and waited 2.5 hours outside and still didn't get inside. It's so frustrating.....

    I can only go in the weekend. Would it be that bad? If I get there by 10, would I see long lines and have to wait really long time to get inside?

    I need to drive 2 hours to get there so nay information on the weekends is much appreciated!

  6. @Understandme
    I went at 11:30 on Sunday and waited for 3 minutes before being let in. The line was substantial by the time I left (around 3:30pm). Come during church hours or during a UNC basketball game and you shouldn't have too much trouble!

  7. I just drool at those boxes of shoes...

  8. somewhere in those boxes of shoes are my pink perfect patent pumps... :)

  9. Hey! Does anyone know if the mall will be open on MLK Day (this Monday)? I want to go to the sale and was thinking about this Monday, but not sure if the mall is open with the holiday. Does anyone know?

  10. Never heard of any mall closing for MLKing Day....our family is planning a big shopping day.

  11. @ Understandme, I went this morning, got there at 9:55, and got right in when the doors opened at 10, they let 300 (i think) in the store at a time, so you should be able to get right in, they also have lowered alot of the prices. :)

  12. Got right in at 10am this morning. Got a TON for stuff, but w/out mirrors to try it on, much of it will go on eBay! There was one woman who immediately scooped up EVERY coat into two bags, so I'm sure she was only there for ebay goods. Grrrr!

  13. someone please tell me when and where will the next warehouse sale take place in NC!!!


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